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Friday, July 17, 2009

`Olelo Hawai`i

It's a little strange to think that I'm gonna be taking Hawaiian this coming semester. I wanted to take it my senior year, but I decided to take the electives I missed out on before. Besides, if I took Hawaiian 1 I would've taken a language each year I was at Kamehameha. I still regret taking French. Ugh, shitty deal. I'm not a language student though, so I predict that this class is gonna be really hard for me. :/

Hopefully now when my friends start speaking in our native tongue, I can understand more than "foreigner", "stupid", "no", "yes", "rain", "flower", and other random words I know. I can't put a single sentence together for you right now. Unless it's already been memorized, like the Lord's Prayer we had to learn. Oh, but I can sing songs for you, no prob. Haha.

Oh, and I do this all the time! I think of a song that I haven't listened to in a while so I tell myself the next time I'm on my laptop to listen to it. Then I completely forget what that song was! This really irritates me a lot. I probably won't remember what song it was. Damnit.

So, if you didn't catch it in my last post, I put up a video of Raven being called on the stage by Ginuwine at his album release party. It's a funny video and you should watch it if you haven't. Since I'm a Jesse McCartney fan, I saw these videos a while ago and they're similar to the Raven one.

This girl is kinda a slut. Or is that just my opinion? The way she's dressed...well at least she's clothed. And just her attitude while on stage makes her come off as a bitch. A slutty bitch.

This little girl though, I LOVE that Jesse picked her out from the audience. It says she's only 10, and she seems so excited. And plus, no offense to her, but she's young and looks kinda dorky, but shit. That doesn't matter. Because for these few moments, she's on stage with Jesse McCartney singing right to her, and you can tell she's having a good time.

And damn! Does she feel him up or what?! :P

I'm sad, Kupono left So You Think You Can Dance last night. That was sad. :( He went to Kamehameha and was in the same dance company that I was in, at different times though. I think he was a '04 grad. I'm a little annoyed at the number of sluts that are left in the top 4 girls. Honestly. But I guess that's what you get when you're talking about dancers. A good reason why I never associated myself with the dancers in high school.


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