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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

He hopena pule maika`i

A good weekend

Oh what a wonderful weekend it was. :) It was great, because it felt like I had a social life like I used to, when I was still at Linfield. So let's recap...

I DID go to my Kamarin's birthday party on Saturday. I spent the day with TC and Jess. We got lunch, cruised for a little, got food and drinks to take over with us, then picked up Sean and had dinner at Jess's apartment. Where we made Kamarin a condom balloon! We wanted to put them in a lei, but we had no cellophane, so the balloon was the next option. I video taped it, so I'll put it up on Facebook soon.

So when we got to Mossman's place, there was about 10 of us there, about 8:30. And we just talked, which was kinda awkward at first, but of course once we started beer pong it wasn't that bad. My friend Jess seriously parties too much, because she was throwing out all these pong terms and rules and whatnot. I just threw the ball, hoping that it'd get in the cup. We were actually leading for soooo long! But then the two guys caught up with us and won. Lame. But that game kinda broke the ice for everyone, and it was pretty fun after that.

Unfortunately he didn't show up. Which, makes sense because he's really not into the parties or drinking. But I was hopeful about him showing up anyways. So when I realized that he wasn't coming, and I realized how silly I was being about it (wanting him to be there) I got kinda angry/bummed/sad at myself. Does that make sense? Soooo, that's why I ended up having 9 drinks or shots that night. Ha. And that wasn't the best choice, so I've learned. So my limit will be about 6. Maybe 7.

Okay. And so like I tweeted on Sunday...I woke up and found 2 new phone numbers in my phone, but I only knew how one of them got there. Haha. I put the one from Adam. And I had no clue how Lokahi's number got in my phone! But apparently it was my friend Kuni who put it in there, so it's all good. XP

And yesterday I hung out with Kuni all day, which was nice. Got some acai bowls, saw our classmate's friend that he brought to the party on Saturday, took picture of Waikiki. Then got TC and headed to Kuni's belated birthday potluck dinner. That was all right, once Jess and her douchebag ex/fuck buddy left, and we started playing a board game. Lokahi was also supposed to be there, haha, but he had homework to do. And he's super dedicated to his schoolwork and all that jazz.

So I wrote this blog yesterday but didn't have time to post it, so I'm still gonna do Monday's theme, since this was intended for Monday. All right, so Memory Lane Monday is pretty self-explanatory. I'm just gonna talk about a memory, most likely from my childhood, or from school or something like that.

Memory Lane Monday
+Being one of the boys in elementary school

My sister's two years older than I am, and somehow she made friends with a bunch of the boys in her class. Well, I wouldn't say she made friends with them, they just sort of attached themselves to her. She never really went out of her way to be friends with anyone; she's very solitary in that sense, but she doesn't mind having friends. Anyways, they would always come out to our car after school was over and talk story with me and my mom. They knew my mom because she worked at the school, and they really were friends with her, too. Well, I basically had a crush on all of them at some point in time, haha. They would come over to our house after school basically every single day, to play video games, to watch movies or tv. We'd play kickball in the street, or go to one of their houses to play more video games. It was just...fun. And I really felt like I was part of their group. They'd look out for me in school, and they'd say hi if they saw me, too. But, then intermediate school came. And they no longer wanted to hang out with some 10-year-old, since they were big, bad 12-year-olds and all. *rolls eyes* I was crushed when they stopped coming over, and...yeah. They just stopped. Being my friends. One day, Arlen, probably the one I was closest to, he came over. When I went to the door I was so happy, and he was with this other boy, Thomas. I thought they wanted to play video games or something, but no, Arlen just asked me for his Backstreet Boys cd back. I was really hurt, and angry. So I lied and said I couldn't find it. I knew right where it was; and I still have it. Even though that period in my life came to a shitty end, I enjoyed those few years I got to be one of the boys, and hang out with them, to feel included. I miss those days a lot. I miss them.

This week Friday there are auditions for The Princess and the Iso Peanut. It's a local play so I don't think any of you to know about it. My drama teacher from high school is going to be directing it!! So a bunch of my friends are gonna go audition, and they're trying to convince me to go to it. But it's a musical, and I really hate singing. :/ I'm not confident at all. But, I might go just to do it. Because if a miracle would happen and I'd get cast, it would be HEAVEN to get to work with Fuj again!! :)

So the scene that my friend Sean is doing is for sure gonna happen. We have our first meeting tomorrow about it. Haha, which is ridiculous, considering that the performance is NEXT WEEK FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!! Yeah. Way to go, Sean. -_- This is very typical of him, waiting until the last minute. So I basically need to have this script memorized in 4-ish days. Mother! I should go print it out, then e `ai, and pono au e hele i hana i kēia lā. (...then eat, and I have to go to work today.)

Song of the day: "All I Need" by Jack Wagner

Z out.


Blogger J. Cordelia said...

I'm glad that you had such a great weekend! It really is great to feel like you have other things going on besides work and school.

Sounds like the party was a good time--nice to see you're practicing your beer pong skills...haha.

I hate how when parties start they have the ability to be extremely awkward. But once things get going it usually goes away. Some parties are just awkward from start to finish, haha.

I remember being one of the boys. I never was one one boys with my family--I am the only girl and that's how they treated me, haha. But at school I was constantly running around with the guys. Playing kickball (which is the BEST), tether ball, basketball, etc. Elementary school was such a good time. I miss it.

I think it's kind of funny how you never gave that kid back his CD. Gotta love the spiteful things we did as children.

Have you decided if you're going to audition for the other play yet?

And YAY! for doing the scene with your friend and getting to be back on stage :)

"Z out" made me laugh.

January 20, 2010 at 11:20 PM  
Blogger J. Cordelia said...

I always reread my comments AFTER I post them. I should really start doing it BEFORE I post them, that way I can fix the errors...

January 20, 2010 at 11:22 PM  

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