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Monday, October 5, 2009

My Cookie Corner coworkers can go fuck themselves

Apparently I'm the most hated person at our store.

Because, as Nathan related to me at work tonight, "they don't really like me" and I "seem real obnoxious" and I "always roll my eyes whenever they ask me to do things."

What the FUCK. So to get things straight, I'm assuming that this is coming from Heather and Kaena, because I work with them the most. However, Nathan kinda just agrees with the majority, so he might as well think this of me. And Christie, because she's very opinionated and acts as if she's the goddess of the store. Now, moving on...

I don't see how Heather or Kaena can honestly say this shit about me. I barely even talk to them anymore when I work with them; because when I do, it always goes back to what they know best: boys, sex, and drugs. Sometimes, but only sometimes, Kaena and I start talking about movies, or songs, or current events. Usually that happens when she's high (which is a lot, actually) so she's very open to talking about things. I really think this is coming from Heather, mostly, because she talks the most about topics I really don't give a fuck about. And I'm not going to pretend to be interested and listen to her babble on about her sex life with her (now ex) boyfriend for 6 hours. Fuck that. I mean, if they mean me not being all crazed about hearing their stupid high school dramas and social retardations, then yeah, I guess I am obnoxious.

But then to claim I roll my eyes when they ask me to do things? No. NO! I ALWAYS do what they TELL me to do. I do the shitty work that they don't want to do, because I was the new girl and they bossed me around because they knew I would do it. And I did. I never once disagreed with anyone about doing something or handling a customer. And roll my eyes? Seriously? How about I roll my eyes after I stab them in the throat!

Or maybe they mean I get upset when they keep on leaving the store to take breaks all the goddamn time. Because I do get pissed. I swear, they take 6, 7 breaks each time I work with them. Whether it's to go talk with friends that stop by, go see the "hot" guy that work at Hanapa`a (and he isn't even remotely attractive), or when they leave and go smoke for 15 minutes at a time. And Kaena always comes back high!! I can see it in her eyes and all over her face. Not to mention I see her walking out with a joint, duh. I suppose I'm suppose to be giddy and full of joy when my coworkers keep on leaving (and giving their friends tons of cookies and free Icee's) all the fucking time and leave me by myself at the store everytime I work! Guess I missed the memo.

Now, TC comes to the store to wait with me until I'm done a lot. And he even said that he's never heard me disagree or talk back to them ever. I also brought up the fact that I do the work they don't want to do, such as cupping the bite size. He even said that he's only seen Kaena do that ONCE while I was working with her. All other times I cup when I work with Heather and Kaena. And I do all the restock, all of it. I usually end up sweeping and mopping too: all the shitty work.

I'm seriously pissed about this. Mostly because I was having a pretty good day at work. I worked with Nathan, and I haven't worked with him in 2 months so I was kinda excited about that. I asked him about how school was going and we talked a lot about theatre which was cool. Then we stumbled upon working with the other girls and that's when he unloaded all this shit. And what pissed me off is that Nathan tried defending them. He actually did! He attempted to justify them leaving the store so many times by telling me a story of how an old worker would leave the store for an hour at a time. I'm sorry, I don't give a rats ass about some guy who doesn't work here anymore: I care about the shitty girls I get stuck working with and putting up with their crap all the time. He also tried saying that "the people here [Cookie Corner] have their little quirks. You just gotta accept them for who they are." So I countered that statement and said, "Well then, shouldn't they accept me for who I am without bitching about me to each other behind my back?" Then he shut up.

At least I accept them so much that I don't bitch to them about what I don't like about them, complaining and telling them what I hate about them. The problems I did have I actually addressed them, but if they are going to keep doing it, then there's nothing I could do about it; they won't change just for one person. I just deal with them and do my job. My JOB.

The annoying thing is that I've mentioned this to both Heather and Kaena, about leaving the store so much and how I end up doing more of the closing duties when we're suppose to share them. And they've always brushed me off about it. The fucked up thing is that because I was a trainee, HEATHER AND KAENA WERE THE TWO I WAS SUPPOSE TO LOOK UP TO TO TRAIN ME! Isn't that hilarious? I think it is. I feel like I shouldn't have to bring it up to my manager or district manager because they're old enough to know what's wrong and right in the workplace and they should know what kind of behavior is appropriate. Plus, I know if I do, it's just more fuel for them to talk shit about me.

Obviously I'm in no mood to put up the song of the day, or Movies I Want To Watch Monday. But, Carrie does come to mind right now. That part when she kills everyone. :)

Ugh. Sorry I wasted this entire blog about how pissed off I am with these shitty ass workers I'm stuck with. I didn't really get to vent with TC, and I don't have anyone else to vent to. So it's back to my trusty internet blog :/ Anyways, I should sleep. And isn't it amusing: I work with Kaena tomorrow. And you can bet I'm bringing this up. Because I don't wanna be the stupid girl that pretends she doesn't know when people are talking about her behind her back. I confront people when there's a problem. And obviously there is one.

Bitches don't know what they've gotten themselves into.


Blogger J. Cordelia said...

Wow, your coworkers seem ridiculous. I would be pissed, too. Did you talk to them? What happened?

That bugs me. I'm a slacker when it comes to things that just effect me. But when I'm at work (or doing a group project or something of the sort), I always try my best to do my part because I'd be mad if someone was sticking me will all the work they didn't want to do.

Also, you probably shouldn't kill your coworkers. Now that you mentioned Carrie and how she kills everyone, it'd probably be considered premeditated murder. If you hadn't said that though, it'd just be murder, but you could claim 'extreme emotional distress' and probably just get sent to a rehab/therapy center instead of prison.

Haha, I watch a lot of crime shows.

October 7, 2009 at 5:00 PM  
Blogger Bryan said...

your co-workers sound like such bitches. are they still in high school? that would partly explain their idiocy. I hate co-workers like that, who make you do all the work. I felt like that sometimes during conferences. I definitely wanted to accidentally throw some people off of balconies. Lately the biggest bitch in my life is my dad's wife, Joni. At Beth's bridal shower, Joni thought it would be a good idea to complain to everyone about how 'i only call my dad when i want something from him' because i asked him to drive elin to the airport with me, because it was an airport in new jersey and i'd never been there before, and no one wanted me to go alone. and he has a GPS system. she also said 'does he think he's a taxi service?' i have to see joni at the rehearsal dinner on friday, and at the wedding on sunday...and i really want to say something...but at the same time...ugh. i feel like i shouldn't. anyway...yeah. i totally get you.

October 7, 2009 at 8:38 PM  

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