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Saturday, September 19, 2009

"The world isn't black and white. It's gray."

Song of the day: "One on One" by Natural Vibrations

Title quote from the second episode of Freaks and Geeks. Dudes, that show was GENIUS!!! I fucking love that show so much, and I hate how they canceled. So uncalled for, it was so good. I need to buy that, for cereal.

9 was one straaaaange movie. I mean, damn! Damn. I'm glad that there weren't a lot of kids in the same theatre that we were in, I would've questioned their parents about their decision of letting their kid watch that movie. I didn't quite get the story while I was watching it, but after I talked it over with Mika and it makes more sense now. I did like the animation, that was really good.

Dad said that Band Camp Seven (seven? I think) is next month or something. I think only The Fray and Panic! At The Disco are performing, but I'm not 100% sure if it's just those two. I remember when Amanda and I went the summer we graduated, there was Madina Lake, Yellowcard, Plain White Ts and Matisyahu. We left during Matisyahu though. Too many drunk military people were swarming the place. And these two random dudes that came up to us. Well, Amanda, because I'm sure they were there to talk to her. ANYWAYS. I'd go to see Panic more so than The Fray. I'm not really a Fray fan.

Since it's a Saturday, I am now bringing to you guys Storytime Saturday. I guess I'll be talking about a bedtime story, fairy tale, or a kind of folklore I remember from when I was younger. Eventually I will run out of stories, so maybe I'll just talk about books I read during school or something, or good books that I've read. Whatever, I'll think of something when that time comes.

Storytime Saturday:
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff

This was my ultimate favorite book for YEARS when I was younger. I borrowed this book so many times from the library, they should've just given it to me already. I think it was funny how mom finally bought me the book from Borders when I was starting to lose interest...well not really "lose" interest, but I just wasn't reading it as much.

I thought this was the coolest, funniest book ever. I mean, what really would happen if you were to give a mouse a cookie, you know? And all the other things that would happen after the one before it, I just thought it was a fun book. I kinda wanna buy this book again. :)

Don't you ever wanna do that? Go finding old childhood books that you used to love to read? Start a collection of them. Of fairy tales, bedtime stories, things you would borrow from your elementary school, things like that. Then reread them and relive the memories and just the happy times. And then, if you were to have kids of your own, you could read those books to them. It's a nice thought.

I actually wanted to start doing that with old school copies of fairy tales. Like in those oooold leather-bound books, the hardcovers, you know? I wanted to get one I saw of Little Red Riding Hood for Mika when I was in Oregon. But it was about $40 or something like that, and I didn't have that kind of money on me at that time. But that's something I kinda fantasize about doing: having a giant room filled with bookcases of classic books and novels.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll actually do some stenciling. I've been done with my walls since Wednesday and I still haven't started stenciling on my quotes. It's just been so ridiculously hot lately, so I don't really wanna be in my room during the day. Hmm, I'll either try that, or maybe try writing more for this poetry slam. I seriously need something within the week.

I need to get inspired...


Blogger Bryan said...

i love that book! it's so good. i used to read it all the time too. they have a bunch of them actually...i think there's one called 'if you give a pig a pancake'. i can't think of any of the other titles though. So is 9 worth seeing in the theatres then?
Also, i totally want a library in my house, filled with all the classics. it's my dream. i really want a library. and i want it to have two big arm chairs in it and one of those...you know, end table things to put a desk lamp on. and i want a really cool smoking jacket. but i'd call it my reading jacket haha. i'm strange

September 20, 2009 at 10:10 AM  

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