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Saturday, May 29, 2010

No, this house is mine!

Well, my home IS my home, and I don't really feel like sharing it.

Monday, my cousin (who I don't really know) from the Big Island is coming to stay with us. In our house. She's bringing along her one year old daughter (nice, right? And my cousin is only a year younger than I am) and her boyfriend, the baby-daddy.

You have no clue how fucking pissed I was when my mom told us that this morning. Right before I was about to leave to go to the gym, she tells us all this shit. About how plans were messed up and now they have to come stay with us. My cousin and her kid, fine, all right. At least we're technically family, by blood. And although I'm not all that jazzed about having a baby in my house, it's not like my cousin can go anywhere without her kid. But...her boyfriend?! I don't fucking know this jackass. And he is in fact a jackass, from what I've been told about him. He's a straight up punk.

There's a lot that make this situation super shitty:
1. How long are they staying here? Two, three months at the minimum!
2. Where are they staying? The only extra room is currently our storage room.
3. Money? They better get a frickin job to help pay for our electricity and water bills. AND FOOD! Fuck.
4. Do I trust them? No, hell no! Obviously my cousin is too reckless, she got knocked up at 17. And her boyfriend left her, came back, left her again, and is now back with her. He also has a pretty shitty track record when it comes to holding down a job.

And as for my selfish reason, this was gonna be MY summer. The summer where I get my shit together with as little distractions as possible. With the smallest amount of roadblocks in my way. Ergh! I'm just so upset about this. Especially because it's not like we had any notice of it. Our house was the fallback plan. If she couldn't find a place on O`ahu by the end of summer, the END of summer, then my mom opened our house for my cousin and her kid -- not the boyfriend. But it looks like we're getting her early, with an additional jackass to the package.


Needless to say I let all my anger out during the turbo kick class this morning.


Blogger Bryan said...

hey zaida! that really sucks about your cousin and her boyfriend...i would be pissed too. but i guess all you can do is accept it, and still try to have a good summer anyway. just ignore them and try to be out of the house as much as possible.
hope all is well!

May 31, 2010 at 4:27 PM  

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