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Sunday, August 2, 2009

"It's just the way we feel"

This weekend has been a mixture of feelings.

X Games 15 was fantastic. There were some amazing runs and some of my favorites took gold in their events. But there were also some let downs; like Travis Pastrana's fall for MotoX Best Trick. He had this new trick he called the Toilet Paper Roll, and it's this inverted 360 spin, it's insane. And real dangerous - hence the reason why Travis Pastrana of all motocross riders would attempt it. But he had too much rotation and he had a gnarly crash and ended up pulling out of the comp. AND he had a rough run for Rally Car. Ergh, that one was so frustrating! But, nonetheless he's still one of my fave's, and at least he went some home with some hardware: silver medal for Rally Car. And here's some photos I snagged from the X Games fanpage on Facebook:

The skate and bmx Big Air and Megarail drop in. It's a 90' roll-in, with 2 different gap distances, then a 14' quarterpipe on the other side of the landing. what the SHIT.

Jake Brown going up the quarter pipe. He gets the most air out of everyone, going higher than the 20' mark on the Huck Tower (that giant cylinder).

Matt Rebaud and the Kiss of Death trick. He goes vertical while going over 100 mph in the frickin air!

Danny Way is THE man. He's on crutches in this shot, he got injured earlier in the week during practice. Then this guy goes and competes in Skate Megarail (that insane 90' roll-in picture, yeah that one) and takes GOLD! What the duck, right?

Switchfoot nose grind. P-Rod (Paul Rodriguez, Jr.) is the son of Paul Rodriguez, Sr. the comedian. P-Rod took gold in skate street, his third gold in this event. He's also a new dad; had a daughter, Heaven, with his wife, Rainbow. I kinda laughed when I found out his wife's name is Rainbow. *cough-hippie-parents-cough*

This kid is fucking amazing! NyJAH! Haha, that's how Sal emphasizes his name. 14-year-old Nyjah Huston took home silver this year, he made his debut at X Games last year. I call him Rasta. Just check out the length of his dreads! It's intense, just like his skating.

Scotty Cranmer takes gold in Bmx Park. Those are cool medals this year, can you see it? They make the letters L and A with your hands.

Here's a better picture of Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins with the medal. This year she got her three-peat gold medal in Skate Vert.

I wish I had friends that watched the X Games so I'd have someone to talk to about it. But, that's okay. I still enjoy it every year. :) And maybe seeing these pictures and reading my comments will inspire some of you to take up an interest? Huh, huh? Nah, just kidding.

Amanda's finally home. I just hope it's not a bittersweet return. You see, she called me before she got on her flight on Saturday and told me that her friend from her school is gonna be coming here to HI for 2 weeks to visit. And Amanda's only here for 3. Soooo, I'm figuring that Amanda is gonna wanna take her friend around, show her the "sites" and you know, go and DO stuff. And, well, I guess I just thought, "Amanda's finally home so we'll have the crew back together for a few weeks! Yes!!" And then I hear that her friend is coming, and you know, it's not the same when there's an addition that none of us know.

Plus, I am very territorial. And I only get 3 weeks with Amanda before she goes back to California. Her friend, Joellen, has spent two years of college with Amanda. Not to mention this whole summer they were together in California. So, I'm feeling territorial and selfish.

But then once I started listening to this song, my mood changed. Just a bit.

When I listen to this song (which I've been doing a lot, on repeat) I get that hyped up 80's feel, you know? I start to dance along with it like the way I dance and move around when I hear "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham. It's just that kind of song, and it's so rad. You guys should definitely get some music by Alphabeat if you don't already have any.

I just finished chapter 4 of Living the HI Life and it's basically 20 pages long! I didn't know it was that long, damn. Haha.

Meh. I should get to bed. I'm meeting Amanda early tomorrow to hang out, then we're gonna have lunch with TC. And I work tomorrow afternoon. Lovely. But it's only a 4-hour shift, which I thought was odd. Since I've been working 7-hour shifts for several weeks already. Ah well. Off to sleep. Or something. I don't fall asleep as fast anymore, so I just stare at the back of my eyelids for an obnoxiously long time. Doesn't that just piss you off? Wish I had a car, I'd go driving around and do shit. Or something. Anyways, I'm gone.

Title Song: "Fascination" by Alphabeat. (See how I brought this whole post full circle? :] Hehe.)


Blogger Bryan said...

i love alphabeat! i've heard a bunch of their songs, but i don't actually have any. i should work on getting some later haha. i still haven't read your last letter. i got it a few days ago. i've been so behind with everything....i have to play catch up! anyway...i need to go pick up my brother at the liquor store haha

August 3, 2009 at 1:47 PM  

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