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Friday, July 31, 2009

No time to write this week. Fuck the what.

I honestly haven't written more than a page and a half since Monday. Which frickin pisses me off!

You see, Monday my computer was kinda being a douche, and I had to shut it off almost every two hours or so because it would freeze up. So I didn't want to start writing and getting into the story only to have to keep shutting down my laptop all the time. Then on Tuesday I had work. Wednesday I was out all day with Chelsea, Kelsey, and Reed (Chelsea's boyfriend from WA). And yesterday I had work as well. The time spent before work was trying to get my vcr to record the X Games, which failed. Fuck.

SO today's the first day in a long time that I have time to write. Well, in between watching the X Games, of course.

Did I mention that the X GAMES are going on RIGHT NOW!!! THIS WEEKEND!!! I'm so stoked. I'd be even more stoked if I was actually there, in L.A. but whatev. I'm a little irritated though. Yesterday when I had work I set the vcr to tape the 3 hours of the X Games, and it was going when I left. But then my mom stopped the fucking tape because she said that the speed of how fast it would tape was wrong. And then they didn't start taping it again, so I have a total of 55 minutes taped, out of 3 hours. Not a single competition completed for me to find out who won in those 55 minutes. So I have to watch the highlights show today in an hour to find out what happened yesterday.

Unfortunately, I'll also be missing most of the X Games for the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow I'm hanging out with dad, and Sunday I'm gonna hang out with Amanda since she'll finally be back. Also, I think tomorrow night I'm sleeping over my friend's house since her whole family is going camping so she'll have the house to herself.

So Wednesday we hung out with Reed. His family is originally from Olympia, WA, and they're vacationing on Maui. So he flew out here for the day and we got to meet him. Then he and Chelsea flew back to Maui to spend the week there with his family and stuff. He's an all right dude, very intelligent, which makes sense if you knew my friend Cheslea. :P And that day I finally went to BC Burrito, which is where Chelsea has been working for a couple years. It's just all the way away from where I live, so I never made it out there before. And I think that's where she has a co-worker that thought I was cute? Not sure, didn't wanna ask that day.

Oh. Today I got a letter from Kailey, and when I saw it I thought, "Damn, she writes back super fast!" Because I sent her a letter on Monday of this week. Then I looked at the date and she sent the letter on Monday too! So we sent letters to each other on the same day. I think that's kinda funny. And cosmic. :)

Yesterday at work, my co-worker kinda had a breakdown. TC was there talking with me, and I noticed that Ka`ena was somewhere in the back for a real long time. Then there was a line of customers so TC left so I could help them. Then when I went back to the trays to make the cookies, Ka`ena is there and I look at her and she's bawling. Apparently her boyfriend (of 2 years) broke up with her right then. Which is super shitty because she was at work, she just started her shift not even 15 minutes before that happened. So that was just awkward. How do I handle this, that's what I was thinking. Because I mean, we're not really "friends" but we've worked together a lot and stuff like that. It was a little weird at first, but eventually it got better.

Also, I wanted to ask you guys something. How long would you put up with a friend that is making all the wrong decisions and seems to be very oblivious to the situation and how it's ruining her, as well as our friendship? Okay, so here's the situation. And if you don't give a flying fuck then you can skip this. My friend Kelsey and I have a mutal friend, Ua. Ua has gone through some troubles and she was seeing a therapist. However, instead of talking about her problems with her family or school, she just talked about this guy, Jason. She'd been crushing on Jason for FIVE years, and they eventually started dating, but then things didn't work out, blah blah blah. So when she "resolved" her issues with Jason, her therapist thought she was all okay. Which was not the case.

Then Ua meets this guy Dave at UH. Dave is from NJ and was planning on coming back to UH for his final year and when he'd come back in the fall, they were going to be "official." Then plans changed over the summer and he didn't get housing at UH so he has no place to live. So for about two months he's been telling Ua that he's coming back, then he's not, then he's coming back, but oh no, he's not, and so on and so forth. Dave seems to be the only thing she talks about anymore, and it gets really annoying. So Kelsey, being blunt just like me, told Ua what she really thought of the situation with Dave and it pissed Ua off. They haven't talked in almost a week, which is ridiculous because they work together. See, I don't necessarily wanna sit on the sidelines and watch her fuck up her life, put herself out there for that asshole, then when he bails on her and she's left alone, she'll be a total mess like how she was before. But at the same time I feel like the more Kelsey and I listen to her and deal with her, the more pissed off we get because she's being really stupid and we've just had enough. So it's a very frustrating problem to deal with. And it makes my eye twitch when I think about it.

Anyways. Off to watch the X Games. :)


Blogger Alessa said...

You SOOOOO get an invite to our wedding. No joke. You are on my invite list as a definite invite! Ben even wrote you on his list too and we did ours separately.

So about your friend who is being lame, I am not sure what to do in the situation. I have a friend who did similar shit. And sometimes you got to let them figure it out on their own because it's the only way to learn... But I think telling her how you feel is important too... just don't do it in a harsh way. Either way, sometimes you got to let the chips land where they may. And I think if your friend doesn't see that you are trying to help or if she doesn't appreciate the fact that you are trying to be a good friend... maybe something more serious is wrong. So I think maybe talking to her is a good thing to start with. You and your other friend should both talk to her.

I hope that helped...

August 2, 2009 at 9:34 AM  

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