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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things I miss from (my) elementary school days:

1. TETHERBALL - I fucking OWNED. I beat every boy in my grade. :)
2. HOME LUNCH - My mom made the best home lunches everrr. Sometimes I had tuna omlette, furikake rice, sausages, even steak! They were more like bento's than normal lunches.
3. CHINESE JUMP ROPE - Seriously. It was the shits.
4. PAPER FORTUNE TELLERS - Haha, they were so lame, but so cool at the time.
5. MASH! - We'd play this on bus rides to and from my choir performances. Good times.
6. CHOIR - I really loved singing. And I got to be the MC 6th grade. I reallyyyy miss choir.
7. ICE CAKES - If we had lunch duty, after school we could get ice cakes from Mrs. Yonting (my friend Kelsi's mom who was in charge of the cafeteria) and they were super good!
8. FUNDRAISING - My school did the candies, like how we had in middle school. I remember my dad would take it to work with him and sell a bunch!
9. AWARD ASSEMBLIES - Every year, I either got the Super Achiever of Oustanding Citizen award. And I always got a pencil for perfect attendance.
10. FUN FAIR!!! - The Fun Fair came in October, and each grade had a booth that they'd sell things at. My mom always made spam musubi's that would be sold out in less than an hour! We had tickets to pay for stuff, and sometimes when my mom was working at the booth, she'd give me more so I could buy more stuff. :]
11. THE BOYS - Mika had several classmates, boys, that were here friends (and friends with my mom! haha) and they'd come over to our house every single day after school. We'd play video games, play kickball in the streets and just hang out. But then once they went to middle school, they got to old to hang out with me...
12. LIGHT UP SHOES - Those were so pimp. More pimp than jelly shoes.
13. J.P.O./PEER MEDIATOR/STUDENT COUNCIL/LIBRARY HELPER/HELPING HANDS/GARDEN CHARMERS - I was involved in a shitload of clubs and organizations in middle school. I pretty much owned at student activities.
14. FRIENDS - I think about my elementary friends a lot. And I mean a lot. I guess sometimes IIdwell, in a way, but I guess i've always been the same and thought so highly of my friends and our friendships.
15. MY FAMILY (BACKTHEN) - When Ba-chan and Gi-chan were still here. When Mika and i were younger. When my dad wasn't so stressed. When my mom was my mom. When the love from my family was evident and in plain sight.

There's hundreds of more that I would write about, but it'd take too long. I bring this up because on my way to work, we drove by Waimalu Elementary School (my mom's first elementary school she went to) and there were the A+ kids playing jail break on the basketball court. I remembered how much i loved jail break, way more than dodgeball. for sure. :)

So Mika lost her phone about two weeks ago. She doesn't know exactly when or where. Because she sucks like that. And I checked my account online, and some douche bag found her phone, I'm guessing, and has been using it. Because our minutes has been going up, AND whatever fucker found it has been downloading shit onto the phone and now I have to pay for it. I fucking hate people sometimes.

I need to get her a new phone. We start school next week so she should have one. PLUS she finally got a job. But she didn't really "get" it. It sorta was just handed to her - through Steven. He's chummy with the manager of Orange Julius/Dairy Queen so he got her her job. She didn't have to fill out an application or have an interview, the manager-lady just said she was hired. It sucks, that's what I told her, because now my mom and Steven can use that against her, saying that Steven is the one that got her the job. I told her she should've just looked for one herself.

All right, now I know I just got my marvelous purple phone 6 months ago, but for the past 2 days I've been searching on eBay for cheap slider phones with the keyboard. I really wanna see if I'd like using them, so that maybe if I ever get a new phone, I'd consider buying one with a keyboard. Does that sound silly? I think it's smart. If I can find a cheap one, I can buy it and test it out before I make a commitment and buy it, you know?

Sidenote: If none of you have ever listened to the Aida soundtrack, LISTEN TO IT! I fucking love it. God, I wish so bad that I was in that show!

So when do all you Wildcats start school??

Oh, dudes. WATCH THIS. Stayceyann Chin is amazinggg! My friend Jamaica (who won the Young Poets competition 2 years in a row!) posted this.

So rad.


Blogger Alessa said...

Ah, your post reminded me of my elementary school days. :( I really miss then. Things were easier. No drama. And we all were friends.

Sucks about your sisters phone. You can call the phone place and tell them that you lost it and all those extra charges were not yours... they will also give you a new phone if you lost it or someone stole it. Or at least they should! But if you tell them to shut off her phone because someone stole it, they can do that. Plus if someone stole it you shouldn't have to pay those fees.

I really like my keyboard phone. I think they are pretty cool. Texting is way easier. But all in all I really like them.

That's cool about your friend... the poet. I hate poetry but I admire people who are good at it. It's impressive. Cool that it's on youtube too.

School starts on the 2nd. Then we have the following monday off for Labor Day... so cool.

Anyway, I miss you Zaida! I am glad I found your blog. It's nice to hear from you often.

August 19, 2009 at 6:49 AM  
Blogger J. Cordelia said...

I loved elementary school. A lot of happy times :)

I agree with Alessa, you should be able to call your phone company and turn that phone off and get those charges reversed. They'll probably give you shit about it, but it'll be worth it in the end. And they'll send a new phone if you have insurance on your phones--it won't be free though, but it'll be cheaper than just going to a wireless store to buy one. Mine was $50.


I was just thinking about when I was going to be able to come visit you. I was seriously hoping I would have been able to come this summer, but that didn't work out. But, I still plan on coming and, yes, we'll have to go see all of those places :)

I'm in A202 (Bryan's old apt.) this semester. I wish you were here, too! Maybe we can work something out, who knows? A lot of people definitely want to see you...they better help!

The fellowship would be in LA at either ABC/Disney Studios or Nickelodeon Studios.

August 19, 2009 at 6:29 PM  
Blogger Sidan Archion said...

Elementary School was great, but everyone always stole my beanie babies. Why can't your sister get her own phone?

We miss you. I like your turtle pictures. It has sparked quite a commentary.

August 19, 2009 at 6:46 PM  

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