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Sunday, April 4, 2010

"You a dumb ho!"

I love having a vent sesh with Tiana when times are super shitty.

Tonight was fantastic. After a long tech rehearsal (from 10 AM to 6 PM), being around some assholes for hours on end, day after day, I seriously needed to talk it all out. About everything, everyone, stupid friend issues, annoying personal crap, and everything in between. Cheeee!

Speaking of stupid friends...my friends that have NEVER seen any fucking show I've ever done are NOT coming to see Iso Peanut. Yeah. They've both said they won't be able to make any of my 9 shows. Imagine that. Fucking bitches.

People, they amaze me, on so many levels. *sigh*

Like today, while I'm at tech, TC texts me. This is exactly what he said: Reserve us 5 tickets for Saturday at 7 please. How much is it?

Reading that just pissed me the shit off. Why on earth would I have to be the one to reserve HIS tickets?! I'm not one of the 5 going to see the show. My job is performing in the show, thank you. You want tickets? Call the fucking box office yourself, asshole. So I said that. I replied with, "I can't, get off your ass and call the box office yourself biznatch."

Now, I don't use the word "biznatch," ever. That was added my friend, Seth, before it was sent. And usually TC texts me back quickly. But he didn't respond all day. So he's probably upset about what I sent him, and I'm fine with that. I just don't appreciate the way he told me to get him tickets.

What a douche. So many people are douche bags in the world. Eff them.

Now, for sleep.

*No song of the day because I didn't use the computer at all today. And I'm still in "night" mode, even though it's already 1:48 AM, but, still.


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