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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My, oh my, time flies


Last post I made on here was July 1! Damn. That's kinda ridiculous. But I have to admit that I've been pretty dedicated to Tumblr. ^_^ It's more accessible and I like the set up of it, how it has specific kinds of posts you can make--photos, quotes, videos, links, etc.

But maybe I'll return to this blogspot blog every now and again. I don't even know who else is still here that's why. Maybe someone will stumble upon it by chance. So the least I can do is make it available to whoever that may be.

So what's been up with me since July 1? Well, quite a few things:
  1. Got to hang with Amanda since she came back from New Zealand.
  2. Kinda lost contact with some friends and realized that I can't and won't be the one to always initiate a conversation or plan a day to hang out.
  3. I find my bosses completely unfair and resent the way they play favorites to their nieces and nephews at work.
  4. Started the semester, only to realize how stupid it was to sign up for a class I had taken before.
  5. Tiana asked me to help choreograph TWO numbers for her students she teaches.
  6. Decided to audition for AMDA. Made an audition for February and I'm already nervous.
  7. Given up on fighting the ridiculous bullshit I have to take from my mother and living here at home.
  8. Started writing a TV pilot with Jamika.
  9. Talked to my crush of 8, almost 9 years! Ugh, it's so embarrassing. I'm so embarrassed...of myself!
  10. Been very dedicated to Khleo Thomas (aka Zero from Holes).
  11. Cut my hair after 21 months! I wanted to wait until exactly 2 years but I just couldn't, haha.
  12. Realized I deserve better.
So. There's that. Until next time.



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