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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Feeling better :)

Thank you, Chloe and Alessa!!

Your comments did, in fact, help me and made me feel better. I was being really hard on myself, and I guess I just needed a day or so to get over it. I'll still be thinking about it over the summer, no doubt, especially if I ever hang out or talk to my friend Jess who got cast. But, at least for now, I built a bridge and got the fuck over it. :]

And I must really be turning more into a girl, because I started to get all emotional and kinda teary when I read your comments. *rolls eyes at myself* Geez, I kinda did the same thing when I read the comments on my Facebook status, too. I don't usually get good or positive compliments about myself, so it means a lot when I do.

It's kinda like at work. I've only been on the job for 2 weeks now, but I'm working really hard. And thankfully one of my bosses Jeff notices it. He's always saying how much he appreciates how hard I work and the dedication I have to the job. He even slipped me a $10 on Friday! As an "on the side" bonus!! I know it's totally illegal, but fuck, I was pretty stoked. Although I didn't know what to say at the time, and he kinda wouldn't let me not take it. So I had to.

This week I work 4 days, which usually doesn't happen. Usually it's only 3, but I guess they're trying to hire someone as Kawika's replacement since he got a new job. I'm curious as to who I'm working with in the mornings this week. I like working mornings, just because the duties we have to do aren't all that bad. Although if I work with this one chick Alyssa (pronounced like "Eliza" for some reason) again, I'm gonna get super annoyed. She thinks just because she's the shift manager, she can tell whoever she's working with to do everything for her. That's what happened Thursday; she'd tell me, "Oh, Zaida, can you..." or "When you're done, could you..." And that just pissed me off. Eff.

But. At least I'll get more hours this week. :) Always a bonus.

Sing Me A Song Sunday
"I'm In Peace" by Justin Nozuka

I don't know how I found this guy's songs on YouTube, but somehow I came across them. He's a Canadian, but he's part Asian. I think that's why I actually cared to click on his vids and take a listen. :P But he's got a cool sound; his voice was unexpected. You know how you look at someone, and you expect to hear a type/kind of voice to come out? Well, I didn't expect his voice to be the way it is, if that makes sense. It's a nice song, written about the first girl that he was in a serious relationship when he was younger. Great for a montage in a movie, I think. ;)

Song of the day: "On The Wings of Love" by Jeffrey Osborne

Oh yeah, today was Mother's Day. I don't think I told my mom happy mom's day... Hmm. Oh well.


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