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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Audition tape: check!


That means FINISHED in Hawaiian. Whew. Good thing I finished it, the deadline was Friday. Check it here if you please.

This was actually the fifth try at making a video. From Saturday until this morning, I had been making videos, but I finally went with today's take. I figured, not much will change or get better, because it's just me being me.

Although it was only after I posted it and submitted my audition info online that I thought about whether or not it was okay that I showed The Breakfast Club and Wayne's World dvd's. I'm not really sure how copyrighting would go with an audition tape. ... :/ Sooo I hope that wasn't a dumb move on my part that would totally scrap my audition tape all together.

Talk To Me Tuesday
Twitter convo between myself and Jamika
March 16, 2010

jcordelia @ScribblesByZ Nice! I loved your video. And I agree, MMMBop is one of the best songs EVER. It always makes me smile.
ScribblesByZ @jcordelia Thanks man. I hope they don't think the bit with me yelling "I love Hanson" was corny or anything haha.
jcordelia @ScribblesByZ Corny? Try courageous. It takes balls to tell everyone you love Hanson. People just don't appreciate them...it's sad.

It's pretty self-explanatory. And very fitting since this post is basically about my completion of my audition tape. But really, I dig Hanson and I'm cool with that! :) I've even got some of their songs after "Mmm Bop" and they're not that bad. I know they still perform as a trio, and I think Taylor's even a dad! Weird. Haha.

Song of the day: "Now Or Never" by Madina Lake

^^^ Somewhat of an appropriate song as well. Sometimes you just gotta put yourself out there and do your thing. Nike, just do it (bitches). (Because adding "bitch" or "bitches" to the end of most sentences makes it a hundred times better.)


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