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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Choke kine fun

Slang Saturday

In honor of the show I'm doing, The Princess and the Iso Peanut, I chose "choke" to be the slang word of the day. There are choke Pidgin words that are Standard English words that have very different meanings when used in Pidgin. As you probably could've guessed, "choke" basically is equivalent to saying, "a lot" or "many."

Example: "Ho, brah, get choke haole's at Pipe's today."

After today's rehearsal we had a potluck with the cast. Not everyone stayed, but the one's that did brought `ono food. It was great, these people know how to potluck! Haha. Unlike my friends who just bring chips and "snack" foods. Ugh, I hate that. Some people brought board games and we played music. I learned how to play a new card game called Jelly. It's kinda like speed, a version of it, but more intense. Dude, the first time I played my heart rate sped up super fast! Haha. Adrenaline!

Also, they showed this half hour video of a shortened video version of the show, with the original cast. It was cool seeing some of the current cast members in the video, about 20 years younger. :P

DUDE. My teacher/director, Fuj, he looked like a Japanese-Hapa version of Rob Lowe!! No lie. It was great!

Spring break this coming week. Since I don't really have classes, it's not such a big deal like it was when I was in high school. Still got rehearsals everyday though. And I think some of us from the cast are gonna be sleeping over somewhere, so that should be fun. Hopefully it all works out and we can do that.

Movies to watch within the next 4-5 hours (before we have to return them):
-Super Mario Brothers (currently watching that now)
-Clash of the Titans
-Dark Crystal
-The Vampire's Assistant

Tomorrow: baseball game!

Song of the day: "Change Of Heart" by Cyndi Lauper


Blogger Bryan said...

super mario brothers + clash of the titans = awesome!! i don't remember newsies that well, so i have no opinion on it. i know i've seen it, i just don't remember it. the dark crystal...eh. labyritnh is a billion times better. how is the vampire's assistant? i have a bootleg of it here. i should watch it. i hope you have a good spring break!

March 20, 2010 at 11:13 PM  

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