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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lollipop award!

I finally got a lollipop award today at rehearsal! It was a smiley award! :)

Lollipop awards are given to people who do really well during the rehearsal. Like we have regular smiley awards for people who are always smiling during their scenes. There’s also specific ones, like for people who fill in for someone who’s missing, people who always rehearse choreography on their own time, creativity with their characters or lines, etc. It’s just fun to have these at the end of rehearsal.

It’s nice to be acknowledged when you’re working hard at rehearsal. Especially when I’m always in the background during scenes, so it’s even more special to be noticed.

I found out today that Manoa Valley Theatre (I think) is gonna be doing Once Upon One Time. I wanna audition for that, but it’s so freakin far from where I live. And buses are not reliable when you’re going to rehearsal. But man. I really wanna keep up with theatre. I’ve missed it a lot, and this whole production has been great.

…Except for the part where Kuni dropped the show.

Does anyone else get super annoyed with someone when he/she doesn’t really COMMIT to something? With theatre, I think it’s really important that if you decide to do a show, you stay committed throughout the entire run. I think what makes me even more annoyed with her is that now that she’s not doing the show, she’s now helping out with this hula competition. So it seems that since she isn’t busy with our show rehearsals, she’s now using her time to go to another show’s rehearsals. And THAT really pisses me off.

Song of the day: "Whenever, Wherever" by Shakira

Friday, March 26, 2010

Left Ear

I'm dubbing myself Left Ear, after the character from The Italian Job. Like Left Ear, I can't hear out of my left ear AT ALL.

Seems that I've got some kind of ear infection which is preventing me from hearing a single thing out of my left ear. It fucking sucks!

I can't go to rehearsals like this, with only one working ear. Yesterday was technically the first day that my hearing went out of that ear, and I didn't go to rehearsal last night. OR the sleepover, that I had to pay $10 for.

And no, I'm NOT getting my $10 back, even though I didn't even go to the fucking sleepover! Because they spent it on food. Fuckin A.

This is so shitty. First I get sick for over 2 weeks when rehearsals just started. Then I start getting sick all over again (and that's still going on). Now, I've got a fucking ear infection?! Fuck this. I'm in such a foul mood.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Choke kine fun

Slang Saturday

In honor of the show I'm doing, The Princess and the Iso Peanut, I chose "choke" to be the slang word of the day. There are choke Pidgin words that are Standard English words that have very different meanings when used in Pidgin. As you probably could've guessed, "choke" basically is equivalent to saying, "a lot" or "many."

Example: "Ho, brah, get choke haole's at Pipe's today."

After today's rehearsal we had a potluck with the cast. Not everyone stayed, but the one's that did brought `ono food. It was great, these people know how to potluck! Haha. Unlike my friends who just bring chips and "snack" foods. Ugh, I hate that. Some people brought board games and we played music. I learned how to play a new card game called Jelly. It's kinda like speed, a version of it, but more intense. Dude, the first time I played my heart rate sped up super fast! Haha. Adrenaline!

Also, they showed this half hour video of a shortened video version of the show, with the original cast. It was cool seeing some of the current cast members in the video, about 20 years younger. :P

DUDE. My teacher/director, Fuj, he looked like a Japanese-Hapa version of Rob Lowe!! No lie. It was great!

Spring break this coming week. Since I don't really have classes, it's not such a big deal like it was when I was in high school. Still got rehearsals everyday though. And I think some of us from the cast are gonna be sleeping over somewhere, so that should be fun. Hopefully it all works out and we can do that.

Movies to watch within the next 4-5 hours (before we have to return them):
-Super Mario Brothers (currently watching that now)
-Clash of the Titans
-Dark Crystal
-The Vampire's Assistant

Tomorrow: baseball game!

Song of the day: "Change Of Heart" by Cyndi Lauper

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Audition tape: check!


That means FINISHED in Hawaiian. Whew. Good thing I finished it, the deadline was Friday. Check it here if you please.

This was actually the fifth try at making a video. From Saturday until this morning, I had been making videos, but I finally went with today's take. I figured, not much will change or get better, because it's just me being me.

Although it was only after I posted it and submitted my audition info online that I thought about whether or not it was okay that I showed The Breakfast Club and Wayne's World dvd's. I'm not really sure how copyrighting would go with an audition tape. ... :/ Sooo I hope that wasn't a dumb move on my part that would totally scrap my audition tape all together.

Talk To Me Tuesday
Twitter convo between myself and Jamika
March 16, 2010

jcordelia @ScribblesByZ Nice! I loved your video. And I agree, MMMBop is one of the best songs EVER. It always makes me smile.
ScribblesByZ @jcordelia Thanks man. I hope they don't think the bit with me yelling "I love Hanson" was corny or anything haha.
jcordelia @ScribblesByZ Corny? Try courageous. It takes balls to tell everyone you love Hanson. People just don't appreciate them...it's sad.

It's pretty self-explanatory. And very fitting since this post is basically about my completion of my audition tape. But really, I dig Hanson and I'm cool with that! :) I've even got some of their songs after "Mmm Bop" and they're not that bad. I know they still perform as a trio, and I think Taylor's even a dad! Weird. Haha.

Song of the day: "Now Or Never" by Madina Lake

^^^ Somewhat of an appropriate song as well. Sometimes you just gotta put yourself out there and do your thing. Nike, just do it (bitches). (Because adding "bitch" or "bitches" to the end of most sentences makes it a hundred times better.)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Walk to rehearsal with me!

Even though it's not Watch This Wednesday, I made a video today while I was walking to rehearsal. Please watch! My friends from the show even have cameo's in it! :)

I was planning on making my audition tape today. But it seems that it's always way too windy here in Hawai`i. Go figure. So I guess I'm confined to my house for a location to film. :( I just really wanted to do it outside, take advantage of being in the 808 state I guess. Oh well.

First Time Friday
Slow dance

Now, this might shock some people, but then again, it might make total sense. It does to me, but that's probably because I AM me. Anyways. The first time I ever slow danced with a guy was at junior prom. Yep, in the 11th grade, when I was 16 years old. If you didn't know before, I'm not exactly the kind of girl that goes out of her way to get attention from guys. I only started going to school dances in high school and that was always with a group of friends. Plus, it's not like I ever had someone to slow dance with anyways. Junior prom (despite the fiasco with Pua over J-Lo, ugh, that was just stupid) was really fun. I went with my friend J-Lo (Jeremy, J-Lo was his nickname, and yes, that J-Lo from the Pua Fiasco) from drama and we had a blast! He was a fun first slow dance partner.

This is a picture of us before we left my house. Notice how I have braces. ^_^ And I have no clue what that white smudge is where my bangs are. I never noticed that before.

Tomorrow we're gonna go see Alice In Wonderland. I hope all those Hot Topic hipster kids have already seen it and won't be in the same theatre as me. :] Seriously though, those hipsters and every other person has been obsessed with this movie of late really bug me. It's probably because of two reasons:
1. Alice is one of my favorite children's story. I loved this when I was a kid and it's nostalgic and sentimental to me.
2. Just because I'm me, I'm very anti-mainstream as you all know. This movie is definitely mainstream. Curse you Tim Burton!!

Song of the day: "Working Day And Night" by Michael Jackson

Friday, March 12, 2010


One year.

It has been exactly one year today (March 12...because it's still March 12 my time) that I have had this blogger account. Yayyy! :)

I'm pretty good at keeping up with my blogs, even though I may have multiple going on at the time. I think my record is 3, or four. At once I had my Xanga, Blogger, Livejournal, and Deadjournal accounts all being updated regularly at the same time.

Now, it's like this: Xanga, Blogger, Tumblr. I gave up on Livejournal because I barely knew anyone that still posted to that anyways. And I think Xanga will be the next one I'll fade out of. Although I won't delete it, because I enjoy keeping my blog to look back at past posts. That's always fun to do when you're bored, or wanna cringe at house annoying/childish your older posts are.

In other news:

I still haven't filmed my audition tape! EFF. My friends are douchebags and keep bailing on helping me out with it. I hate them a lot at times, quite frequently it seems. It's just as if they hardly ever help me out or are there for me when I ask them to be. However I'm pretty much always there for them. It's a give and take kind of thing, but seems like I'm giving a lot more than they do. *sigh*

My friend Matt from my show drew me a picture today of our state fish! Haha. Points to anyone who can attempt to say and spell it. You get to look at the spelling once over, then try to do it with your eyes closed. No peeking! :) I'm gonna put his picture on my wall in my room. Yeah!

Sometimes I wish my life was a reality show, because then I KNOW it'd be exciting.


Even if you're not a Lost Boy or Corey Haim fan (which you all should be, by the way!), at least check it out for the YouTube vids I posted. :]

Song of the day: "Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now" by Ricki Lake, Marissa Jaret Winokur & Nikki Blonsky, Hairspray Soundtrack

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goodnight, Lost Boy

A Lost Boy has finally gone home. Second star to the right and straight on till morning.

For years I was rooting for Corey's comeback to the movie business. I had hope for him, and I had my fingers crossed that he was getting clean and really changing his lifestyle. But, once an addict, I suppose. It's really upsetting, and I'm sure it's pretty hard on his mom right now.

No matter what demons he was battling and the unwise decisions he made that effected the people that loved him along with his career, he's going to be missed. Rest his soul.

I'm proud to be his fan.

In other less depressing news (but equally upsetting), I was suppose to film my audition tape today. However, that didn't and won't happen due to TC bailing out as my cameraman. The plan was that we'd go somewhere so I could film the video outside of my house. I don't really want my tape to be confined to my living room or something boring like that. But to have an outdoor video, I needed someone to hold the camera for me.

Instead of helping me like he said he would, he's being a major nerd. Yesterday the most recent Final Fantasy game out, so he and Misty had a sleepover. I'm sure they stayed up all night playing, and they're probably playing some more right now for the rest of the day. Because playing a video game (that he'll have forever to play through) is obviously more important than helping me out (for something that has a deadline!). Fantastic, right?

Watch This Wednesday

Anybody recognize that guy? Well, it's none other than Blake Ewing, who played Derek Boyd on "Full House" and Waldo in The Little Rascals. He's all grown up, at the young age of 24; he'll be 25 on the 27th of March. I was curious when I recently re-watched The Little Rascals as to what happened to this Broadway-singing little boy. Well, he in fact made his way onto Broadway, as if there was any shadow of a doubt. I was super excited when I found this video of him as the lead, Radames, from Aida. SUCH a good choice!

Now this video is cool for two reasons. One, there's Blake Ewing in it, duh. The other cool thing is that he's singing "Finest Hour" for the Broadway show, Teen Witch The Musical! How rad is it that someone put together an actual stage show for the way too underplayed early 90's movie about a teenage girl who discovers she is actually a witch?! It's really rad.

Song of the day: "Meet You There" by Augustana

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tweet it to me

Talk To Me Tuesday
Tweet from jcordelia (Jamika)
February 25, 2010

"Your name is pretty sweet. We should just petition for thesauruses to add your name in as a synonym for Awesome."

Now, this isn't such a bad idea Jamika came up with. I'm pretty sure that most people that have met me would agree that when they think of Awesome, I automatically come to mind. :) Well, okay, maybe not. BUT I do have a name that deserves to be seen up in big lights or on a billboard. Possibly a movie poster? ;)

So I think I have a pretty unique name, all four of them that make up my full name. And I know a bunch of people with cool names as well. Then this got me thinking about two things.
1. Common names of the decade/time period.
2. People who preplan the names of their babies, which usually includes the gender that they want to have.

In our generation, these are some common names that I can think of.
Girls: Jessica, Ashley,
Boys: Matthew, Christopher, Andrew, Michael
Then I thought back to about 50-odd years ago and the kinds of names people had back then. Eileen, Robert, Dorothy, Martha, Nancy, Franklin, etc. Isn't it weird how generational names are? I bet the names of the 21st century would be completely bizarre not even a couple decades ago.

A handful of my friends are part of that group of young kids (I say kids, because really, they still are. Mentally and emotionally for sure.) that have plans for their future children. One friend in particular has decided on the gender of her FIVE children, the order in which they will be born, all their names, as well as what schools they will attend and what activities they will be in. How insane is that?! Is it just me, or is that slightly disturbing? How could someone possibly expect plans like those to actually happen in real life, exactly the way they want it to? I think it's all fine and dandy to start making plans once the baby is conceived...but years in advance? And to such extreme? That's scary.

No school today, `ōlelo Hawai`i canceled. Which also meant I wasn't at school for the poetry slam. It was a cool 3-2-1 slam, but I wasn't even planning on slamming this month. Not much creative juices flowing. Possibly, hopefully next month, since it'll be the last of the year.

Song of the day: "A Hazy Shade Of Winter" by The Bangles

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm legit!

Quick update:

On Thursday I saw the marquee for The Princess and the Iso Peanut up at Hawai`i Theatre. I was SO STOKED to see it flashing and scrolling across the top of the theatre building. I was on the bus, and my face just lit up as we passed by. It's way cool to see the name of a show that you're in on the building of a legit theatre. :) So by association, I'm legit, too, since I'm part of the show. Chee-pono!


We didn't go see Alice In Wonderland this opening weekend, we saw Cop Out today instead. I'm in no rush to see it, it being Alice. Not that I don't wanna see it, I just know what it's about so it's not like I'm dying to find out what the story is going to be about. Plus, the hype about one of my favorite stories and how Hot Topic has made bank off of selling its merchandise kinda really annoys me. I'm anti-mainstream, remember?

OH! And a few more also's.

Jeff Bridges is the man. I'm glad he finally got that Oscar of his. :)

Sandra Bullock has reached her plateau with The Blind Side. Well done.

And I LOVED the tribute to John Hughes tonight during the Oscar's Award show. I had watched The Breakfast Club lots of times, but it wasn't until I started watching it over and over again during my senior year of high school (for my stage adaptation of it I directed) that I really realized that I wanted to act. And it wasn't just acting, but it was the act of storytelling. John Hughes was a wonderful storyteller of such a great milestone in a person's life, for all the good and bad that we experience as teenagers. He was able to capture it and create fantastic stories of characters and events that I personally could relate to. I'm glad to be part of that world of storytelling.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Or in English...HAPPY GIRL'S DAY!!

It's a Japanese thing.

I remember back in elementary school, on Girl's Day the boys would have to be super nice to us. They'd pull out our chairs and carry our lunch trays for us. :P But of course we'd do the same for them on Boy's Day. It's neat because Girl's Day is March 3rd (3/3) and Boy's Day is May 5th (5/5). I miss making the origami dolls. "Hinamatsuri" literally translates to "doll festival" I think.

Ooh, and eating mochi. Mmm, mochi! The best part of Japanese holidays and events.

I used to have kimono's, too. Only when I was younger, of course, since we stopped going to bon dances and events like that once my grandparents died. But I remember I liked dressing up, even though it took a long time to get the kimono on right.

Usually as little girls, we get these dolls - Asian versions those American Girl dolls or whatever, haha. I think both Mika and I have one doll each, but they've been in storage somewhere since...we were really little. I don't even really remember what ours look like. That's how long it's been since I've seen them. But they usually look like this:

And then if you're super special and have lots of money, you have the whole royal family tree of dolls.

I enjoy being Asian. ^_^