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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Better than Bieber!!

I have a great Watch This Wednesday today!!!

Watch This Wednesday
Greyson Chance - "Paparazzi"

Okay. Tell me this kid isn't one of the most awesomest sixth graders you've ever seen! See, you can't do it, can you? Ha!

What I love about this kid is, well...there's actually several reasons.
1. He's got a great voice, that's obvious. He's young, so he can hit that high range that might go away in a few years. But when he does it, I don't know, I get this semi rock-operatic vibe from him. Anyone else think that too? If you guys have ever heard of the Dresden Dolls, he sounds like them. Especially at 2:53ish.
2. He is a beast on that piano! Not only can he sing, but he can totally play that piano like nobody's business.
3. It's obvious he has a real passion for performing and singing. You can tell, he's totally in the zone while doing this.
4. He's young enough that he's not jaded about this entertainment business just being about money and fame.

And what not a lot of people online seem to be noticing, or realizing (because their so fixed on how good of a singer he is) is that this kid REARRANGED the music to this song! I mean, who at this young of an age does that? He took her music and tweaked it to make it his own, and that is frickin rad.

I think this kid has got real talent. Plus, did you guys see that blond girl with the curls to the right in this video? She totally just fell in love with this. I think she found her future baby daddy. XP


Also, I'm trying to get Michael Buckley from the What The Buck Show on YouTube to feature this kid. He needs to be recognized!


Today was Day 1 at 24 Hour Fitness with TC and Misty. A SUCCESS! It went really well. We got started with one of the trainers that showed us around to all the different areas, and then sat us down to fill out all our information.

We originally got a 7-day free pass, but then that got changed into a 30-day pass for $25. All three of us are pretty committed to going to the gym, as far as this summer goes, so he gave us this deal that basically gave us club memberships for a month for that cheap price of $25. It worked out, and I think we're serious about going regularly, or at least I am. :)

I think we're going back tomorrow night after TC gets off work. I'm gonna see how bad I hurt in the morning. :P And also, how the gym is at night. I'm kinda against going at night, just because I know I'm gonna have to go home, shower, then eat, and sleep, so I can get up early for work. That's the only down side. But TC doesn't finish work until after 7 pm anyways, so that's really the only option we have other than our days off. Well, I'll see how it goes.

Song of the day: "Coconut Girl" by Brother Noland

*So, I think that my song of the day is a super good song you guys should check out. It's by this local artist, Brother Noland. I ALMOST was able to go fishing at his house when I took marine biology! But, I had dance so I couldn't go, I was so pissed. But he did come perform for my school when I was in the 8th grade, and that was cool. Anyways, it's a good Hawaiian contemporary/reggae song. It was also featured in the movie, Pineapple Express. :P


Blogger Bryan said...

i've watched that video a bunch! that kid is awesome. he totally does sound like the dresden dolls. i didn't think of that at first, but after i read your post i watched it again. he is so good!

also, i LOVE 24 hour fitness. i belonged to their gym when i lived in portland that one summer, and i went there like five days a week. they had everything there. and it made me feel really good. i love going to the gym. good for you and being all, workin' on your fitness!

May 15, 2010 at 8:36 AM  

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