Taking things a day at a time

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Being without the internet was pretty annoying, especially because I've been doing 30 Days of Creativity. AND I didn't have it for my birthday weekend. Sucked major balls. But now it's back. Chee-hee!!

I think I've completely abandoned Xanga. Ah well. It's a little sad because I've had one from 7th grade, and there's lots of memories with Xanga. Maybe I'll just keep it, just to have it.

So, my birthday was on Saturday. It was pretty decent. Saw Toy Story 3, which was bomb! Way better than Shrek 4, but there was no competition there. Toy Story 3 did the best at the box office opening weekend out of all the Disney/Pixar movies. :)

My party was fun, too. There were about 15 of us, there so it was a nice group. It was 80's themed and I fucking rocked that so hard. :) Pics are up on Facebook, check 'em out! I'm pimpin. Haha. I was a little annoyed that three people in particular just kinda kept to themselves and didn't talk to anyone else. But, they are them, and that was typical behavior for them. I'm also an asshole, and I'm bitter that some people didn't wish me a happy birthday. People that knew it was my birthday, because I'd invited them to the party, duh. And even Bree didn't text or anything...ah well. What's wrong with me? I dwell on the shitty stuff. Bah.

But yes, the party was fun and I had a good birthday, finally! Most birthday's are a disappointment, but this one was pretty rad.

Oh! So I may not have ever mentioned this, but our old home computer has crashed several times since we first got it when I was in the 7th grade. And once, we had to take it to be fixed, and the guys had to clean it completely. So EVERYTHING was deleted from it. BUT. They copied them all to disks, so we could just copy the disks onto the new hard drive. But that didn't work, so I thought we had lost everything since the new hard drive couldn't read the disks. Well the disks were recovered and now I have all my old files back. I spent 2 hours last night seeing what was still there, and it's a trip seeing all the things I had back then, haha.

Today I have to go through ALLLLL the music I thought I lost. Hundreds of songs that I've probably already redownloaded are back again. Such is my luck. Like when I deleted over 2,000 songs last summer, only to get an external hard drive for my birthday from my friends. -_- It's gonna take me foreverrr to go through all this stuff.

I did however take a peek at some old fanfics last night. And boy, they are shitty! I deleted them, gone from anyone to recover how horrible they were.

Dude, summer is here and it is really hot! I wish I had a car to go to the beach to get dark again. Seriously, it's embarrassing to see my sleeve tan, and my shorts tan. Knees down my legs are dark. From the knee up = white. :/ No bueno.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm sorry

Dear Blogspot,

I've totally neglected you, for half a month!! I apologize. I've just been so caught up in participating in 30 Days of Creativity. I post what I've created on Tumblr, since that's where their base site is. So I automatically feel compelled to upload videos, pictures, or ramble about things on that blog host.

Don't think that I've forgotten about you, though. That couldn't happen anytime soon. I intend on returning with my themed entries that I have missed very much! Sometimes, I feel silly, because I plan to wait until a specific day so that I can post something, like a text or video. And then when that day comes, I get caught up in other shenanigans, with a mixture of laziness, I admit.

But no more! I will come back, soon, I promise. :)

And hey, at least keep this in mind: I haven't posted anything new on Xanga in TWO months! You mean more to me than that old school blog site. <3

Sincerely apologetic,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ANOTHER change of plans

Long story short: after my mom got the first call about all this bullshit with my cousin coming here, she called my aunty back and told her that it was okay if my cousin and her baby came, but NOT the boyfriend. So, my cousin isn't staying with us, she's staying with some other friend on the island.

And I'm pretty all right with that. ^___^

Today at work we got visors (yuck) and name tags we have to wear on lanyards (eww). I'm not jazzed at all. I really didn't wish we had to wear visors; I hate having this obstruct my vision. Especially when I'm looking down while I'm cutting fruit, and I can't see if people walk in. Then the name tag being on a lanyard... Well, it's better than being on those clip things, because those ruin your shirt. But I wouldn't mind it being a tag like at restaurants or something. But we needed it to be big because it says what our favorite flavor yogurt and toppings are. So now this is my work ensemble:

My tag says "Zaida lives for Peanut Butter Cup w/Macadamia Nuts"

I think the "lives for" is pretty intense. Other people's name tags just says "So-and-so recommends" or "So-and-so enjoys" whatever. Mines is...intense, like I said.

Talk To Me Tuesday
Geographically-influenced words and phrases

I'm talking about how I have a different word for something compared to all you guys up on the northwest. Today at work we had a little discussion about it. My boss is from LA and my coworker asked him if he wanted her to take out the rubbish. And he replied, "Wow, you talk weird, it's garbage." Or something like that. So that spawned a whole discussion in which I listed several of the different words or phrases and I remember from when I was up at Linfield. Here are some examples (mine will go first, because it's my blog and I am awesomer than you):
1. Shopping wagon vs. shopping cart
2. Parking stall vs. parking space
3. Take a bath vs. take a shower
4. Bathroom vs. restroom
5. Rubbish vs. garbage/trash
6. "Stomuck" vs. "stomick" (pronunciation of "stomach")
7. "Orange" vs. "Arange" (pronunciation of "orange")
8. Soda vs. pop
9. Ice box vs. refrigerator
10. SLIPPERS vs. FLIP-FLOPS (*bluugghhh--that is me vomiting every time I hear those wretched words.)

I think it's interesting how there are different names or words to call something when you're in two different places. In Britain they call a sweater a "jumper" and that totally threw me off! I would've loved anthropology more if we covered this kind of stuff. Linguistics...it's pretty rad.

Song of the day: "We Live For Love" by Pat Benatar