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Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Do you remember when we used to dance"

"And incidence arose from circumstance.
One thing led to another
we were young"

Song of the day: "Heat of the Moment" by Asia (also title song)

Mom was civil today and took me to Home Depot to get paint for my room. It's a darkish lavender, but since I have wood panels as my wall, It comes out slightly darker. And you can kinda see the wood grain through the paint, so I might have to go over it with another coat. If I do have to do that, it means I'm gonna be buying a shitload of paint. I have high ceilings, so that means a lot of wall space. :/ And although I wanted to have the trims be brown (because I like the color combo purple/brown) I think white would make the room look "brighter." Which my room needs because it's the darkest room in the house. Meh.

I began painting my room when I got home, and I guess I have to sleep out in the living room tonight so that I don't breath in the paint toxins and all that. It's gonna suck, because Mika goes to sleep SUPER late, like three in the morning late. And I need to be up to go to work tomorrow. Ergh. Mika sleeps in the living room on the couch, just in case you didn't put the pieces together yourself. ;)

We also went to Target after because Mika has been asking to go there. Good thing we did because I ended up buying four movies. Zoolander, Catch Me If You Can, and a double-pack with both Bill & Ted movies, all for less than $20. :) I was also hoping to find nice, purple bedding, like sheets and stuff, but they didn't have any purple. Except for a reallyyyy pale purple, which was basically white with a tint of purple. No bueno.

I've actually found some online sites that have some things I'd consider getting. Even though they aren't purple, I'd consider purchasing these:

It's stars, and I'd prefer lightning bolts. But I like that it's splatter paint. I like that part of this particular set. Jamika, do you like this? I thought of you because you like stars.

Again, the splatter design is what's pulling me in. Plus, it's got a plaid pattern, and even though it's not purple, I'd still get this, because blue is also a nice color.

And this pillow is in the same set as the blue plaid/splatter design. I think I'd definitely get the pillow, at least. Because that can go with just about anything. I think. Well, I'd use it anyways.

Sing me a song Sunday:
1. "You and I Both" by Jason Mraz.
This is probably my favorite song my Mraz. This, and "Geek in the Pink" but I've grown to love this one more. I actually think I love it more because a certain someone sang this at a Cat Cab. Yes, I know, how very 8th-grade of me to like a song simply because a boy I liked sang this at one point in time. But, come on, he did a great cover of it!

2. "It Takes Two" by Zac Efron, Hairspray Soundtrack.
See, Disney should've rewritten the part for Troy for the first HSM. If they did, maybe I wouldn't hate it so much. Because I am a firm believer that if you're cast in a musical, especially as a main character with solos, YOU SING YOUR OWN DAMN PART! But, it's not Zac's fault, it's the douchebags at Disney. But I digress. It's such a good song, I'm kinda pissed they didn't play it in the movie. Well, technically they had about three seconds of it in the background, but that's it! And as much as I hate to admit it, Zac Efron sounds pretty damn sexy when he sings this. It's the saxophone that makes this song sexy, that's gotta be it.

Working tomorrow on a frickin holiday. Ugh, WHATEV! That means I gotta get my homework done tomorrow morning. I guess I should wake up early then. All right, .


Blogger Bryan said...

That's my favorite Jason Mraz song!!! Hands down, no competition. I love it. Also, both bed sets are really cool. That's a tough decision. With the second one, i feel like the reverse side with the splatter paint doesn't really match the plaid. that's my only issue with that one. But i do like them both.

and i HATE painting rooms. I commend you for your paintiness. Pictures, on the other hand, are A-Okay! :)

September 7, 2009 at 5:46 PM  
Blogger J. Cordelia said...

I love the stars! But you knew I would, so no surprise there, haha.

I'm glad you had a decent day with your mom, that's nice.

I love splatter paint. I've decided that when I own a house, there will be one room that I splatter paint. It's just an awesome look.


Thanks for your comment on my last blog :) There are names that come in later in the piece and the girl talks aobut her own name as well.

September 7, 2009 at 11:01 PM  

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