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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ANOTHER change of plans

Long story short: after my mom got the first call about all this bullshit with my cousin coming here, she called my aunty back and told her that it was okay if my cousin and her baby came, but NOT the boyfriend. So, my cousin isn't staying with us, she's staying with some other friend on the island.

And I'm pretty all right with that. ^___^

Today at work we got visors (yuck) and name tags we have to wear on lanyards (eww). I'm not jazzed at all. I really didn't wish we had to wear visors; I hate having this obstruct my vision. Especially when I'm looking down while I'm cutting fruit, and I can't see if people walk in. Then the name tag being on a lanyard... Well, it's better than being on those clip things, because those ruin your shirt. But I wouldn't mind it being a tag like at restaurants or something. But we needed it to be big because it says what our favorite flavor yogurt and toppings are. So now this is my work ensemble:

My tag says "Zaida lives for Peanut Butter Cup w/Macadamia Nuts"

I think the "lives for" is pretty intense. Other people's name tags just says "So-and-so recommends" or "So-and-so enjoys" whatever. Mines is...intense, like I said.

Talk To Me Tuesday
Geographically-influenced words and phrases

I'm talking about how I have a different word for something compared to all you guys up on the northwest. Today at work we had a little discussion about it. My boss is from LA and my coworker asked him if he wanted her to take out the rubbish. And he replied, "Wow, you talk weird, it's garbage." Or something like that. So that spawned a whole discussion in which I listed several of the different words or phrases and I remember from when I was up at Linfield. Here are some examples (mine will go first, because it's my blog and I am awesomer than you):
1. Shopping wagon vs. shopping cart
2. Parking stall vs. parking space
3. Take a bath vs. take a shower
4. Bathroom vs. restroom
5. Rubbish vs. garbage/trash
6. "Stomuck" vs. "stomick" (pronunciation of "stomach")
7. "Orange" vs. "Arange" (pronunciation of "orange")
8. Soda vs. pop
9. Ice box vs. refrigerator
10. SLIPPERS vs. FLIP-FLOPS (*bluugghhh--that is me vomiting every time I hear those wretched words.)

I think it's interesting how there are different names or words to call something when you're in two different places. In Britain they call a sweater a "jumper" and that totally threw me off! I would've loved anthropology more if we covered this kind of stuff. Linguistics...it's pretty rad.

Song of the day: "We Live For Love" by Pat Benatar


Blogger Alessa said...

I say bathroom, soda, and "orange". I think it also has to do with where their parents grew up and also which state they primarily grew up in. I know that in Myrtle Point we are bathroom, soda, orange people. Also, my mom grew up in California and they say soda instead of pop.

But, it's weird how different language can be within the same country. State even!

Also, I agree... visors suck. They leave a weird ring on your forehead and give you a weird kinda half hat hair. Also, the name tags are kinda cool but yours is weirdly intense. So, are they advertising flavors of yogurt? Did you guys get to pick the flavors or did they pick them for you?

June 2, 2010 at 2:41 PM  
Blogger Alessa said...

Oh nevermind... your blog answered my question... I spaced that you said it right at the top... So, disregard my last questions.

June 2, 2010 at 2:43 PM  

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