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Saturday, October 31, 2009


The all capital letters and two exclamation points are a lot more enthusiastic than I really am about today. Don't get me wrong I fucking love Halloween. But I don't do anything anymore. At least in elementary school I went trick-o-treating, even through middle school. Then for high school we'd have IMUA Week (which is basically spirit week) so we'd get to have different days to dress up -- which is a big deal for private school kids with uniforms. I'd never do anything at night though, just stay home and watch movies. Then first year at Linfield, I spent 4 hours going through Amelia's music on her itunes. :P And last year I went to Trish and Afton's. Which was fun.

Today we're gonna go see This Is It and I'm pretty excited. :] I'm gonna dress as a Pink Lady, but I'm not gonna wear my poodle skirt. I was debating whether or not I should, but I'll just wear black shorts instead.

Y'know, every year I've been a Pink Lady...since the THIRD GRADE. Not even joking. And it's weird, I still fit in the same skirt/jacket that I got in the 6th grade...hmm. None of you make a joke about my height.

Storytime Saturday
The Halloween Tree
by Ray Bradbury

I thought this was appropriate for today. Mika really liked this book when we were younger, so then I read it and liked it too. It's strange; half the time we were conventional little kids, other times we weren't. This book was a bit darker than most things kids liked. But then again, we were raised on Freddy Krueger and didn't flinch during horror movies. Anyways, this book was so good it got made into a movie:

A movie that I so DESPARATELY look for allllllll the time. I'd probably have to search online for it, and even with that, I'd most likely just find it on VHS. Bum deals. But the movie is fantastic. One of my childhood favorites. :)

I might take my camera with me today and see if anyone's wearing any cool costumes. My friends (still in high school) went as Mario Kart characters, with boxes they used as the cars. It was a cute group costume. Two years ago my friend Tiana went as a gumball machine and won the costume contest. Here, I need to post this pic because it's awesome:

Also, guys, I'm getting pretty excited about visiting Linfield. :) Although I really gotta start not spending money so I'll have money for food and stuff like that. Food is kinda important.

Song of the day: "Holiday From Real" by Jack's Mannequin


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