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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Glee auditions and a music video!

This blog is dedicated to three of the many talented friends I have. (Who, will never read this because they don't blog, but that's okay.)

First things first: I didn't make an audition tape for Glee. Haha no ways. I'm no singer. But a few of my friends have, and these are two that I really wanna share with you.

Baba (real name Joshua) is a friend I met my last year in high school. We were both in High School Musical together, he played Ryan. :) He was fantastic, super funny, with a great voice. He grew up singing in his church choir and has been in several shows, mostly with lead singing roles. I think his most recent role was in Seussical. In his audition he's singing "And I Am Telling You." Check it.

And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going

Glee | MySpace Video

This is my friend Megann. It's interesting, I've only really been her friend for about a year. She joined drama after I graduated so I didn't know her. But when I went back to help my friend Drew direct Spring Awakening last year, that's when I met her. She's got a beautiful voice, and I'd always envy her when she'd start harmonizing to songs we'd play in the dressing room or the car. XP She was in our school's Concert Glee Club and is a choir at UH; a choir that was started by my classmate and friend! Haha, side note. Anyways, she's also singing "And I Am Telling You." Bee tea dub, it was my suggestion for her to do this song!

Glee song

Glee | MySpace Video

Last but not least, here is a music video off of YouTube. This was my initial Watch This Wednesday that I was planning on posting. Now, my friend isn't the guy singing the song, it's the girl that's featured in the video. Noelle, is my friend from dance and drama. We met her freshman year, my senior year. She joined danced (and she's a phenomenal dancer!) and was also the understudy for Gabriella in High School Musical. She's originally from CA, so she filmed this music video when she went back for a visit. She's only seventeen, and she was also Miss Teen Hawai`i last year, so she got to do all the pageant stuff. The song is called "When We Say" by AJ Rafael.

I have some talented friends. Including the ones I made up at Linfield. :) How's the show coming along??

An interesting fact I found out from my boss last night. He was childhood friends with Dante Basco, the guy who played Rufio in "Hook" which is totally rad!!!! I practically flipped out when he told me that! I think it's so way cool. He was asking me about my interest in acting and whatnot, so he shared that with me. I think that's pretty nuts, haha.

Work tomorrow right after class! But first, the vocab part of my exam. Oh nos! :( I'm not ready, but, I can't really skip it. Blahhh.

Song of the day: "You're All I Got Tonight" by The Cars


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