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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Improv set up, personable behavior, grocery shopping

+It rained. A lot. And do you know how shitty it is to wait for the bus for over half an hour, IN THE RAIN?! Let me tell you, it's SUPER shitty. Like Mika said, we kinda felt/looked like hobo's.

+I worked with Stacey that night. She's okay, the newest girl that got hired. Everyone seems to hate her, only because she's slow to catch on to how we do things at work, and she seems to forget information about items and how much to weigh out the dough and whatnot. But she's not annoying about it. I swear, the people I work with are assholes. Anyways, I mistakenly mentioned that I'd never had a boyfriend when she asked, so then she proceeded to convince me to go out with her friend, Joe. He's been single for a while because his last girlfriend fucked him over? I guess she played with his head (and his heart, so she says) and now he's super torn up, and has self-esteem problems and just wants to find a girl looking for a committed relationship. And while she's saying this I'm thinking, "okay, so you want ME to step in and try to fix whatever's fucked up with him? He-he-hell no!"

But really, she was trying to sweet talk me into meeting him.

So much that she said that we could go get dinner after we were done (even TC could come) and that her boyfriend and Joe would join us. Really? REALLY?!

Well, that plan didn't work out because the paper work was fucked and we ended up staying super late. But she called Joe to come and try to help us with the money counting/math crap. So I met him, for all of 3 minutes. Anyways...this entire thing is basically to say that I kinda don't like when someone tries to set me up with a friend of theirs, or something of the like. I'm not saying I'm such a catch and that I can get any guy I want; obviously that's not true. But. But I feel like I could find someone on my own, you know? If I really wanted to. I'm not even really looking for someone right now, all right. And even though she didn't intend this to happen at all, but I felt a little offended by the way she kept talking to me, trying to convince me that I should consider Joe and all that.

It's just...I'm a stubborn person and want to do things my way.

+I got out from work so late that TC and I missed the last bus, so he had to call his uncle to come and get us. I feel sorry that he had to wake up his uncle to drive out to get us and take me home. :/

+My friend Mari in my art class really liked the masterpiece artwork I had to do. I did Composition II Red, Blue, Yellow by Piet Mondrian. It was so simple, I felt kinda like that was a cop out. :/ Oh well. But she really liked it, even though I didn't think there was anything special to it. I just used painter's tape and colored it the primary colors. But it was nice that she liked it to much. AND she gave me a ride home after class. Chee!

+Working with Tiff sucks balls. She's so lazy and slacks off so much! And she's been working at Cookie Corner the longest out of all of us. Maybe that's why. It doesn't matter, she seriously slacked so much last night and I had to do basically everything. I swear. She also doesn't like me, and talks to me like I'm retarded and I don't know what I'm doing. And I absolutely can't stand when she wants me to do something for her. She slips into this little girl voice, and seriously sounds like a fucking baby asking me, "Zaida, can you do this for me, Zaida can you do that? Pleeeaassseeeee?" I fucking wanna slap her.

+People last night, were just assholes. Okay, I have to greet everyone, so I say "Hi" and I can't stand it when they don't have the decency or manners to say something back! They just go into saying, "I like...." or "Give me..." They don't even look up at me! And it's so obnoxious and rude to say that, "I like" and "Give me." It's "CAN I PLEASE HAVE." It pisses me the fuck off. Seriously. So at least I don't feel bad when I charge them more. :)

+One good thing about last night was that I was complimented. These two guys and a girl came in, super excited for brownies and rice krispies. The guy that wanted the brownie was the one who complimented me. I was just being me, asking him what he wanted and responding to the things he was saying. He was saying how excited he was (and he really was) to get the brownie, so I laughed and said, "Yeah, I can tell you're pretty stoked." Just stuff like that. So he said, "You know you're real personable. That's cool." That made my night, because I barely hear that when I AM very nice to customer's, sometimes overly nice.

And that's the thing. It's kinda like my old drama teacher said (to the whole cast): "Even if Zaida's having a bad day or something's bothering her, she puts it aside. The moment she steps out onto the stage, she's completely focused on the show and what's going on on that stage." And it's totally true. I am very professional when I need to be, and I don't let whatever shit's going on with me or whoever effect my work or performance or things like that. That's just how I am. And I am awesome. :)

+My test in Hawaiian today was all right. Not as hard as I thought it'd be. It was the vocab part of our final, 250 words. I also took cookies to class. They usually like it when I bring cookies, so at least I know the cookies aren't going to waste.

+I had to go to WalMart after to get food and stuff like soap and tooth paste. Because we have none. I've been doing a lot of the grocery shopping for a while, with my own money, of course. But I fucking hate it when my mom calls me and asks me to pick up more shit for her. Because she is such a lazy ass that she doesn't leave the house. Now that we have no car, she DOESN'T leave the house. I honestly don't know when the last time she went anywhere was. I think it was when she drove to get me from the airport when I got back. Yeah. Fucking ridiculous.

Her reason is that "we don't even have bus money so that's why I don't go do the grocery shopping." So I told her she should just walk there, because she can seriously use the exercise. Then she gets pissed.

Seriously, though. I feel like those kids in movies that go to the store, trying to buy bread or something like that, and when they get to the register they realize they don't have enough money for the food. So they have to put things back. Or like in Harriet The Spy when Sport doesn't have enough money for the food, and Harriet comes in and gives him $5 to help pay for everything. Except I don't have a Harriet in this situation.

It's even more strange when we leave, and go outside to load up our backpacks with the food we bought, trying to fit things in there, and then trek on home with our grocery bags. Jesus. I know I sound like a bitch, complaining about this when it's really not a big deal. There are a lot of people out there that have it way worse than I do right now. I know that. But my mom's just not helping this situation, at all.

Ah well. enough of this shitty stuff.

I don't work tonight! Yayyy!! But. BUT! I have to finish my sketches due tomorrow. One's gonna take about 3-4 hours, probably. It's a grid drawing. I'll explain it when I post a picture of it. And the other is of a drawing, done in the impressionistic style. The thing is, it's a copy of the first flower that we did in the beginning of the semester. And that flower already looks like it's done in the impressionistic style. So, what do I do different?

And I've still been checking craigslist for jobs. Really, I wanna find something else.

Thanks BRYAN for posting your address on Facebook! :)

Song of the day: "Let It Whip" by Dazz Band


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