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Monday, August 31, 2009


This is the first time I've heard from you in a loooooong time, Bryan. I've missed you.

Song of the day: "Fields of Gold" by Sting and The Police

Not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but every day when I turn my laptop on, I put my songs on shuffle and whatever song plays first, that'll be my "song of the day." I've always organized my songs my artist, but from now on when I put it on shuffle, I'll start setting it by songs, because I think that's more legit when you shuffle your songs.

I had a test in Hawaiian today, so last night I studied the whole chapter. But I found out that I only needed to study a list of vocab words, so I kinda was an overachiever for today. :P But at least I got all correct on it. Chee!

I've decided to start doing three different/new things with my posts.
1. Start writing properly, at least with capitalizing "I" and the first letter the sentences and the rest of that grammar stuff. Only because I think I've reached a point where spelling everything lower case in my posts has kinda passed.
2. I'm gonna put up what my Song of the day is at the beginning or end of every post.
3. After seeing a similar list, I decided I'm going to start making "_______ (insert day of the week)" lists. Such as today's list is:

Movies I Want to Watch Monday
1. Zoolander (I think I've been wanting to watch this all summer, but I don't own it and I haven't found it anywhere I've looked. Not even Walmart has it.)
2. Dogma (for about 3 weeks, actually)
3. Remember the Daze (a 2007? movie that's basically like Dazed and Confused)
4. Jesus Christ Superstar (mostly because Amanda was singing lines from the song a few days ago and we were talking about it.)

Speaking of Amanda, she left this morning. :( Sad day. And she's going back to L.A. and all those fires. No bueno. Chelsea's also happily in Iowa, I'm assuming. Those lucky dudettes are still at the school they wanna be at. I'm jealous. *sigh* But, can't do anything about it right now. Or ever. Meh.

I saw my friend Bowe today at school! I was walking out to where mom picks us up, and I saw Bowe walking in front of me, then he went in his class so I called him on his phone and he came out and we talked for a little. I thought he was going to UH this semester but he decided to just stay on this side. At least he saves on gas. But that was a nice surprise. :)

I didn't get to finish my drawing of the flower I was suppose to do for my art class before I left for work. I tried to draw a puakenikeni, but I don't think it really came out the way I saw it in my head. Plus, we're suppose to make an "interesting" background, but I don't know what to do. At first I wanted to put it in a koa bowl, but then blending the different browns would be too hard for me. I'm not that talented. All through work I was trying to think of what I could do. I've been home for over an hour and I STILL don't know what to do. Fuck.

Tonight at work, Heather wanted to listen to Kelly Clarkson. Mind you it was MY ipod that was hooked up. So she listened to whatever Kelly Clarkson songs I had, which was maybe, four? So then I switched it back to the songs I was listening to. A couple minutes later Heather walked over to the ipod, saw the song, looked over at me, and I know she wanted to change it. So I said to her, "Yes, I am listening to this song." And she got all pissy and said to me, "Why do you always change the songs I'm listening to?!"

I fucking wanted to slap that bitch. Okay, she's not really a bitch. Just a dumb slut, for real. But I was uber mad at her, because she, just like Nathan, ALWAYSSS changes the music if it's not something she likes or knows. ALLLLL THE FUCKING TIME! One: she had already listened to all the Kelly Clarkson songs. Two: it's MY ipod, bitch. And three: Fuck off!

So number three isn't really a reason, but you get the gist of it. This seriously pissed me off for the rest of the night.

And yes, Jamika, I really do always text you when I'm at work. :P I don't know why, but you're always the first person I automatically think of texting. Even though you're couple hours ahead of me. Strange.

HOWEVER. However. Heather's friend Emma was working tonight at Coldstone and she gave us free ice cream. :) I got a Love It cup of Mint Chocolate Chip. Mmm, yum. So I guess Heather was awesome for that one reason tonight.

Oh. And anyone see that new music video for Boys Like Girls new single, "Love Drunk" that just came out? Yeah. Wellllll, it's one catchy-ass song. For real. Like most of their stuff. But they got fuckin Ashley Tisdale to be in it?! What the fucking fuck? I'm real pissed about that. No, not really pissed, just annoyed. Because she, like all these other Hollyweird bitches do that same pouty-full-lips-half-ass-seduction-"ooh-I'm-so-hot"-faces. And I fucking wanna take a meat cleaver and slice their face off.

...That sounds pretty twisted and wrong, doesn't it? Whatever. *shrugs* It's what I wanna do to them. Anyways, I better go try and finish the oil pastel. And well, fuck the reading I was suppose to do. I'm NOT reading over 100 pages tonight. No.



Blogger J. Cordelia said...

Haha, that was the same reaction I had when I got a comment from Bryan, too!

Congrats on doing well on your test, that's awesome.

I had an idea for my blog, too! I was thinking about it when I was writing my last blog. Kind of like the list thing, but not really (haha). I was going to start having theme days. So basically having more specific topics, that way I'm not just rambling too much, haha.

That does sound crappy about her bitching about the music...way lame. But awesome that you got ice cream! haha.

I'm glad that you text me. I'm usually pretty good about responding, I think. Witht he exception of last night at the little communication breakdown, haha.

September 1, 2009 at 9:00 AM  

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