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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Song of the day: "R.U. Ready 2 Rock" by Blue Oyster Cult

Today is the first Slang Saturday. I'll be featuring a slang word or phrase, one that I usually use or I hear a lot. I figure I can utilize UrbanDictionary.com with this theme, since that site has become really popular. (I have an entry up there, too!) If it's something in Pidgin I'll really explain it and put it into context you guys can understand. XP

Slang Saturday

From urbandictionary.com:

"stoked" - adjective - to be "stoked" is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilirated, or excited about something. those who are stoked all of the time know this; being stoked is the epitome of all being. when one is stoked, there is no limit to what one can do.

also, "stoke" - verb - one can "stoke" oneself out by facing challenges or by revving up an engine within oneself to accomplish that which one desires.

*being too stoked just means that you're still not stoked enough*
"Man oh man am i stoked for our upcoming snowboarding trip!"

"Perchance you'd like to stoke yourself out and ask that girl out!"

I started using "stoked" sometime during my freshman year of high school. I'm not sure why, because it was something that I heard the surfers and skaters say, and I wasn't really friends with any of them. Usually you pick up things your friends say, y'know? But I just started saying that, and it became a habit. I like it because it's a more...relaxed way to say that you're excited about something, if that makes sense.

Oh, Jared Leto. You are the perfect frontman for 30 Seconds to Mars. Favorite song by them would be "From Yesterday." His voice is oozing into my ears as I type. :]

Thanks guys, for understanding me in my last post, about The Comedy of Errors. It's one of those shitty bittersweet situations. More bitter than sweet, though. :/ I guess I'm also bitter myself. Because I know I'm pretty much the only one who could do all the Pidgin, or at least teach it the RIGHT way, so it sounds authentic for whoever says it. Because, really, Pidgin isn't an easy thing for most mainlanders to grasp so that they can speak it. And there aren't any other people from Hawai`i that would do theatre...which won't help Janet or anyone. And...well, yeah, I'm just upset about the whole thing. LAME.

So I decided I'll go to Kamarin's birthday party tonight. But thankfully he won't be there, so the pressure's off me. ^_^ Whew. Haha. Actually, I found out why he isn't going. My friend Kuni (who's my wingman, er, wingwoman?), she was talking with her other friend and said that it's because he's not a partier or a drinker, and he never goes to any kind of party like this. And, okay, that makes me like him even more. Because he's not just some dumbass college guy who likes getting drunk every weekend. So this was our back-and-forth texts:

Kuni: Argh it's cuz he's not a drinker or partier
Me: D'aww! That makes me like him even more! :P
Kuni: Hahaha yeah I was talking to Keith about it yesterday n he said if Lokahi ends up going, take a pic cuz it's super rare n he'd jus sit in the corner watching everyone else
Me: Well, neither am I. But I'm still going!
Kuni: Me too! Actually I usually don't go to a party cuz I hate ppl grumbling that I don't drink
Me: I know dude, that's annoying. We'll have fun without drinks.
Kuni: Lol, okie dokie, me n u, no drinking necessary :)
Me: Fo sho! And it could be a trio if SOMEBODY was going. :P hahaha.
Kuni: Haha, I know, I should tell him to come n hangout with us since now he wouldn't be the only non drinker ;)
Me: Haha, yeah, I mean its just nice to go and hang out. Dont gotta drink to have a good time. We should play cards I love playing cards! Haha Im such a nerd.
Kuni: Hahaha yes cards :) I'm such a nerd that I don't know how to play anything x)
Me: I'll bring cards and if anything, we'll make up our own games. Haha, major nerd-age. ^_^
Kuni: Haha sounds good to me.

So. Yes. Getting drunk isn't necessary at a party. And I will be bringing cards tonight. Chee! Haha. Get some Egyptian WAR (Not rat-screw, whatever the hell that is. Weird mainland people and their silly card game names, haha.) action going on.

I'll report back with the festivities of tonight. :)

No school on Monday! So I suppose I should go over Hawaiian. It's insane. Last semester we learned only...six patterns, plus their ho`ole (negative) patterns, so that's a total of twelve. But this semester we're gonna learn OVER THIRTY! Feck. Language classes make me so nervous, but it's a little better with this Hawaiian class. No shame, if I have a question or don't get it, because it's super casual and we're all comfortable with each other. Also, my classmate from high school is my TA for this class. We were in Hawaiian religion two semester's ago, too. We weren't friends in high school, and we barely talked to each other, but, we're cordial to each other. I talked with her and my kumu (teacher) after class on Thursday, and that was cool.

Makemake au e hele i ka Pearlridge. Pōloli au no `aina awakea!
(I want to go to Pearlridge. I'm hungry for lunch!)

I think it's funny I put the English translation in italics, even though most of the time people put the foreign language in italics. Ha! That that English! You know what, my classmate, `Aimoku, he's this 50-something surfer, really cool and laid back. He was talking about how he had to go pay for his class, and this Hawaiian class is about $355. And he got all upset saying, "You know, it's bullshit we have to pay to learn the language of our people. It's our language, our native language. Hawaiian's the state language even! We shouldn't have to pay for this, the government should be giving us this education!"

And he made a good point. It is our state language, and less than 10% know how to speak it. He should be an activist. Dude. He got out of paying for some overdue parking tickets by claiming sovereignty. Awesome. Haha. Anyways I should go catch the bus to I can eat!


Blogger Sidan Archion said...

I wish you were going to be here for comedy of errors. It would have been your play. I hate how stupid our world can be.

About Hawaiian being mandatory, it gets sticky. While I get why it should be taught due to Hawaii being a conquered state, it sets a precedent that would to the majority of the red state world seem anti-America. Just wait for Spanish to become the first language, then English will get punished.

January 16, 2010 at 4:14 PM  
Blogger J. Cordelia said...

I rarely ever use the word stoked. I've never felt it sounded right coming out of my mouth. You know? Anyhoo, I like this theme :)

I agree, it does suck that you guys have to pay so much to learn your native language. We didn't have to pay to learn English. It was just required, so they taught it. Maybe they (the powers that be) should make it a requirement...maybe that'll cut the costs. Unfortunately that does nothing for you guys now, but it'll help younger students in the long run, I think.

January 18, 2010 at 12:39 PM  

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