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Sunday, November 22, 2009

I missed you, Joe...

I missed JGL on SNL last night. :( I wasn't home!! Damnit. I don't know if they put the episodes up online anywhere. But hopefully I'll find it so I can check it out. I saw the commercial for it, but that is clearly not enough JGL for me.

Went to the Academy of Arts yesterday. The bus ride was all right; the only thing is going through Chinatown because the roads are so bad and bumpy, with all sorts of potholes and really narrow lanes. Being non-mobile is kinda lame at times, cheaper, yes, but lame.

The showcase up at Kamehameha was interesting. It was different, to say the least. I guess because our usually teacher, Fuj, he's not there this year. He's getting his master's degree. So their new teacher is real strange and has changed a lot of the curriculum, even though Fuj went over what was suppose to be done this year with her in the summer. Some of the scenes were funny, others I think were totally lost among the crowd.

So after the show a bunch of us were heading to Yogurtland, then Noelle (who was in the car with me and Tiana) was texting her ex-boyfriend who's a freshman in college in North Dakota or something. And they were talking about the showcase, then he mentioned he'd be coming home soon for break. This was one of the texts he sent her:
"i can't wait to go home so i can fuck...i mean see you."

Really? REALLY!? What a fucking douchebag. Needless to say she was pissed, didn't talk the whole ride, and once we got to Yogurtland, he actually called her so she was talking with her and she was crying for a super long time. A couple people had to go sit with her. But eventually everything was fine and we had a good time. :)

OH! I found out Fuj is gonna be directing The Iso Peanut next semester! The only thing is that it's at Diamond Head Theatre. I have a few beefs with the people that perform there, just because of their attitude and the way they carry themselves. But, it's not like I was gonna audition anyways. Diamond Head is too far, and busing it out there would be too long and ridiculous. Besides, I doubt I'd get cast. Also, it's like a pool in high school and college -- a small group of auditioners. But with community theatre, it's a whole fucking sea of talent.

Sing Me A Song Sunday:
"Everything" by Michael Buble
It's a really nice, relaxing song. I'm not much of a Michael Buble fan, granted I haven't really hard many of his songs before. So maybe I should go look up some of his music. But the first time I heard this song it made me feel really calm and happy. :)

I used to like her. When she was younger and did good movies and tv shows. But now she's kind of a disappointment.

Song of the day: "In Those Jeans" by Ginuwine


My favorite from today's PostSecret:


Blogger Alessa said...

I like some Michael Buble, but he does a lot of covers and mostly they sound exactly like the orginial, so it's not that exciting. He is talented but kinda unoriginal. However, I do like some of his own work, it's very Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr ish.

I am uberly (c) excited too! I can't believe it. It's still really unreal for me. Sometimes I will be thinking about the next show, like stuff I might have to do, then I catch myself and I am like HOLY CRAP I am in the show! I don't have to do any of that. Or I will realize something within the show that may happen and I get a little freaked out. Brenna is having similar issues. Only she is kind of upset she has to say "Faggot" and "Fag" a lot. Poor Brenna. But she was crazy funny during auditions so hopefully it all goes well.

I really hope I do get to go. I want to go soooo bad. I may have to FORCE Ben to take me. I will probably suck at it... but I will have fun for you. I will let you know how it goes.

It's soooo true about those Damn Sandwiches. They NEVER get my order right. It's like they just stop thinking when I order. Thanks for contributing to Random Facts :)

Also, ANYTIME you want a place to stay, you are welcome to stay with us. I loved having you. Anytime. Seriously. And you did thank us enjoy. You got my the coolest mug ever! Thanks again for that. It's freaking awesome.

November 23, 2009 at 5:44 PM  

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