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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello? Is anybody there?

I feel so alone, guys. Where's our blogger group that we had going? I guess everyone's just real busy and I'm the only loser that has nothing better to do. :/

That advertisement of the Samsung Comeback taunts me everyday at work!! I fucking can't stand it!!! And yesterday and today I went to go look at it with TC, and I just had to pick it up and touch it. Mother fuck, I seriously want the phone.

I think the reason why I'm obsessing over it so much is because I could've saved a shitload of money on that phone, if I had just waited 8 fucking months!! Since I switched over from Team Mobile to Verizon, I had to pay more, and I know it cost me over $300 back in February when I got our new phones. But shit, if I just wasn't such a little bitch and I wasn't stubborn about getting it back then, I could've saved about $220!!!!

That's what gets me. That I was a little bitch about getting my current phone, when I could've saved a bunch of money. Shit. Fuck me. (No, not really, no thanks)

Aaaaanyways, um, I kinda wanna buy my plane ticket soon. o_O Because prices are jumping up, no doubt, since it's getting closer. Speaking of which, I need to find my jeans! Dude it's gonna be so cold there. I readjusted back to my warm, humid weather. HOW'S THE WEATHER IN OREGON GUYS??!!

Thankful Tuesday
1. I am thankful for living in a place where culture is such a big part of the lifestyle and every day happenings. We talked about this in my Hawaiian class today, that there are lots of places out there that lack culture, or at least they don't practice anything, or have anything from the past that they still do or know about. I know I'm real fortunate to have grown up here in Hawai`i.


Song of the day: "Runnin'" by Jesse McCartney :)


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