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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami FAIL

Sing Me A Song Sunday
"Officially Yours" by Craig David

Lately, since I've been hanging out with my friend Kuni, and driving with her in car, I've been listening to a lot of R&B music. I only had 2 songs by Craig David before, but then I started listening to more of his music. A bunch of it is catchy, and really relaxing.

So. How about that tsunami, huh? XP

Not much happened, I was bored most of the day. I woke up at 6 in the morning from with sirens, and that went off every hour until the afternoon. How obnoxious. My rehearsal got cancelled for the afternoon, so I had nothing to do all day. We played board games, and watched movies. It was so uneventful watching the news and live broadcast of Hilo Bay, the area on the Big Island that was suppose to get the biggest waves. But again, not much happened.

Hawai`i is long overdue for a tsunami, though. The last major one was back in 1960, and it's suppose to be every 15-20 years that we have a pretty big one come across the Pacific. Same thing with hurricane season; the last big one that hit us was back in '92 or something.

Thanks for all the concerning texts though, Jamika and Brittany. :) I don't live in a danger zone anyways, so I was safe. One good thing of living in Asian nation: I'm on a big hill, far away and high up enough from sea level.

I feel so nonproductive since I've missed so many days of school. Meh. :/ Same thing for work, since my rehearsal schedule is lame, and I can't work nights anymore. I barely work at all, but can't do much until after my show is over.

Song of the day: "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tim Curry makes people blush

From this week's PostSecret:

^_^ Oh, Tim Curry.

Haha, I'm sure lots of people are like this. And I still pride myself in losing 12 pounds the first semester of freshman year! It's because of the lack of rice I ate, duh.


I feel like this about Fuj. Through his class, he showed me how to be confident in who I am and the talents I have.

This one pretty much hits home.

Kinda like when I go to Jamba Juice or Starbucks and I give a different name.


I finally went to work today, after not going to work since Monday, the 15. Yeah. I missed 2 days because I've been sick and I couldn't go in...since I work with food. :/ I also told TC to come and see me during his break, which is a whole hour and yet he only stayed for a total of 6 minutes. I thought that was lame. Ugh. I'm just really annoyed that it's always ME that has to be the one to initiate a conversation, through texts, or ask him if he wants to do something.

Anyways. A night off from rehearsal is pretty much bomb. Even though we have one tomorrow during the day, it's still nice to just come home after work. Considering that I have rehearsal every day next week, Monday through Saturday. MEH.

I love NCIS. It's one of my favorites shows. The characters are fantastic. Probably the main thing of the show that pulled me into it. And before I started watching this show, I had no clue that there were separate crime teams for the different military branches. Huh, go figure.

Song of the day: "Dream On" by Aerosmith

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Speedy recovery, please!

Talk To Me Tuesday
Tweet from imsalmasekela (Sal Masekela)
Februrary 9, 2010

"You do what you can. Other times you do what you have to. But sometimes you gotta say f**k it."

I've kept this on my phone since the ninth, just to open it and read it every so many days. I don't know what prompted Sal to tweet this particular quote/saying, but I'm glad he did. I bring this up now for several reasons. Of course, there's my cold that I've had for over a week. Since elementary school, I've always gone to school even when I was sick, I'm just not the kind of person to miss class, even if we're not doing anything important or learning new material. I just go to school. That's how I am. But I haven't been to school in almost a week. Normally I would've been pushing myself to get up early and catch the bus to school, then walk myself back home. This time, however, I said no to myself. I needed to get better and healthier fast, for rehearsals sake. I need my voice back to sing, and I need to be able to feel up to the dancing, and just...socializing with the cast. So this week I said "fuck it" to my anal-school-going self, and it's been working slowly. I feel better, but I still think I'll take tomorrow to really regain my strength and health.

The other, more obvious part, is about the bullshit that's been happening at rehearsal. With my friends being douchebags, to my choreographer being an idiot, I've been so annoyed lately and going there sick hasn't helped either. If Deidre tells me she's picking another girl, then fine. If she still keeps telling me to practice the cartwheel with Kurt, fine. I'll try, and that's really all I can do.

I watched Precious today online. And I was surprised at how small of a roll Mariah Carey had. From what I'd heard, they hocked up her part a lot more than it should've been. Her role wasn't that prominent, or at least that's what I thought. Wish I got to see it in theatres though, but I had no one to go with. I admit most of my friends wouldn't have been able to handle that kind of domestic drama and reality. All of them live cookie cutter lives compared to mine.

Why is CURLING an Olympic sport? Someone, please, answer me that because I am perplexed.

One of the son's of my castmate came up to me today and we had this conversation:
Boy: How old are you?
Me: Almost 21. How old are you?
Boy: Almost 7.
Me: Wow, you're getting old buddy.
Boy: Yeah, but I'm ready for it. *pause* Why don't you wear girl pants?
Me: *confused* What?
Boy: Your pants are kinda baggy around your legs, like my dad's and uncle's. Girl pants are tighter.
Me: *deadpan, no real expression* I don't know. I thought I was wearing girl pants.
Boy: No, you should wear real girl pants so you'd look more like a girl.

Then he skips off, all happy-like and such. I so wanted to trip that kid as he skipped away. My friend was sitting next to me and she started laughing. Her verdict is that I need to buy skinny jeans, or something of the like, so that I wear "girl" pants. It was such a strange, embarrassing, insulting, and rather annoying moment at rehearsal tonight. -_-

Also, I love supporting my Asians in these Olympic games! Dude, the women's short series skating tonight...whoa! Japan and Korea?! Holy snap, they were fantastic!! Perfection, really.

I also support those Asian-American, cough, APOLO OHNO!!!!!! Chee-pono!! :) Dude. He was here back in 2006 after the Olympics. He was on the radio, at this Saturday morning show I would listen to, and damn! I wanted to be there so badly! Haha. He's pretty cool, if you know about his childhood and past. He was kinda rogue in his teen years. And I completely understand his relationship with his dad, who is Japanese. But it's even more awesome that Ohno came to realize how much his dad was there to support him and help him with his career, considering that his mom walked out on them.

Is it just me, or does Ohno kinda look like Jonathan Brandis??

It's actually the second picture of Ohno that I saw and immediately did a double take, thinking that it was really Jonathan Brandis. Even if it is just me who sees the similarity, I'm all right with that.

J. Brandis was one of my faves. <3 I miss that actor, a lot.

Song of the day: "Milk and Cereal" by G Love and the Special Sauce

PS: Thanks, guys, for everything you left in my comments from my last blog. Sometimes it's really, really, ridiculously (good looking...anyone get that Zoolander reference?) hard not to get sensitive and offended about one's physicality. But having friends that support helps a lot. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm: not obnoxious enough, but too fat

Loud + obnoxious + Zaida's witty comments = well-liked and fun.

Apparently that's the equation of being someone that lots of people like and laugh with. It shouldn't be a surprise, really, since it's always been this way: I am the witty friend with great one-liners and snide comments, but it's always my friends who take my words, say it louder, and gets the credit and laughs. Because I'm a naturally quiet person, for the most part, I don't fall into the "loud and obnoxious" category in groups of friends. I'm way more reserved than a lot of my friends, and because of that I get looked past and unnoticed. I don't call attention to myself, not in class or when I'm out with friends. I'm just...not like that.

I bring this up because this whole week at rehearsals, I've been feeling so left out of the group, ignored and just pushed aside. Majority of them are so loud and attention whores, including my friends that I knew before doing this show. Especially them. And of course it is those friends of mine that hear me say something funny (because I am fuckin hilarious!) but take it and say it really loud and then everyone laughs when they say it. How annoying is that?! I know I sound really childish, going off about this, but seriously, I am a shitload more funny than a lot of my friends. I'm witty, and use smart humor; the extent of their humor would be "That's what she said" jokes and sexual puns. Wow. Creative, right? -_-

My good friend Kuni hasn't been here this week because she's had to do other things, so I really was alone at rehearsals for this week. But at least she'll be there today.

And being sick this whole week has sucked balls. I missed 2 days of school and work yesterday. I've been coughing, still blowing my nose every 2 minutes, and my throat is ridiculous sore and scratchy. But I've been going to rehearsals because we've been learning new things all week. I still feel miserable. Plus, being out late at night doesn't exactly help my cold.

OH! And last night I felt like the fat girl that everyone feels sorry for. Fuck.

So there's this song, "On The Sea" where there's a dance break in the middle, and there's partner (boy-girl) section and I was one of the girls that got chosen to do it. I got the dancing part and all that, but then our choreographer, Deidre, tells us that the girls are going to have to do a cartwheel off of the boys. Let me try to explain: instead of doing a normal cartwheel, with our hands on the ground, we have to grab the boys thighs, while they wrap their arms around our stomachs to help us fan our legs over. That make sense?

When she told us this, I knew I wouldn't be able to do it. First and foremost, because she partnered me with the skinniest Asian guy in our whole cast! He has no strength whatsoever, plus I just met him last night because he'd never been to our rehearsals before that, so I don't know him at all. Talk about awkward. So there's the mixture of him lacking much strength and being uncomfortable with him. And of course, I'm one of the biggest girl's in our whole cast. I could break my partner. So OF COURSE he couldn't lift me! God, as if they expected anything different.

We went out on the grass to practice and he dropped me twice. Because he's not strong enough and I'm big. Duh. So when Deidre came out to see each couple do it, I told her we couldn't but she still wanted to see. And like I said, we couldn't do it. So she went in and asked this other girl if she could do it with my partner, and he lifted her, no problem. Because she's a 13-year-old skinny little girl!

What I hated most was when Deidre went to the other adults and assistant choreographer and they were whispering about me. I knew exactly what they were saying, and everyone (including the other cast members) were all giving me that sympathy look. That, "I feel bad for her, because Kurt can't lift her, she just too heavy" look. Deidre even came up to ask me if I still wanted to do it, or if I wanted someone else to do that section. Well fuck. OF COURSE I want to do it! It's my only time to be featured in this whole fucking show! But obviously I'm too FAT to be lifted and you'd rather have some skinny twig take my place. Then she just said for me to work on it and keep practicing, that eventually we'll get it.

I wonder if she knew how embarrassed and humiliated I felt during that whole time. I mean, shit, I had to go outside to pretend to fill up my water bottle because I started crying! Again, I felt like the fucking fat loser and people just felt sorry for me.

It didn't help that all my friends there were skinny bitches that had nothing helpful or comforting to say. In fact, some of the things they said were offensive, like they didn't think before they opened their mouths. Shit. And I have to go back today for rehearsal and go through this all over again. Wonderful. As if my self-esteem wasn't low enough.

Obviously I'm in no mood to do a theme, or even bother to put up the song of the day. I'm in no mood at all.

Oh, and happy 100th blog post. Yay me. -_- Such positive and happy blog topics, wouldn't you say?

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Song of the day: "Love You I Do" by Jennifer Hudson

Ironic, that the song of the day is what it is. It being Valentine's Day and all.

BUT NO!!! More importantly, today was/still is: CHINESE NEW YEAR'S!!!! KUNG HEI FAT CHOI!!! It's the year of the Tiger!

I should burn my old red paper. The red paper usually has sayings and inspirational phrases. This is what they look like:

Usually you put them up by your doorway of your house or bedroom, the portals of energy and spirits. Traditionally you're suppose to burn the past year's paper, but it's not like I can just light them up and burn it wherever. But I should do that. Even though I'm not Chinese, I don't have to be to believe and participate in their traditions.

We saw Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. It was pretty good, I have to say. I liked Brandon Jackson from his earlier movies (Tropic Thunder, Roll Bounce) and I'd only seen Logan Lerman once before (Hoot) but he held his own in the lead role in this movie. I didn't read the books, but Mika did, and she said they more-or-less stuck to how it was in the books. There were a handful of things that were totally off, though, apparently. As a movie, I think it's pretty entertaining. Kept me laughing and intrigued the whole time.

What I don't like is that people going to see movies like this, afterward they're going to go off thinking they know everything about Greek mythology and whatnot. Kinda like this new remake of the Robin Hood story, people are gonna go and Google Robin Hood and act like they know everything about it. Ugh.

All right. So my friends that use Xanga, it seems like all they write about is guys, and their guy friends who they flirt with and wonder if there's anything there and about hot dudes in their classes or that pass them every Thursday between class. I really can't stand that. Literally, in the past 2 weeks, almost every single one of their entries has been about guys. It's really sad if that's the only thing they have to talk about and want to share. There are so many other things worth talking about, that, I don't even want to read their blogs anymore. >_<>

Sing Me A Song Sunday
"Dream Like New York" by Tyrone Well

The first time I heard Tyrone was when my friend Tiana played his song "Dream Like New York." She was planning on choreographing that for her senior year, as the senior number. It was really fitting for Tiana as well as the other dancers in her grade. Then freshman year during Wildstock? No, is that what it was even called? I have no clue. I just remember it was hot as balls and people were always on the lawn in front of Grover. Anyways, that's when Tyrone came to Linfield, and I got to hear more of his music. He's got a real blues-ey, acoustic vibe going with his music that I really like.

OHHH! They just had a segment on the news about the Black Pearl from the Pirate's movies. It just arrived here on O`ahu today. Filming begins this summerrrr! Dude. I'd kill to be an extra in that movie! That'd be so pimp. I wanna fan-stalk Johnny when he's here. Not in an attractive way like everyone else; c'mon, he's old enough to be my dad. I just love that guy, he's such a talented actor who is so committed to each role and character.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Iso excited. :)

Iso Peanut is gonna be PIMP.

I'm so incredibly excited for this, you have no idea. But I'm also feeling really inept and untalented compared to everyone else in the cast. For reals. I am not a singer at all, and when we had our first rehearsal last night and I saw some of the cast members, I thought, "holy shit, how am I here?!" But really, the cast if fucking bomb. It's gonna be a good show.

The only real shitty thing about it is that half the rehearsals are gonna be all the way out in HAWAI`I KAI!! Fucking A. I have no clue how to get there on the bus or how long that'll take. Plus, I'm thinking if I have work before rehearsal, and with afternoon traffic I'm worried I won't make it out there on time. Shit. I was hoping that all rehearsals were gonna be at Waiau, but no, half are at Ainahaina. FUCK.

Yesterday I went to the poetry slam and ended up doing a poem. I wasn't planning on it because I had absolutely nothing prepared for it. But first James asked if I was gonna slam, because there were only 4 people signed up; which is so incredibly sad. Then John asked if I could at least be the sacrificial poet. No, they didn't offer me up to the slam poetry gods or anything...although that would've definitely pulled in more people to watch. But what the means is that I was the opener for the event, reading a poem that wasn't going to be judged. Kinda like an ice breaker poet. So that was on the spot and kinda hilarious. I had to scribble some 5 lines to end a poem I'd never finished. XP Luckily the parts that I actually put thought into sounded good and people liked it. :)

Watch This Wednesday

This is a clip of the filming of the movie The Battle of Shaker Heights. LOVE Shia's realization moment at :55, after he mentions his dad was in AA. It's hilarious. XP But seriously though, I heard about this movie a few months after it came out years ago, but I have never gotten my hands on it actually watch it. Then, I stumbled across this video clip literally 3 days after it was posted up on YouTube (because it was posted ON my birthday, hehe) and I have been CRAVING to watch this movie.

Suppose I should go organize my script and information papers and whatnot...

Song of the day: "Giddy Up" by Katchafire

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A toast: To blogging!

I've realized I've been going about this blog thing all wrong. Well, not really. Just one part of it. I wait until I see a comment on my most recent blog, so I know that at least one person has read it. And then I go and write another blog. But, that's really not what I should be doing. I think it's because I want to know that someone is reading what I write on here, and it's nice, to see that there's a comment when I log in. But I really shouldn't be writing it for you guys. I mean, there is that part of a blog, to have others read your entries, but this blog is also for me. Just to write. And I think that's what's important.

But to those who do read my blog regularly and are kind enough to leave comments, thank you! :) Especially because I know none of my friends from home read it. I feel a lot of them are so self-absorbed.

So the scene festival came and went, and I couldn't be happier! I am NEVER going to do anything at the LCC Theatre again. Ever. It was so chaotic there, and very unprofessional. I know it's just a community college, but shit, they could at least have some sort of system and structure to it. Although I did think on it for a while and maybe I'm just spoiled, because I worked with Fuj and Kamehameha, and then I went to another private school, Linfield. I have high expectations for theatre, and any other performance art genre. But damn, LCC is just so ghetto, like it was just a joke.

Granted, there was one other scene that was decent, and Joe was cool (although his scene wasn't). That's another thing: Sean didn't introduce me to anyone else! I'd never done a production there, so I didn't know a single person other than Sean and Sisa. So I had to go out of my way to introduce myself to them, and they are so clique-y. But once I said my name, they'd give me a weak, forced smile, they'd go back to doing whatever and talking with each other. I literally just stood by myself for over an hour each night, even during tech, because no one talked to me. At least last night, I shared a 2 minute conversation with 2 guys, but that was about it. Well, enough energy was wasted on this scene festival, so I will stop with that.

Sing Me A Song Sunday
"Mademoiselle" by Styx

In general, I really love Styx. Definitely one of the rock bands from the 70's and 80's that I really dig. ...And yes, I just used the word "dig" and I'm fine with that. I like that they kept with the rock music -- not hard rock, or metal rock, but close to classic rock -- even throughout the 80's when it became trendy to switch over to mainstream music, like using a synthesizer, ie: Van Halen. I'm not knockin' VH, because that's one of my favorite bands as well. But, other than "Mr. Roboto," Styx didn't have another hit song that utilized the synthesizer. They're just rad, plain and simple.


From today's PostSecret:

Song of the day: "It Ends Tonight" by All-American Rejects

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lots of film coming to Hawai`i!!

Watch This Wednesday
Glee Flash Mob

I think Chris Colfer (Kurt) tweeted about this video a while back, so I checked it out, and damn. It's pretty fantastic. Ever feel like you just wanna have one of those scenes from a musical just HAPPEN, randomly, at some point of your day? Kinda like in (500) Days of Summer, when Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character leaves Summer's apartment after they had slept together. He leaves her apartment and Hall and Oates' song "You Make My Dreams" starts playing, and JGL is grinning like a prepubescent boy.

Not sure if I got this from anyone, or stumbled upon it, but the Glee vid reminds me of this:

The scene festival is this Friday and Saturday. And at today's rehearsal, Sean decided to (yet again) change blocking. Also, Paul (the teacher in charge of the theatre) basically told me that I'm portraying my character wrong, and that he wants me to go in a completely different direction. So Sean gave me all sorts of notes about how to delivers certain parts and wants me to go through all kinds of emotions in this short little scene. I swear, the audience won't understand it and they'll just think I'm schizo. What. Evah. It'll be over soon.

SO. Sisa, the lady I'm doing the scene with, she was telling me today about her agency and how to get into it, doing more screen acting. She's on her way to getting her SAG card, which is fucking pimp, I think. She got a callback about a role in some George Clooney movie. Apparently he's starring in this movie called The Descendants, based off a book by the same name written by Kaui Hart Hemmings, a local girl who graduated from Punahou (one of Kamehameha's rivals, haha). Isn't that frickin amazing?! The book is about a man and his 2 daughters that are from Hawai`i, that go looking for his wife's lover. Intriguing, right? I'm planning on going to look for this book. I heard about it a few years ago, since Hemmings is one of the few local author's that are known on a national and international level.

Also, Sisa has an audition today for a small part in an Adam Sandler movie!! His new movie, Pretend Wife will be starring Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, apparently. Isn't this just way cool? Like out of this world, way cool! Man. I want to do that.

And some other things that's gonna be happening here in Hawai`i:
+Filming for Pirates of the Caribbean 4.
+A Disney resort at the Ko `Olina Resort on the west side (my side!) of O`ahu.
+Possible "CSI: Hawai`i" done by Jerry Bruckheimer.
+New "Hawai`i 5-0" may start filming soon.
+A scripted reality show (I hate those, seriously) either to be called "O`ahu Nights" or "Almost Paradise" started filming. This one, I am not too proud of.
+Soul Surfer starring Kevin Sorbo, with Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt began filming a few days ago on the North Shore.


Although. I doubt any locals will have leads in any of these. Because Hollywood is a douche bag, as well all know. But at least all this will (hopefully) help our shitty economy.

Song of the day: "Bobby's Girl" by Lesley Gore