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Friday, March 13, 2009

Introduction to a work in progress

I am a writer. I spend hours on end curled up near my windowsill, filling pages of my thoughts and wildest dreams.

I am a scribbler. There is an endless amount of moments that I've experienced where a person or object has inspired me.

I am a poet. My mind carries verses and lyrics until my hand dances across the page, telling a beautiful story.

Some people can take an interest of their and turn it into a skill. They spend days, months, even years, trying to perfect their skill. Others are given a gift at birth. Through some strange magic, certain people are born with raw talent. Those are the lucky ones. I unfortunately am not one of those gifted people in the world. Originally I had no skill either. I didn't practice it or devote time to enhance it - I did it as a way to escape the cruelty of reality.

The first half of my life was pleasant, happy, and peaceful. It wasn't until my older sister decided to drive a stake through my parent's hearts that everything around me seemed colder. I had no one and nowhere to turn to. So I took to a notebook and a pen. In the following years I split myself in half, fooling one group of people and believing in a dream with another. It wasn't until I took that leap that brought those two worlds together.

Writing. Thinking. Creating. Dreaming. Believing.

I write what I see and what I feel. I think every second of the day. I create unique and special ways to perceive the world. I dream every night. And I believe in myself.

In my life I have: broken my boundaries, cried too hard, taken bold risks, abandoned rules, laughed nonstop, damaged other's feelings, mended old wounds, accepted my destiny, and experienced love.

My name is Zoe McCartney and this is my story.


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