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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Movie movie movie!!

It's been so long since I went to the movies with Mika and dad. Jesus.

I don't think I mentioned this last week, but one night when I was at work, this guy left his movie ticket stub on the counter. It was faced down so I picked it up to see what he went to see. When I turned it over I was so taken aback.

It was a ticket stub from Boondock Saints: All Saint's Day. I had no fucking idea that the movie was out already!!! And I was pissed/sad/shocked all at the same time! I hadn't been to the movies in weeks that I hadn't seen the previews for that movie, so I had no clue it already came out!

God. You guys really don't know how that felt. It was this awful feeling.

I must sound pretty douche-baggy, complaining about how I haven't been to the movies in forever I didn't know what was playing. But considering that going to the movies on the weekend has been the thing I do with my dad, it just goes to show how shitty of a time it's been since he lost his job, we haven't had a car, and work has been equally shitty all at once.

Anyways we saw A Christmas Carol, and Jim Carrey basically was like his other roles, mostly the Grinch and St. Olaf. It was pretty good; especially because they kept the creepy and scariness of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.

Kevin Smith twitter's a shitload. All the time! Good thing I don't get his updates on my phone. That'd be way too many. So does Khleo Thomas, and he's kinda dirty. I mean, I know he's gone into rapping and stuff, but seriously? If you follow him, some of the things he says... Ugh.

HOLY SNAP! Adam Lambert. Some of his songs off his debut album is super good and catchy. I personally like "Aftermath," "For Your Entertainment," "If I Had You" and "Whataya Want From Me."

Sing Me A Song Sunday:
"In The Still Of The Night" by The Temptations
This is one of the songs that I absolutely love, any version of it. It's very simple but the melody and especially the blending of the voices make it fantastic. It's also one of the only songs I'll sing when we go karaoke...but I don't sing with the mic in hand. I just sing. To myself, really. ^_^

Also the New Boyz song "Turnt" is kinda fun too. Damn Tiana and her influence on the hip hop songs I listen to! Haha. You can get hyphy to "Turnt" fo sho! Also Sean Kingston's "Replay" is catchy as well.

Hopefully this Wednesday my attempt in getting some old drama kids together to have dinner will work out. Most of them are so flakey. Like apple napples. Already 2 people can't come, so that's junk, but then on the upside, there are 5 of us that already confirmed in going. :) And we'll go see Christmas lights at Honolulu Hale too!

Song of the day: "No Me Mires Asi" by Mana

And again, CONGRATS JAMIKA!! :)


Blogger J. Cordelia said...

It's not douche-baggy, it's not like you're some rich kid who got a new car and laptop for Christmas, but you're complaining because you really wanted that iPhone, too. Haha.

I usually keep up on what movies are coming on on YouTube (youtube.com/trailers). It usually has all of the latest previews, so it's nice.

Anyhoo, I haven't heard any of the songs you listed (well, except for In the Still of the Night).

Isn't it crazy how some celebs update their Twitter CONSTANTLY, and then others do it like once a month? There are some people I stopped following because it got kind of annoying.

Though, if you use the list thing they have, you can follow people and not have it update in your main feed. I do that with all of the people that write for or do the round table for Chelsea Lately. Some of them I follow, but not all of them.

Thanks for the congrats :D

December 21, 2009 at 11:21 PM  
Blogger J. Cordelia said...

Nope, not an annual thing at all. The film class at one school just randomly challenged another. Apparently the teachers of the two classes are childhood friends and the schools are rivals, so there's that, haha.

December 22, 2009 at 12:56 AM  

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