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Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Golden Anniversary, Hawai`i

50 years ago today, on August 21, 1959, Hawai`i became the 50th state of America. In all honesty, I'm glad that Hawai`i became a state. If we didn't, then fuck, we'd be royally screwed; in more ways than one. Sometimes I don't understand what the activists are arguing about. I understand their problems, most of them, because I agree with them on several issues concerning our soverignty and whatnot. They have valid points about the Hawaiian people and our culture. But in this modern day and age, being without the U.S. would mean a world of hurt for us. However, I don't appreciate the way that the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy went in 1893, with the overthrow of Queen Lili`uokalani. The U.S. government, in short, were (and still are) dicks. They sent their soldiers and marines onto our shores and arrested Lili`uokalani in her own frickin home by the orders of John L. Stevens. See, it wasn't President Cleveland who ordered it, he actually filed the Blount Report days later saying that the overthrow was illegal. But the overthrow was followed through besides the fact, and so Sanford B. Dole ended up being the President of the Republic of Hawai`i. Dole was an asshole.

But all that aside, happy 50 years of statehood, Hawai`i. :)

Bustin' Down the Door: A documentary-movie about four dudes that changed the sport of surfing. It's quoted in the opening sequences that they "rerouted the railroads of surfing." It was the winter of 1975 and these guys from South Africa and Australia created a crew and literally redefined the culture of surfing. I don't know all that much about surfing, but shit, I'm really digging this movie. I wanted to go watch it when it was in the theatres, but I had no one to go with. So I finally bought it last week and I'm glad I did. I like these documentary-movies because you get the exposue of what life was like back then, with real footage and interviews from people that were part of that time, event, and actually got to experience it.

PLUS this movie is narrated by Edward Norton. EDWARD NORTON! Now, I don't know exactly why he's the narrator, but like I care? Nope, not really. He's the best. He said this one line that I really like: "If California's cruisy coast had given birth to the surf culture back in the 50's, the North Shore of the 70's is where it came of age." :)

And damn! Ed Norton does a pretty fucking amazing job at all the Hawaiian pronunciations! Haha, I was very impressed with him. I mean, some were pretty easy to say. But he's a haole and I doubt he took Hawaiian. Granted he probably had a coach or someone to help him, but I'm still really impressed with how he pronounced the Hawaiian names. Way to go, Ed Norton!

Work this week was interesting. On on day (Wednesday) I had to sit through a conversation between my coworker and her friend about my coworkers sex life with her boyfriend. I wanted to throw my shoe at them. I was texting Jamika about it while it was happening. Who the fuck wants to know about what you and your boyfriend do in bed, Heather? The answer: NO ONE. But they continued to talk, for a really long time. What the fuck ever.

Then last night, it was sooooo slow. I ended up writing in my notebook for a while, and Ka`ena took a nap for a little over half an hour. It's funny how sometimes there are just breaks when no one comes into the store. But then there are mass rushes of people all at once! And I HATE those times, because I'm talking about 10, 15 people all lined up at one time. It sucks balls.

So hopefully tomorrow I'm going to go watch THE X GAMES MOVIE!!!! It's also in 3-D. Haha. It's hokey, but I'm pretty sure the stunts are gonna be more badass when they're popping out of the screen right at your face. And this movie is only in theatres for one week, so I gotta go see it this weekend. I'm stoked!

Updates on the phone situation: Suspended Mika's phone. We're not being charged for the billing or anything, but if we want to get a replacement phone for her, we have to pay the retail price for the phone. Since I only got the new phones in February, I'm not eligible for any kind of discount on phones. SO. That's gonna have to wait because we still need to get Mika's new glasses. And to answer your question, Steven, Mika can't get her phone because A) I already have a family plan so it'd be easier to just keep her on my plan. And B) She has no money to get it herself. All her money goes to my mom.

School starts Monday and I'm not really back into the "school mode" which is strange. I think it'll be a tough transfer into that, having to deal with school and work. Ergh.


Blogger Sidan Archion said...

Yeah the US is/was a bastard. It's rather amazing how many incidents of murder and colonial our democratic country has partook in.

You know why I like surfing ;)
And Edward Norton is sexy too...

Sorry Tangent!

August 21, 2009 at 8:08 PM  

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