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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

`A`ole piano! :( `Ae swag bag! :)

Aloha kākou! Pehea kākou i kēia manawa?

I'm doing all right. Ish. Let's see, since last week Wednesday...

-I worked. It's going pretty well at Cherry on Top and I enjoy being there. A much better environment than at Cookie Corner.
-My dad left the hospital and we got to see him on Saturday. :) Went to see Kick Ass. That was super amusing. I wanna buy it once it comes out.
-Had the closing Iso Peanut potluck down at Magic Island on Sunday. The shitty thing was that it was pouring the entire weekend, but the potluck was still a go! It's really annoying trying to huddle over 20 people under 2 small tents. :/
-Auditioned for Once Upon One Time on Monday. Ugh, that needs a paragraph explanation.

So. I was actually feeling pretty good about the audition. Up until the part when we got to the theatre and we found out that it was a cattle call audition. I absolutely loathe that style of audition, but I couldn't do anything about it. So, fine, I sucked it up. BUT THEN. Roz is the musical director, same MD that was in Iso Peanut, and I've worked with her for 2 high school shows. Since she knows me she asks what song I'm singing and proceeded to pull out the sheet music for that song. NO! I did NOT want to sing to the piano, because it really throws me off. It's worse because you have to sing to those right notes or else you sound bad. A cappella is so way better because you can kinda skim by on the notes and it'll still sound fine. So, I messed up twice, went flat, and hated myself for doing that for the rest of the night and the next day. Today, I'm not beating myself up about it so much. But I'm still mad and scared I blew my chance of getting cast.

I should hear back from them tonight or tomorrow, whether or not they want me. Ahhh, hate the waiting game.

One of my coworkers, Kawika, he's already quitting! Well, let me explain why. He got a full-time job doing some kind of repair gig for hospitals. He's like a handy-man I suppose. Kawika's also my boss's nephew, which is why they aren't too mad about him quitting after only working for 2 weeks. He's also not giving them his 2 weeks notice, so Friday is his last day. Last night was the last time I'd get to work with him. It's a little sad, I was just getting used to his humorous singing style and constant sports-talk.

Kawika's girlfriend (Amanda, which I had to find out for myself because he didn't even introduce me. Loser.) came to see him. She showed up about 9:15 ish, and mind you, we close at 10. So Kawika took his 30 minute dinner break at 9:15, when we were pretty much ready to clean up early and close! I was actually really annoyed. One, who does that? Take their break towards the end of the shift? Two, just because he's my boss's nephew he gets to have his girlfriend come around the shop, AND she gets to sit in the back area with him? Special treatment for family members is really starting to bug me. And let me remind you, there's FOUR employees that are related to my bosses. It's annoying.

If you missed my last post, I advise you check out the videos I posted. Well, I say that mostly because I put up 3 videos of my friends. Here's a link if you need it. CLICK!

Watch This Wednesday

People are getting more creative. I think this video is pretty funny. Your thoughts?

OH! Forgot to mention that I got a stipend for being in Iso Peanut!! I was so shocked, I didn't think we'd get any money for doing the show, since it's community theatre and all. But, it's not like it was a lot. Yet, it's still something. So, that was cool to get. :]

I also got my last check from Cookie Corner. Didn't even make fiddy. :( Whatev. I went home with some swag from Book Off and Ross. I spent it all today on:
-4 movies (Chicago, Pay It Forward, The Tommyknockers, and The Rundown)
-Purple socks! 6 pairs of 'em. :)
-A picture frame
-2 Vintage/retro "Hollywood" ish paintings in frames. Maybe I'll take pictures to show you guys.

I'm stoked more of us are getting on the Tumblr bandwagon. Thanks for being a trend setter, Jamika. ;) You're so cool like that.

Song of the day: No song of the day today because the first thing I listened to was Seth's radio show this afternoon. :P However I did request "Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll" by Blue Oyster Cult. :) AND as a backup, I told Seth to play "Pinball Wizard" by The Who. Guess what? He played that one too! Teehee.


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