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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cosmic Synergy and The Secret!

I've literally been wanting to make a post about the purple and gray letterman jacket I bought at the end of February. Just to say that it was en route to me and I would be getting it by mid March at the earliest.

And today I mentioned it to my dad that I had bought it and I was looking forward to getting it.

Then when I came home it was right there!! :)

I was focusing on it and thinking a lot about it, so it manifested itself to me earlyyyy! Like, 10 days early! This is The Secret in action, fo sho!

So I'm all stoked tonight. I'm wearing my jacket right now, hehe. Just to let you know. We also went to see I Am Number Four today, and it was pretty good! It helps that Michael Bay was the director, and his trademark explosions and car scenes were involved.


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