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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lollipop award!

I finally got a lollipop award today at rehearsal! It was a smiley award! :)

Lollipop awards are given to people who do really well during the rehearsal. Like we have regular smiley awards for people who are always smiling during their scenes. There’s also specific ones, like for people who fill in for someone who’s missing, people who always rehearse choreography on their own time, creativity with their characters or lines, etc. It’s just fun to have these at the end of rehearsal.

It’s nice to be acknowledged when you’re working hard at rehearsal. Especially when I’m always in the background during scenes, so it’s even more special to be noticed.

I found out today that Manoa Valley Theatre (I think) is gonna be doing Once Upon One Time. I wanna audition for that, but it’s so freakin far from where I live. And buses are not reliable when you’re going to rehearsal. But man. I really wanna keep up with theatre. I’ve missed it a lot, and this whole production has been great.

…Except for the part where Kuni dropped the show.

Does anyone else get super annoyed with someone when he/she doesn’t really COMMIT to something? With theatre, I think it’s really important that if you decide to do a show, you stay committed throughout the entire run. I think what makes me even more annoyed with her is that now that she’s not doing the show, she’s now helping out with this hula competition. So it seems that since she isn’t busy with our show rehearsals, she’s now using her time to go to another show’s rehearsals. And THAT really pisses me off.

Song of the day: "Whenever, Wherever" by Shakira


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