Taking things a day at a time

Saturday, October 31, 2009


The all capital letters and two exclamation points are a lot more enthusiastic than I really am about today. Don't get me wrong I fucking love Halloween. But I don't do anything anymore. At least in elementary school I went trick-o-treating, even through middle school. Then for high school we'd have IMUA Week (which is basically spirit week) so we'd get to have different days to dress up -- which is a big deal for private school kids with uniforms. I'd never do anything at night though, just stay home and watch movies. Then first year at Linfield, I spent 4 hours going through Amelia's music on her itunes. :P And last year I went to Trish and Afton's. Which was fun.

Today we're gonna go see This Is It and I'm pretty excited. :] I'm gonna dress as a Pink Lady, but I'm not gonna wear my poodle skirt. I was debating whether or not I should, but I'll just wear black shorts instead.

Y'know, every year I've been a Pink Lady...since the THIRD GRADE. Not even joking. And it's weird, I still fit in the same skirt/jacket that I got in the 6th grade...hmm. None of you make a joke about my height.

Storytime Saturday
The Halloween Tree
by Ray Bradbury

I thought this was appropriate for today. Mika really liked this book when we were younger, so then I read it and liked it too. It's strange; half the time we were conventional little kids, other times we weren't. This book was a bit darker than most things kids liked. But then again, we were raised on Freddy Krueger and didn't flinch during horror movies. Anyways, this book was so good it got made into a movie:

A movie that I so DESPARATELY look for allllllll the time. I'd probably have to search online for it, and even with that, I'd most likely just find it on VHS. Bum deals. But the movie is fantastic. One of my childhood favorites. :)

I might take my camera with me today and see if anyone's wearing any cool costumes. My friends (still in high school) went as Mario Kart characters, with boxes they used as the cars. It was a cute group costume. Two years ago my friend Tiana went as a gumball machine and won the costume contest. Here, I need to post this pic because it's awesome:

Also, guys, I'm getting pretty excited about visiting Linfield. :) Although I really gotta start not spending money so I'll have money for food and stuff like that. Food is kinda important.

Song of the day: "Holiday From Real" by Jack's Mannequin

Friday, October 30, 2009

Feet. Hurting.

Today was a horrible day at work. >_< And my feet are killing me. I'd soak it in water if I had a bucket or something. God, I was there way after my shift was over. AND I even went in early and started before I was suppose to. Fuckin Heather. If she finished her trays Kristine and I wouldn't have been so damn behind!

Also, I found out our shifts are only gonna be 4 hours each day that we work. Which is incredibly shitty. Kristine even told me she's planning on quitting 2 weeks before the end of the year. I'm bummed because she's the only one I like at Cookie Corner! I want to quit, but can't, because who the hell else will hire me? It took me 6 months to find this job, it's gonna take even longer to find another! >_<

Ugh, this is just what my day was like: >_<

I'm tired, but my hair is still wet so I can't go to sleep. But I'm so tired that I can't even read my book and focus. That's junk.

The car is half broken. I hope it gets fixed by Monday for school.

I'm real bummed/annoyed/pissed I won't be able to see West Side Story. This is the last weekend to go but:
1. I don't have a car to drive all the way to WCC, which is where it's being done.
2. No one wants to go with me either.
3. Tickets are $18 and I need to be saving money for OR.

Sorry, I'd do a Trivia Thursday but I'm beat. Talk more tomorrow.

Song of the day: "Lose My Breath" by Destiny's Child


Monday, October 26, 2009

Finally updated that story of mine...

Chapter 3 is up, after months of nothingness. Lemme know what you think!

I think I'm going to cut down eating rice. I remember first semester at Linfield, while everyone was trippin over the "freshman fifteen" I lost 18 pounds in those four months. And I'm pretty sure it had to do with the fact that I wasn't eating rice every single day like I would if I was home.

Movies I Want To Watch Monday
1. The Italian Job circa 2003. Marky Mark is so fuckin badass. :) And I love Seth Green. Both are two of my faves. For sure.

2. Brick Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing, and I know I watched this movie maybe a month or so ago, but I just watched Fanboys and that had the same actor who plays Dode in it, although it's a real smal part at the end of Fanboys. But I'm easily impressionable, so I wanna watch him in Brick.

3. Forrest Gump Usually when I buy movies, I watch them within a few days after buying it. But I bought it over a week ago and I have yet to crack it open. I do have it on VHS, but I have no clue where that is, and it was only $5 at Ross. So I figured, why not? I like all the pop culture they added into the story, it's pretty damn clever.

4. Sixteen Candles It's my third favorite John Hughes movie, also tied with Ferris Bueller for the same spot. I don't really mind that so many actors from the Brat Pack were recycled in all sorts of Hughes movies. I think that's just another element that makes people love them even more. It's kinda like a tv series, in a way, because you watch the actors age and grow up from each movie in such a short period of time.

Also, here are some movies that I just watched recently: IT (watched that today. LOVE Tim Curry. And Jonathan Brandis. So sad he committed suicide...I think November 12 would be his...6 year anniversary. And Seth Green is in it!), Stand By Me, The Outsiders, Fanboys, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, The Dangerous Lives of the Altar Boys, Into The Wild, and something else. Can't remember.

I love how Stephen King writes a lot of friendship stories. Even though he's got horror and thriller and all that jazz, a lot of his books revolve around an unbelievably tight-knit group of friends, usually focused around 12-14-years old that grow up, and they face evil and triumph at the end. Like I've mentioned, I'm a big fan of friendship stories. :)

I had an acai bowl for the first time last night, and that shit is good! The honey at this place that we went, it was magical! I also think something was in my friends' bowls, both TC and Tiana were acting super high. Which, of course, led to great inside jokes and funny stories.


(Inside joke between me, TC, and Tiana. It came from some LMFAO song. That was the night we were at TC's, and I was trying to tell him that an Irish Car Bomb was real.)

OH! And Tiana played this song for us last night. It's so ridiculous and really dirty. But just listen to it. They say a word, mahu, which is a slang word for transvestite or transgender. Also, shi-shi which means to take a piss. And ma`i which is said when a girl has her period. Like I said, real dirty. Come to think of it, not sure if you guys wanna listen to it. But, I think it's slightly humorous because I know the types of girls they're talking about from the different cities. Mine's is the first one he sings about. But it's only half true: I am short, that's it.

Classy, right?

Song of the day: "Way Away" by Yellowcard

Friday, October 23, 2009

Going down just to get back up

Yesterday was one of the worst days at work. Bad luck through the entire shift:
-My cut from Monday had reopened, so it was practically impossible for me to work fast and roll the cookies. I took so long, Kristine had to eventually take over while I just cupped the bite size.
-All of a sudden my iPod just froze and stopped playing. I freaked the fuck out and thought that it was broken and now I had to get another one. But once TC came he restarted it. Whew.
-The register's final paperwork of the whole day wasn't printing out, so we had to call Chandal and ask her how to fix it.
-Then once we got the register to print it out, the paper started feeding itself back in and so it was rolled in itself and stuck in the register!!
-We haven't had bleach to mop the floors with for a week! It's absolutely disgusting and makes everything smell like wet dog. It's gross. I have no fucking idea why no one ordered any because we get shipment from the warehouse TWICE a week, so Christie (manager) is just a dumbass.
-The drawer money was off by one fucking penny!! Because I added that penny in so that the coins would be even, but I shouldn't have done that because then...

Our deposit money ended up being $666. WHAT THE FUCK?!

And that penny that I added...I picked it up off the ground, but it was TAILS up. So that fucked me over, and I blame that damn penny for all the shitty things that happened.

Ugh, and that stupid phone is still taunting me. Oh, and another crappy thing that happened was that I found out my phone doesn't even have a SIM card!! How the hell does that work? I thought they all would have SIM cards. But even TC looked and mine doesn't have one. Also, the "record" and "speaker phone" buttons on my phone are switched. So when I press the "record" button I'm actually turning on "speaker phone" and vice versa.

Far Away Places Friday:
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

We just covered South East Asia in art, and Angkor Wat is one of the Buddhist temples that is so famous, not only for its worship but also for its architecture and art style. The tallest stupa (the pagoda in the middle of the first pic) is 214 ft. tall! It's gigantic. All made out of stone, too. I'm not sure how I feel about venturing out to Cambodia, but I do admire the lifestyle of the monks. I can't picture doing that, removing myself from the modern world and just...praying, every single day. Although I do always giggle when I see the Buddha's (they're really just monks but I like calling them Buddha's) at Foodland, driving in a pickup truck or something. :P

I did get some new stuff recently. :)

Wednesday we went to Ross and I picked up the DVD of Forrest Gump. Cheee! I have it on VHS but DVD is a must. Also, got a mug to take to Alessa when I'm in Oregon. It's got the Beatles walking across Abbey Road. And I got a new backpack for school. It's black, but the front part of it has a purple background, with black/grey clouds, stars, hearts, and LIGHTNING BOLTS!

Then yesterday I picked up two books from Borders. Into the Wild by John Krakauer and Family Happiness by Leo Tolstroy. Into the Wild is one of my favorite movies, and I fucking love Emile Hirsch. I was really into this movie when it first came out in '07 but I never got around to reading Krakauer's book. So I figured I might as well do that now. And "Alex" is reading Family Happiness during his Alaskan adventure, so I'm gonna read that too.

I guess I should start on my art assignments soon. I have to draw a mask and decorate according to my personality and things I'm interested in. The examples she showed were mostly decorated with the flags of the person's ethnicities, which I'm assuming is what most people will do. I don't wanna be generic though. The other thing I gotta do is a grid project. I have to find a picture in a magazine and copy it onto a grid, then adapt that smaller image to a larger sketchbook size. That's gonna be tough. :/

Song of the day: "Now and Forever" by Richard Marx

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello? Is anybody there?

I feel so alone, guys. Where's our blogger group that we had going? I guess everyone's just real busy and I'm the only loser that has nothing better to do. :/

That advertisement of the Samsung Comeback taunts me everyday at work!! I fucking can't stand it!!! And yesterday and today I went to go look at it with TC, and I just had to pick it up and touch it. Mother fuck, I seriously want the phone.

I think the reason why I'm obsessing over it so much is because I could've saved a shitload of money on that phone, if I had just waited 8 fucking months!! Since I switched over from Team Mobile to Verizon, I had to pay more, and I know it cost me over $300 back in February when I got our new phones. But shit, if I just wasn't such a little bitch and I wasn't stubborn about getting it back then, I could've saved about $220!!!!

That's what gets me. That I was a little bitch about getting my current phone, when I could've saved a bunch of money. Shit. Fuck me. (No, not really, no thanks)

Aaaaanyways, um, I kinda wanna buy my plane ticket soon. o_O Because prices are jumping up, no doubt, since it's getting closer. Speaking of which, I need to find my jeans! Dude it's gonna be so cold there. I readjusted back to my warm, humid weather. HOW'S THE WEATHER IN OREGON GUYS??!!

Thankful Tuesday
1. I am thankful for living in a place where culture is such a big part of the lifestyle and every day happenings. We talked about this in my Hawaiian class today, that there are lots of places out there that lack culture, or at least they don't practice anything, or have anything from the past that they still do or know about. I know I'm real fortunate to have grown up here in Hawai`i.


Song of the day: "Runnin'" by Jesse McCartney :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New blog just for writing

Song of the day: "High Hopes" by Pink Floyd

I've decided that I'm going to start a new blog that I will update everyday. Each daily post will have some kind of piece of writing that I wrote that day. I think it's important that I keep writing, and that I should do it every single day. So whether it's a poem, a snipet of a short story, whatever. Any kind of creative writing counts.

So here's the link. Follow me and read my stuff and tell me what you think!

I'm kinda pissed that my mother neglected to inform me and Mika that our aunty, uncle, and cousin from Big Island are here. And I mean here, as in at Pearlridge with my mother at this very moment.

I've probably mentioned this before, that I grew up without knowing much of my family, on either parents' side. My aunty Pearl and her family are the second closest relatives I know, and that really isn't saying much at all. Last time they came out here was when I was a senior, I think, and we only saw them for about...3 hours. Granted, I'm not sure what we'd do if we spent more time together, because I don't really know them and we grew up on different islands. But still, the fact that my mom just kinda left to go see them, leaving me and Mika asleep this morning, that kinda annoys me.

Of course I wasn't sleeping when she got the phone call from Aunty Pearl saying that she was getting her rental car and that she needed directions to Pearlridge. The wall between my room and my mother's isn't all that thick, so I woke up to that phone call at 8, which is way earlier than I needed to be up on a fucking Sunday.

Bah. Whatev.

Sing Me A Song Sunday:
"So Caught Up In You" by 38 Special
I've been on a 38 Special kick for a while. I really like their southern rock feel that they have to all their music. It's got that in-between rock vibe, where's it not so hard rock, but it's not soft rock either. Anyways, I like all their music, even the songs I've never heard before. :)

I'm trying to decide what ringtone I want to get. I already have "Carry On My Wayward Son" and "Shakin" that I bought. I realized that I don't ever get songs sung by females, even on my old phone. It's usually all buy dudes. What does that say about male and female artists? Or about my own personal taste? Anyways, here's a tentative list of choices:

1. "You And I Both" by Jason Mraz
2. "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan
3. "Why Can't This Be Love" by Van Halen
4. Anything by 38 Special
5. "Viva La Gloria" by Green Day
6. "Fascination" by Alphabeat
7. "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'" by Journey

And speaking of phones. I've been looking online for phones with keypads. Which is stupid, because I just got my current phone in February, when, in hind-sight, I probably shouldn't have done. Because I didn't really need a new phone at the time, nor did I need the specific purple one I got that cost more. And I don't think I should've switched from Team Mobile to Verizon. Granted I'm saying that because I just saw this phone that's only offered through Team Mobile:

I feel so dumb now. Goddamn, I kinda really want this phone. Mother of shit, I shouldn't have switched to Verizon. I'm such a dumbass. >_<


I got "This Is How We Do It" as my new ringtone. Although it was a close call between that and "You And I Both." But I wanted Montell's song before I wanted Jason's, so the next one I get will probably be "You And I Both."

And I keep looking at pictures of this fucking phone and I want it so bad!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The high hasn't worn off yet

Still feeling good about the slam from Tuesday. :) If you guys didn't see the vid, the link is in the previous entry or you can find it on Facebook.

Thanks for the snaps, Jamika. Yeah, I was incredibly nervous and it kinda freaked me out. But I'm glad I did it, it was something I kinda had to do.

My friend Chelsea suggested I start a podcast for my poetry and performances. But I have no idea how to go about doing that. Any of you guys know??

Trivia Thursday:
1. Kiefer Sutherland's full name is: Kiefer William Fredrick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland. Yeah, what was Donald thinking?! That is probably one of the most ridiculous full name's I've ever heard of. Bonus trivia about Kiefer: he also has a twin sister. And in case you were wondering, her full name is Rachel Sutherland. Yeah, she got the short end of the stick.

2. In the movie E.T., the sound that's made when E.T. is walking was made by someone squishing his/her hands together in jelly. That actually sounds like a cool gig. Making sound effects would be neat.

3. The King of Hearts in a card deck is the only king that doesn't have a moustache. I guess he wasn't a fan of Bert Reynolds. :P

I watched Stand By Me tonight, one of my favorites. I think I mentioned this before, but a long time ago, that I love those friendship movies, or anything with that kind of mood and message. Like The Sandlot and Now and Then. You know, I actually watched the second and third Sandlot movies this summer. They weren't terrible. But of course, they didn't even come close to the '93 original. I wouldn't buy them but if they were playing it on tv again and I had nothing else to do, I'd watch it.

I think I need more movies. Just because I've literally watched alllll my movies time and time again. I've kinda been cycling through them, in the same order, which makes me laugh. But then I stop laughing because I do want more movies so I don't have to keep rewatching the ones I already own. But, no movies right now. Must save up for Oregon.

I love Matisyahu. That guys crazyyyy. In a good, Jewish-rapper kind of way. Shalom.

Song of the day: "Not Coming Home" by Maroon

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Duuuude. :) I'm way stoked about the poetry slam today. I got second place. Chicka-chicka-YEAH!

I will say, though, I was nervous as fuck alllll day. And it was worse for the hour before the slam started. I tried going over it in my head and timing myself, but I kept screwing it up and I was getting real stressed over it. I could feel myself breathing harder and I had to literally stop, take a deep breathe in, and try to relax. But once Sean-Joseph came I forgot about it. He's a good distraction. :P Oh, but damn, once I started walking back to my seat, I was shaking soooo bad! I've never physically felt myself shake that way before, it kinda scared me. I think it was because of the fact that I just performed my own poem, and also because it was about Sumner, and that's still real emotional for me.

Jigga J won first, again. Haha, he's actually not a total tool like I thought he was. It was just that first poem he did last month, it was so obnoxious. But this time I tolerated his poem, about his best friend Krista or something. I do have to admit, he uses his words like instruments. He's good, although somewhat heavy on the amount of metaphors. Sometimes just using plain, old, simple English would suffice. But James (Jigga J) did come up to me after and told me how he liked it and he said I was real brave for sharing something like that. :)

Sean-Joseph and Pat came. Pat didn't even know I signed up for it, so when he saw me he went "no ways!!! dude you're gonna rock it!" Also, Keely (Wayland's sister) came too. She told me after that she was starting to tear up when I was performing.

Here's the youtube link to the video. I also put it up on Facebook.

And I guess I didn't have to cut so much of it; because you know when you're nervous you talk faster? Yeah, I had about 15-20 seconds I could've used. But, better to make the time than be over it. I got two 10's for my scores. Although the lowest one this dickwad gave me was a 9.1!! What an ass. Haha, nah, if that's what he really thought of it, then fine. But I heard couple boo when he put up his score. :P HA!

Also, when I walked off or something, I heard someone yell, "we love you, Zaida!" and I know that I didn't know that person. So that was kinda neat. I'm bummed I won't be here for next month's slam. I leave for OR that day. Right after my class I gotta book it to the airport, so I miss it. :(

I think #1 for my list today is perfect.

Thankful Tuesday:
1. I am thankful for all of my friends who support me in what I love to do, whatever it may be. It means so much just to know that there are people out there that are cheering me on.
2. I am thankful for being able to know Sumner. He really did change my life. <3
3. I am thankful for myself, and having the courage to share my own personal thoughts and experiences of and about Sumner with complete strangers. I didn't think I could do it, but, I did.

Even though I forgot my sculpture at home and mom had to bring it to school, and I didn't finish my Hawaiian due tomorrow. Then work was kinda junk tonight and I got a stupid paper cut from the boxes...I'm still really happy about the slam. ^____^ And thanks, guys, for the good wishes about the slam. It worked!!

Auuuriiiiite. Māluhiluhi loa au!

Song of the day: "Abraham, Martin, and John" by Dion and the Belmonts

Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Hold on tight and enjoy the ride, girl"

Song of the day: "Alone Again (Naturally)" by Gilbert O'Sullivan

Damn. I haven't written the whole week. Straaaange.

So I talked to Kaena on Tuesday. And she basically explained that both she and Heather thought I didn't like them because I would roll my eyes at them when they did something stupid. Apparently they didn't get that that was my way of saying, "you guys are silly" instead of yelling and calling them names, which is the way that they do it. And I talked sassy to them. But I swear they really meant sarcastic, because I can understand that I was sarcastic. Sassy is kinda different, and not my style. But, whatev. I really could care less about them, especially Heather. And I don't work with her anymore, which is a bonus. :)

Dudes. You NEED to check this out. It's absolutely hilarious. But at the same time, I felt kinda wrong scrolling along looking at all the pictures. But I think I laughed more than I felt icky inside. Enjoy. :]

For my art sculpture, I wanted to do the scene from Wizard of Oz, when the house falls on Nessa, er, I mean the Wicked Witch of the East. But I think that trying to make the grass and especially the shoes out of clay would've been hard for me to do. So instead yesterday I started making a hot air balloon. The balloon part I did with paper mache, and I made the basket out of clay. I can fit Mika's ninja action figures in there. :P I should paint it today and finish it tomorrow.

I'm ALMOST done with the poem I'm doing for Tuesday's slam. I decided that I'd do the poem about Sumner. I was originally gonna save that for next month, because November's slam is just a few days before National To Write Love On Her Arm day, buuuuutttttttt I'm leaving for Oregon on that day, so I can't do the slam. I still wonder if Sean-Joseph's doing it or not. Hmm... Well, I am. And that's what's important.

Storytime Saturday:
The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

I wonder if this book was popular on the mainland. For some reason I always associate books having to do with the ocean and sealife to be distributed only in Hawai`i. That's weird, isn't it? I remember reading this in elementary for group storytime or something like that. Ah, good times. When we were young...not to be confused with that Killers song that I'm not a fan of anymore because of its excessive play on the radio.

When all the world is gone and dead
I'll still be the one to hold your hand

Title song and above lyrics from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's song, "No Spell" off their new album, Lonely Road.

It's awesome how music can make a day so much better. :)

I think today we're gonna go see Zombieland. Tell ya how it is later.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My Cookie Corner coworkers can go fuck themselves

Apparently I'm the most hated person at our store.

Because, as Nathan related to me at work tonight, "they don't really like me" and I "seem real obnoxious" and I "always roll my eyes whenever they ask me to do things."

What the FUCK. So to get things straight, I'm assuming that this is coming from Heather and Kaena, because I work with them the most. However, Nathan kinda just agrees with the majority, so he might as well think this of me. And Christie, because she's very opinionated and acts as if she's the goddess of the store. Now, moving on...

I don't see how Heather or Kaena can honestly say this shit about me. I barely even talk to them anymore when I work with them; because when I do, it always goes back to what they know best: boys, sex, and drugs. Sometimes, but only sometimes, Kaena and I start talking about movies, or songs, or current events. Usually that happens when she's high (which is a lot, actually) so she's very open to talking about things. I really think this is coming from Heather, mostly, because she talks the most about topics I really don't give a fuck about. And I'm not going to pretend to be interested and listen to her babble on about her sex life with her (now ex) boyfriend for 6 hours. Fuck that. I mean, if they mean me not being all crazed about hearing their stupid high school dramas and social retardations, then yeah, I guess I am obnoxious.

But then to claim I roll my eyes when they ask me to do things? No. NO! I ALWAYS do what they TELL me to do. I do the shitty work that they don't want to do, because I was the new girl and they bossed me around because they knew I would do it. And I did. I never once disagreed with anyone about doing something or handling a customer. And roll my eyes? Seriously? How about I roll my eyes after I stab them in the throat!

Or maybe they mean I get upset when they keep on leaving the store to take breaks all the goddamn time. Because I do get pissed. I swear, they take 6, 7 breaks each time I work with them. Whether it's to go talk with friends that stop by, go see the "hot" guy that work at Hanapa`a (and he isn't even remotely attractive), or when they leave and go smoke for 15 minutes at a time. And Kaena always comes back high!! I can see it in her eyes and all over her face. Not to mention I see her walking out with a joint, duh. I suppose I'm suppose to be giddy and full of joy when my coworkers keep on leaving (and giving their friends tons of cookies and free Icee's) all the fucking time and leave me by myself at the store everytime I work! Guess I missed the memo.

Now, TC comes to the store to wait with me until I'm done a lot. And he even said that he's never heard me disagree or talk back to them ever. I also brought up the fact that I do the work they don't want to do, such as cupping the bite size. He even said that he's only seen Kaena do that ONCE while I was working with her. All other times I cup when I work with Heather and Kaena. And I do all the restock, all of it. I usually end up sweeping and mopping too: all the shitty work.

I'm seriously pissed about this. Mostly because I was having a pretty good day at work. I worked with Nathan, and I haven't worked with him in 2 months so I was kinda excited about that. I asked him about how school was going and we talked a lot about theatre which was cool. Then we stumbled upon working with the other girls and that's when he unloaded all this shit. And what pissed me off is that Nathan tried defending them. He actually did! He attempted to justify them leaving the store so many times by telling me a story of how an old worker would leave the store for an hour at a time. I'm sorry, I don't give a rats ass about some guy who doesn't work here anymore: I care about the shitty girls I get stuck working with and putting up with their crap all the time. He also tried saying that "the people here [Cookie Corner] have their little quirks. You just gotta accept them for who they are." So I countered that statement and said, "Well then, shouldn't they accept me for who I am without bitching about me to each other behind my back?" Then he shut up.

At least I accept them so much that I don't bitch to them about what I don't like about them, complaining and telling them what I hate about them. The problems I did have I actually addressed them, but if they are going to keep doing it, then there's nothing I could do about it; they won't change just for one person. I just deal with them and do my job. My JOB.

The annoying thing is that I've mentioned this to both Heather and Kaena, about leaving the store so much and how I end up doing more of the closing duties when we're suppose to share them. And they've always brushed me off about it. The fucked up thing is that because I was a trainee, HEATHER AND KAENA WERE THE TWO I WAS SUPPOSE TO LOOK UP TO TO TRAIN ME! Isn't that hilarious? I think it is. I feel like I shouldn't have to bring it up to my manager or district manager because they're old enough to know what's wrong and right in the workplace and they should know what kind of behavior is appropriate. Plus, I know if I do, it's just more fuel for them to talk shit about me.

Obviously I'm in no mood to put up the song of the day, or Movies I Want To Watch Monday. But, Carrie does come to mind right now. That part when she kills everyone. :)

Ugh. Sorry I wasted this entire blog about how pissed off I am with these shitty ass workers I'm stuck with. I didn't really get to vent with TC, and I don't have anyone else to vent to. So it's back to my trusty internet blog :/ Anyways, I should sleep. And isn't it amusing: I work with Kaena tomorrow. And you can bet I'm bringing this up. Because I don't wanna be the stupid girl that pretends she doesn't know when people are talking about her behind her back. I confront people when there's a problem. And obviously there is one.

Bitches don't know what they've gotten themselves into.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I told my mom about visiting Linfield and she wasn't too pissed about it. She was just mad when she assumed that I was going to ask her to help me pay for it. Pssh, that thought never even crossed my mind because I know she never could. She didn't oppose to me going, so to me that basically means it's happening. :)

I'll give Jamika the for sure dates later tonight or tomorrow so she can get this ball rolling down the hill. :P

So did you know there's a song called "Punk That's Fuck" hmm? That was one of the song titles from the movie Whip It. Which, by the way, was pretty good. We went to go see it tonight after I was done with work (we as in TC, Tiana, Kuni, and myself). At first we were gonna see Fame, but TC and Kuni convinced me that it wasn't all that great, so Whip It was the next choice.

I liked how they didn't go with the generic cop out ending. That was refreshing. I think Drew Barrymore did a great job with her first debut directing movie. It had that indie-ish kinda feel to it, but it wasn't drowning in it, like I imagine Paper Heart would be like. But there was still that solid, movie foundation to it, that it wasn't overwhelmingly quirky or anything like that. Two thumbs up, Ms. Barrymore. :)

We also need to think of derby names. Yeahhhh.

And shit, each time we end up at Anna Miller's there's always some story that comes out of it. We laughed so hard tonight, about things I can't even remember because there were so many highlights! We cleared out the place, really. We sat down and immediately started laughing and talking, having a good time, then within 15 minutes EVERYONE was gone! It was like magic.

It was great to people watch after and notice the chronics a few cars down from us, which was also the group with the ho bags and mack daddy pimp that had two girls! TWO of them! There were also two drunk skanks, not related, and a woman who tried to park her car in the stall that we were standing in! All in all, it was a good last minute outing.

Last night, no, this morning I was tired as fuck. Goddamn. I got home after 4 and had to shower and wash my hair. It was real hard to stay up so I fell asleep with wet hair, which I NEVER do. Although I did get my second wind once I started telling the story about the last day of 8th grade...but that's for another post. Sometime later.

Storytime Saturday:
The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room

Remember these??!! We had a bunch of Berenstain Bears books (triple alliteration!) around the house when I was younger. And I specifically recall having this book, which was bought for Mika because even as a young kid she was a slob; and has upheld that title till this day.

I actually started rereading Sarah Dessen's Along For The Ride sometime this past week. It was just sitting here on the counter for the longest time. After I finished it over the summer I guess it never made its way onto my shelf in my room. So I just stated on the first few chapters again. Reading is nice.

Song of the day: "You'll Always Be My Baby" by Sara Evans

Friday, October 2, 2009

So in conclusion...

Song of the day: "Puppy Love" by Paul Anka

I don't wanna go to workkkk. :( On a Friday night, when there's always SO MUCH to do for the closing shift! Plus, I'm working with a girl I've never worked with before, so I don't know how that's gonna go. And in addition to that, we have the new trainee girl during this shift. The girl that gives way too much money back to the customers.

After I think I'm going to the movies with my friend, but I'm gonna be so frickin tired and sweaty and yucky. So I'm kinda regretting suggesting we hang out after my shift was over. I know when I hang out with her, we don't end up going home until real late. I'm already gonna be tired from work, then there's an hour wait until the movie starts, then she usually likes to go eat after, so by that time, I'm guessing it'll be about 2 in the morning. >_<

For some reason I started rereading my myspace blogs from years ago. It's always a trip when you go back and read things that you've written, especially something in a journal/blog form. I wish I didn't delete my first xanga that I had, because I had that thing since 7th grade until 11th. Damn, I really wish I didn't delete that.

Far Away Places Friday:

La Reserva Alberto Manuel Brenes of San Ramón (Costa Rica)

These are actually pictures that Kailey took; she's on her semester abroad in Costa Rica. They went to the reserve a few weeks ago and these were some pictures she put up on her blog. I mean, this is a legit rainforest. And check out this bug!

I bet it's HUGE in real life. Bigger than any bug I'd wanna get up close and personal with.

Alessa: In art yesterday we watched a movie/documentary about these glass blowers, and they listen to music in their studio, kinda like how we'd do in the theatre and shop. They used a bunch of Beatles songs so I thought of you. The first one was "Revolution" I think.

Steven: Well, I think I should buy the ticket, because that way I can get the receipt I'll need to get my boarding pass and all that jazz. I think there's a way to wire me the money to my bank account, I know my mother's done that before.

B-ry: Did you get my letter yet?!

Jamika: I still haven't talked to my mother. Mika just pissed her off today so...there goes that. And I'll be at work tonight. Tomorrow, possibly? I'll let you know.

Off to work now. Fuckkkk. Boo.