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Monday, April 19, 2010

It may be over, but it's not the end

Every day is a new beginning
A new adventure to try

Every day is a new beginning

And love gives you wings to fly

-"A New Beginning" from The Princess and the Iso Peanut

Prepare yourself for a long blog. Ready? Got your provisions? Did you take a potty break? No...okay, I guess I can wait.


Done yet? Good, let's do this bitch.

It's been a week since I updated, and boy, it's been an eventful week. With Monday-Wednesday off from the shows, I actually had some time to relax and rest. Sorta. For the most part, it was nice to be able to stay home and not worry about catching the bus into town. I also got to watch my tv shows! :] But in the back of my mind I was missing the cast and being at the theatre.

So, if you've been keeping up with my blogs, I've been pretty pissed with a bunch of my friends. A lot of them had decided (without really even trying to make time) that they weren't going to come and watch The Princess and the Iso Peanut. That was annoying. But other friends had said that they were, in fact, coming to see the show. But then came Sunday afternoon, the last show of the run, and no one had showed up.

There are too many friends to mention that let me down by not coming to watch my show when they said that they would make it. The only one that did come was Kuni, and I really didn't even want to see her. I waited outside for a long time, both Saturday and Sunday, thinking that eventually my friends would make their way to come and find me. But, no, I just stood there by myself, waiting for no one.

TC is the one, as of now, that I'm most upset with. His reason for not coming was that he didn't want to catch the bus into town. It wasn't that he had work and he was busy, or that he couldn't afford the ticket. He was just being his usual lazy-ass self and didn't want to lower himself to using public transportation to come see my show. Ridiculous.

It's been really difficult not to think about how it feels as if my friends aren't supportive of me and theatre. And it's not just about them not coming to a show. They don't even remember that I was in Iso Peanut after I had reminded them several times. It hurts. How can it not?

Thankfully, we had final circle after strike. Even during strike I was dwelling on how upsetting it was to think about my friends, so final circle really helped me remember why I do theatre.

It's not really so that I can have friends come and see me perform, although that would be nice of them to do so. But I do theatre because I love it. It's something that I connected with once I took Fuj's Intro to Theatre class my freshman year. And I do it for the people that I meet while doing these shows. Whether you want it to happen or not, the cast you perform with becomes your family.


They understand me and make me feel like I'm accepted into their community, into their world.
I can't even really put into words how I feel about the people in the cast and how much doing this show has meant to me. I'm really sad that Iso Peanut is over, but we ended with a bang. 1,243 people at our closing show! It was pretty much sold out. I left everything out on that stage yesterday. I had an amazing time, and I learned a lot during this run. About theatre, the profession, and about myself; especially about where my priorities are with theatre and the people in my life.

Now, for more auditions and hopefully more roles and shows. :)

Registration for classes were open from this past week. I didn't register for anything because I don't think I'm going to school next semester. As of right now, I can't pay for my classes by myself. My dad hasn't found a new job either, which is straining on him and his funds. So I can't ask him to help me pay for school again. Unfortunately I can't even take just one class. I don't know what to think about it, because I'm afraid that if I stop going to school, even if I were to save enough money to go back, I wouldn't want to. That's a scary thought. It really is.

This weekend was also Kawaii Kon. Kawaii Kon is the anime convention that goes on in HI every year since 2005. I've been every year except 2008, because that was when I was still at Linfield. Even when in that one weekend it was Kawaii Kon, my last weekend of my dance concerts, AND senior prom! All at the same time! I go because it's fun to see all the nerds come together. XP I'm not a hardcore anime fan like Mika is, but I dig some of the manga and I remember the old school ones I would read, like Ranma 1/2. LOVED that! I got a button and a pencil case, and lots of new buttons! Yayyy! ^_^

There were some cool cosplayers too. I always give it up to those people who cosplay. It takes a long time to plan everything out, and I'm sure it costs a lot to either make your costume, or buy it. I also got to witness a troupe of Storm Troopers marching across the middle of the convention center! It was hilarious! Ah, good times, great oldies.

Also, for really good news on the employment front: HE HANA HOU A`U!! I HAVE A NEW JOB!!

Tuesday while I was on my way to school, I passed the shopping center and saw that there was a new frozen yogurt shop (Cherry on Top) that was opening. So later that day I went online and sent in my resume. Literally, four or five hours later I got a call from Cherry on Top! Had my interview on Thursday morning, and got the call yesterday during intermission of the show. :) I'm pretty pumped about it. Chyeah!

So today after my shift ended at Cookie Corner, I called my district manager to tell her I wanted to leave. I guess I gotta stay on schedule until they find a replacement or someone to take my shifts, which shouldn't be hard, considering that I only work for three hours twice a week. Ha. Such a joke at that store. I work again tomorrow, and hopefully that will be my last day. Fingers crossed!!

And yes, Seth, I WILL audition for Once Upon One Time. Doesn't matter that it's a two hour bus ride from where I am. I've decided I won't let distance and transportation stop me from at least trying to do more theatre. Gotta prepare for that, auditions are in two weeks!! o_O So soon!

Song of the day: "Here Comes Goodbye" by Rascal Flatts


Blogger Sidan Archion said...

Isn't odd how easy it is to find a job once you have one? It sort of disturbs me.

I want to bitch slap your friends. I don't understand their lack of commitment to you. You're awesome and I think people are douches. GAR! I am so happy that Iso went really well.

April 19, 2010 at 9:51 PM  
Blogger Alessa said...

Congrats on so many things! For start... way to get a new job. I hope you like it more and you don't have a bunch of D-bags working with you. Also, congrats on the show and wanting to audition more. That's the power house Zaida I know! I am so proud of you. I totally would have come to the show. Probably at least 3 times. I bet you were great and I am so glad that you found people you connect with. I know how you feel about the show. I felt that way when I was in Dog Sees God.

Sucks about your friends. LAME!

I miss you! Hope all goes well. Sorry about school. I hope things look up in that department for you.

April 20, 2010 at 10:20 AM  

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