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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


February 11 ad 12.

I will BE THERE!

Or at least I hope I'll be there. For serious. Probably the first 80s hair band I got into, really got into, during middle school. And their hair was so fantastic. ^___^

What I was thinking was that I could also get a ticket for my dad, as a Christmas present. Mika's uberly lame at concerts, which is why she didn't go with us to see Journey. Because when mom took us to see Earth, Wind and Fire, she brought books and read through the whole thing. She was listening to the music, but she could've just been listening to their songs at home, on the computer. Mika's not into the "get up and dance, sing loud, be crazy!" part of...anything.

Anyways, I first decided I was going. Then she said she wanted to go. And then I thought of buying a ticket for my dad, which then lead me to thinking if it would be nice to get one from Aiko too, my dad's girlfriend.

BUT. But that's a lot of money. Nose-bleed tickets are 55. And the next one after that is 95. So, that's about 3 or 4 of my paychecks right there. All of my paychecks. And I'm not sure if I can do that right now, at least not on my own. And Mika can't really help out either. She barely makes anything so her paychecks are small. I don't know, it's a thought. And it's be fucking cool to go see them live. :]

I got myself a Wonder Woman mug today from Ross. Because of my ties with the creator. Chyeah! :) But I'm gonna wrap it and "open" it on Christmas. Along with 2 other gifts I got myself.

Speaking of gifts...I hate how I have to get THREE Secret Santa gifts for work. It's ridiculous! I have no fucking idea why it needs to be three, because that's way too much. Especially for people I don't like. The ironic thing is that I have Heather. Geez. I'm trying to spend the least amount of money on her. So I got her lollipops last week, and today I found a red paper lantern.

It was dumb that we had to put our: favorite candy, favorite color, and favorite animal on the sheet. I think the favorite color and animals wasn't good for this. But maybe I'm saying that because I don't know what Heather would like in her favorite color (other than small pieces of paper to roll her a joint) and her favorite animal isn't real. A panther. It's technically not a real animal!! And there isn't many things made out there that have panthers on it and places don't sell stuffed panthers either.

Aaaanyways. I must go tomorrow to drop off the paper lantern. And check my work schedule. And hopefully see if Honolua, Foot Locker, and maybe even The Gap is hiring.

OH! And I'm done with school for the semester. :) Don't gotta go back next week for finals week. I am skipping out on the party tomorrow in Hawaiian. Technically it's the day to do the speech part of the exam, but I did that Tuesday so I wouldn't have to go tomorrow. And I don't really care about the party and food anyways. I hope you guys are doing okay at the end of this semester. Good luck with finals and projects!!

Song of the day: "Listen" by Beyonce, Dreamgirls Soundtrack


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