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Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Anyone will do tonight"

Song of the day: "Tell Me Lies" from the Cat's Don't Dance Soundtrack

"Close your eyes, just settle, settle." <--- Sung at karaoke, and it's been in my head since then. I figured I could use that as a title, since it's intriguing...but has little to do with my post. So. Misleading post titles!! Yessss. The movie posters in Pearlridge for upcoming movies taunt me all the time. Especially Shutter Island, because I swear the trailers for that movie have been playing for so long, I thought it was already out! But I wanna see it, because Leo is fucking rad. <3 style="font-style: italic;">Daybreakers came out, as well as Youth In Revolt. I guess we'll probably go see Daybreakers with dad this weekend. Sweeeet.

So, First Time Friday is going to be about the first time I did, said, thought about, went to, liked, whatever, about something; a person, a place, a thing. You get the picture.

First Time Friday
Theatre performance

In the 4th grade I was in an opera called The Masked Ball. My elementary school worked with the Hawaii Opera Theatre so some elementary students got to be part of the cast. I remember for our "auditions" we went to the music room and got called in in pairs. We had to sing the happy birthday song; I was paired with Ngai, who barely even opened his mouth. I was singing so loud and smiling, I was loving every moment of it, of course. So I got chosen to be part of the onstage cast, instead of just singing in the pit. I was originally cast as a nobel, but then I got changed to being a servant. I was upset, because going from nobel to servant isn't exactly ideal. HOWEVER. I got way more time on stage as a servant, more songs to sing, and I was one of the first onstage to start the show. That was my first theatrical experience and I remember being so happy to go to rehearsals after school, and being in the theatre backstage. That was the first time I had to wear makeup, and I recall sitting in a tall stool and I had to climb onto, and they kept telling me how good I was because I didn't fidget and move like all the other kids. My first experience with theatre made me love the stage. It's where I feel most comfortable. Where I want to be.

To answer your question JAMIKA, the job hunt isn't going anywhere. Haven't gotten any calls from anyone, and I've been putting in applications for a while now. *sigh* I mean, work isn't as bad as it was before, but I still don't like working with my manager, and Tiff. They're both such lazy asses. For real. And my manager is just a shit manager; she's an okay person, but I can't stand her as someone with "power" who does whatever the shit she likes and never helps us drop cookies or help with customers. Bleh.

And you're also right, that people can't really empathize when they haven't gone through that situation themselves. Which annoys me when people say "I understand what you're going through." No, NO YOU DON'T!! I can't stand when people say that because it's such a cliche and not true at all. I don't say that to people for that exact reason.

Jesus, why are dance/techno/popish/rock songs so goddamn catchy??!! Curse you Ke$ha and Cascada. Damnit.

Also, Backstreet Boys. The new BSB, without Kevin, because he's not with them anymore. :( Their new single, "Straight Through My Heart" is damn catchy. The music video is kinda hilarious, because it's got a vampire theme and whatnot. At a club, with girl-on-girl ALMOST action, but not really. Haha. Jook! Such a tease.

So I think karaoke was pretty fun last night. I wish I actually took pictures of everyone. Silly me. I took videos, and I'll work on putting them up sometime this weekend. Dinner was also good at Bravos. Good times. Then after. Haha. So Kuni took me, Sean-Joseph, and TC home. I was last, and we just talked outside my house for hours. Like, over FOUR hours!! And we didn't even know what time it was until here mommy called because she was worried something happened to Kuni. ^_^ Her mom's adorable. I feel kinds bad though. Almost everytime that I've hung out with Kuni, she always ends up going home late, like after three in the morning, and her mom checks in with her a lot. It's just 'cause Kuni and I don't see each other all that often, so we catch up a lot, y'know? But still. I rarely ever just...talk with someone like that. I haven't done that with many people, not really.

Anyways. It was just nice. :)

Wish my hair was dry so I could go to sleep already. At least work wasn't that bad tonight; we actually got everything done super early so we kinda just...stood around for a while. :P And Kaena and I made fun of the Justin Bieber wannabe kid. That was amusing.


Blogger J. Cordelia said...

Sometimes I try to tie my title into my post, but a good portion of the time, I just use a song I've been singing recently. If it's too hard to think of a lyric, I just go with whatever.

I watched the preview for Shutter Island last month sometime. It looks really good. I watched the preview for Youth In Revolt sometime back now, and I was excited to see that Michael Cera was doing more than the awkward kid. Not that he's not awkward in this movie, but he plays two different guys. Have you read the book? I haven't, but I guess there was another alter ego that was a woman. I wish they could have showed that. That guy Michael Buckley (the What the Buck show on YouTube) was at the premier for it, it's funny you should check it out. Anyway, I'm rambling.

The way you talk about the stage, is how I feel about writing. I'm comfortable and confident when I write. I love the stage, but I'm still a little insecure up there. Hopefully you can get back into theatre soon, I know you miss it. Are you going to do another one of the slam competitions? I know it's not theatre, but it's a stage.

I know, I don't like people to say they 'understand'. I know they're trying to help, but it doesn't really help. I think people say they understand because they don't know what else to say. Though, I'd almost rather they just say, "I don't know what to say."

I love that song Tik Tok. I downloaded the video a month or so ago for free on iTunes. I looked it up because Dan Schneider kept going on about it on Twitter, so I was finally like, "Let me see what all hullabaloo is about." And I was hooked. Then, Steven and I would listen to it late at night in the design lab, haha. Along with Lady Gaga.

I love nights when you end up talking with someone about nothing at all, but, then again, about everything. Long chats are few and far in between. I haven't had one in a long time. They are nice, though.

January 9, 2010 at 10:43 PM  

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