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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goodnight, Lost Boy

A Lost Boy has finally gone home. Second star to the right and straight on till morning.

For years I was rooting for Corey's comeback to the movie business. I had hope for him, and I had my fingers crossed that he was getting clean and really changing his lifestyle. But, once an addict, I suppose. It's really upsetting, and I'm sure it's pretty hard on his mom right now.

No matter what demons he was battling and the unwise decisions he made that effected the people that loved him along with his career, he's going to be missed. Rest his soul.

I'm proud to be his fan.

In other less depressing news (but equally upsetting), I was suppose to film my audition tape today. However, that didn't and won't happen due to TC bailing out as my cameraman. The plan was that we'd go somewhere so I could film the video outside of my house. I don't really want my tape to be confined to my living room or something boring like that. But to have an outdoor video, I needed someone to hold the camera for me.

Instead of helping me like he said he would, he's being a major nerd. Yesterday the most recent Final Fantasy game out, so he and Misty had a sleepover. I'm sure they stayed up all night playing, and they're probably playing some more right now for the rest of the day. Because playing a video game (that he'll have forever to play through) is obviously more important than helping me out (for something that has a deadline!). Fantastic, right?

Watch This Wednesday

Anybody recognize that guy? Well, it's none other than Blake Ewing, who played Derek Boyd on "Full House" and Waldo in The Little Rascals. He's all grown up, at the young age of 24; he'll be 25 on the 27th of March. I was curious when I recently re-watched The Little Rascals as to what happened to this Broadway-singing little boy. Well, he in fact made his way onto Broadway, as if there was any shadow of a doubt. I was super excited when I found this video of him as the lead, Radames, from Aida. SUCH a good choice!

Now this video is cool for two reasons. One, there's Blake Ewing in it, duh. The other cool thing is that he's singing "Finest Hour" for the Broadway show, Teen Witch The Musical! How rad is it that someone put together an actual stage show for the way too underplayed early 90's movie about a teenage girl who discovers she is actually a witch?! It's really rad.

Song of the day: "Meet You There" by Augustana


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