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Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm an electronic chronic.

I think that's a clever title, don't you think so too? :P

Well, I'm an electronic chronic because I want all these "toys" that I don't really need. There's a new laptop (with more hard drive space, and I could give Mika my current one), a digital SLR camera (been wanting one since high school) and of course, the Samsung Comeback phone.

If anything, I'd probably get the phone; it's the cheapest out of the three. Plus, I even went through all the trouble as to figure how much the plan will cost me, monthly payments, read up on and watched video reviews, calculated the cancellation fee for Verizon, the whole shebang. And the thing is I honeslty do not need this new phone. But like TC said, I'm a little phone bitch.

Since I got back from Oregon I've been wanting to spend money. Just, on things. Nothing that I really need right now, and not necessarily want, either. I've been having a lot of impulse feelings about things I randomly see and think, "I might buy that."

And it seems to always happen this way, but right before Christmas, I always end up wanting things. Then I feel lame because sometimes I can't even wait a month until Christmas to have whatever it is. Damn, I'm a selfish brat sometimes.

My friend Tiana played this song for me during the summer. The chorus is the only real fun part about it. But it's kinda cool; then kinda not because nowadays everyone seems to be sampling from older songs.

The burn on my arm looks really strange. I've had it for about a week. Got it from work, from one of the trays that just came out of the oven. I wonder when it'll go away.

Song of the day: "When The Day Met The Night" by Panic! At The Disco


Blogger Bryan said...

that video was pretty entertaining! i love willy wonka. also, i understand the urge to buy things. i really want to buy awesome new korean clothes. but i shouldn't. but i might buy just one outfit next weekend! we'll see...anyway...sorry to hear about your burn!

November 28, 2009 at 8:48 PM  

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