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Friday, February 26, 2010

Tim Curry makes people blush

From this week's PostSecret:

^_^ Oh, Tim Curry.

Haha, I'm sure lots of people are like this. And I still pride myself in losing 12 pounds the first semester of freshman year! It's because of the lack of rice I ate, duh.


I feel like this about Fuj. Through his class, he showed me how to be confident in who I am and the talents I have.

This one pretty much hits home.

Kinda like when I go to Jamba Juice or Starbucks and I give a different name.


I finally went to work today, after not going to work since Monday, the 15. Yeah. I missed 2 days because I've been sick and I couldn't go in...since I work with food. :/ I also told TC to come and see me during his break, which is a whole hour and yet he only stayed for a total of 6 minutes. I thought that was lame. Ugh. I'm just really annoyed that it's always ME that has to be the one to initiate a conversation, through texts, or ask him if he wants to do something.

Anyways. A night off from rehearsal is pretty much bomb. Even though we have one tomorrow during the day, it's still nice to just come home after work. Considering that I have rehearsal every day next week, Monday through Saturday. MEH.

I love NCIS. It's one of my favorites shows. The characters are fantastic. Probably the main thing of the show that pulled me into it. And before I started watching this show, I had no clue that there were separate crime teams for the different military branches. Huh, go figure.

Song of the day: "Dream On" by Aerosmith


Blogger Alessa said...

Tim Curry in Rocky Horror TOTALLY TURNS ME ON! My friend and I have this same conversation every time we watch it. And in high school that was at least once a month. Oh god... Tim Curry.... ooooh.

The Lent one is sad. That would suck. Luckily Ben is jewish lol.

I can relate about the rehearsal thing. I don't have rehearsal tomorrow or wednesday and I am psyched. I love rehearsal, but it is nice to have one night to do homework or relax. I am so excited you are in a show. I wish I could come watch you. I would make a big obnoxious sign.

I LOVE NCIS! Ben and I watch like 5 episodes every night because we just recently bought a few more seasons on DVD. We almost have them all now. God. LOVE THAT SHOW. Also, Mark Harmon is totally an honorary member of my top 5. He is my old man crush. Also, Michael Weatherly (Tony) is currently occupying the number 3 spot on my top 5. Also, another awesome thing. My costumes for the play are straight from Abby's closest. NO JOKE! I have to wear a plaid skirt with fish nets, black hand/arm sleeve things and a dog collar. It's pretty cool.

February 28, 2010 at 8:18 PM  

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