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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lots of film coming to Hawai`i!!

Watch This Wednesday
Glee Flash Mob

I think Chris Colfer (Kurt) tweeted about this video a while back, so I checked it out, and damn. It's pretty fantastic. Ever feel like you just wanna have one of those scenes from a musical just HAPPEN, randomly, at some point of your day? Kinda like in (500) Days of Summer, when Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character leaves Summer's apartment after they had slept together. He leaves her apartment and Hall and Oates' song "You Make My Dreams" starts playing, and JGL is grinning like a prepubescent boy.

Not sure if I got this from anyone, or stumbled upon it, but the Glee vid reminds me of this:

The scene festival is this Friday and Saturday. And at today's rehearsal, Sean decided to (yet again) change blocking. Also, Paul (the teacher in charge of the theatre) basically told me that I'm portraying my character wrong, and that he wants me to go in a completely different direction. So Sean gave me all sorts of notes about how to delivers certain parts and wants me to go through all kinds of emotions in this short little scene. I swear, the audience won't understand it and they'll just think I'm schizo. What. Evah. It'll be over soon.

SO. Sisa, the lady I'm doing the scene with, she was telling me today about her agency and how to get into it, doing more screen acting. She's on her way to getting her SAG card, which is fucking pimp, I think. She got a callback about a role in some George Clooney movie. Apparently he's starring in this movie called The Descendants, based off a book by the same name written by Kaui Hart Hemmings, a local girl who graduated from Punahou (one of Kamehameha's rivals, haha). Isn't that frickin amazing?! The book is about a man and his 2 daughters that are from Hawai`i, that go looking for his wife's lover. Intriguing, right? I'm planning on going to look for this book. I heard about it a few years ago, since Hemmings is one of the few local author's that are known on a national and international level.

Also, Sisa has an audition today for a small part in an Adam Sandler movie!! His new movie, Pretend Wife will be starring Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, apparently. Isn't this just way cool? Like out of this world, way cool! Man. I want to do that.

And some other things that's gonna be happening here in Hawai`i:
+Filming for Pirates of the Caribbean 4.
+A Disney resort at the Ko `Olina Resort on the west side (my side!) of O`ahu.
+Possible "CSI: Hawai`i" done by Jerry Bruckheimer.
+New "Hawai`i 5-0" may start filming soon.
+A scripted reality show (I hate those, seriously) either to be called "O`ahu Nights" or "Almost Paradise" started filming. This one, I am not too proud of.
+Soul Surfer starring Kevin Sorbo, with Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt began filming a few days ago on the North Shore.


Although. I doubt any locals will have leads in any of these. Because Hollywood is a douche bag, as well all know. But at least all this will (hopefully) help our shitty economy.

Song of the day: "Bobby's Girl" by Lesley Gore


Blogger J. Cordelia said...

I watched that Glee video when Chris Colfer tweeted about it as well. I love random musical numbers. And I LOVE that part in (500) Days of Summer. I think it's because I've always loved that song, but also because it's just an awesome scene.

That's awesome that your scene partner is close to getting her SAG card. A girl I went to high school with just got hers not too long ago--she got to vote for the SAG awards this year. I think that's pretty flippin sweet!

That's awesome that so many movies/shows are going to be filming there. I knew about a few of them, but not all of them. ...Gotta love reality shows :/


I agree, we do need more ethnics writing/directing/producing/casting. I think people of color are more willing to look at who is right for the role and not just how the lead(s) will look on a movie poster or magazine cover.

And I hate when they cast races with similar color skin tones to play each other. It's dumb and disrespectful to the respective races.

Last night I caught Access Hollywood completely by accident and they just happened to be talking about the VF cover and how it had no color. They called it "White Washing" to be exact. They pretty much said everything we're saying--about needing more diverse writers, etc. as well as a willingness to cast diversely. They also mentioned that there are so many roles with award-winning potential written specifically for white actresses, but none for women of color.

You're right we need to collaborate, and we will. It's all a matter of time :)

February 6, 2010 at 11:39 PM  

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