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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Closing in on 2009

Sing Me A Song Sunday
"Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas
This song is on the soundtrack for Meet The Robinsons, which is where I first heard it. I didn't see the movie in theatres, I think I was still in Oregon when my dad and sister went. But I saw it a few months ago on tv, then again just a few days ago. It's a nice song that's basically about taking in all the little things that happen everyday and appreciating it all. I think, personally, I need to seriously try to readjust my lifestyle this coming year. It's difficult though, just because of the environment I'm in and the people I'm around at home. But I have to make even more of an effort than last year, because I do not want a repeat of 2009. So, hopefully, my 2010 will be filled with many little wonders, as will all of yours. :]

Speaking of the new year...let's actually rewind on the past decade. I just saw on Reelz a commercial about this special they're having. Something like "the best movies of the decade" that they'll be showing in the next few days. Movies that I predict will be on the list? Here are a few:
+Lord of the Rings triology
+Harry Potter series
+Batman: Dark Knight
+Pan's Labyrinth
+No Country For Old Men (even though I turned that movie off 20 minutes in. I just wasn't into it. Sorry. Bree, Kailey and Amelia were all over me because of it; I just couldn't sit through it.)
+Hotel Rwanda
+Slumdog Millionaire
+The Departed
+There Will Be Blood
+Letters From Iwo Jima
+Little Miss Sunshine
+At least one Bourne movie
+Finding Nemo
+Sin City
+Whale Rider
+History of Violence

...and a whole bunch more that I can't think of on the spot right now. Hopefully I remember to watch it, whenever it's on.

I had lots of aspirations for 2010. I suppose I can still have them, minus the ones I had as far as school goes. Taking ONE fucking class isn't exactly what I had in mind a few months ago. But, shit happens and we have to deal with it. I can aspire to find a new and better job with a more positive working environment. I honestly, seriously believe that will be really good for me, something I need right now.

Dude. Ten years ago I was in the fifth grade. Man, thinking about that is so surreal. It totally blows my mind how fast time goes by and that I actually get nostalgic at my age. Haha, it's funny most of the time. It's also kinda ridiculous because I have such a good people-memory. I remember some really specific things about my friends, or events we had at school. So for me to think back on something that was really important to me or stood out in my memory is kind of a trip. I wonder if this kind of memory is a curse of a blessing.

Here's some of my favorites from PostSecret today:

Because I'm nostalgic and miss high school. It was shitty at the time, but I realized now once I'm out of it that I had it good there.

I am such a phone bitch. :P But this past week TC, Amanda and Kuni have decided I'm not necessarily a phone bitch, but a PURPLE bitch. Which is incredibly true. :) Although I still think I'm a phone bitch.

This is just hilarious. And not that holy at all.

I watched Lords of Dogtown today all the way through for the first time. Haha. I really don't know why I'd never seen it all at once before. I think I just caught snippets here and there, and saw other parts on YouTube. But since I bought it, I can watch it whenever I want...which will be all the time! I fucking love Emile Hirsch, have I mentioned that before? I think I have. It's interesting because he does a lot of movies that are based off of true stories. Three come to me off the top of my head: Lords of Dogtown, Into The Wild, and Alpha Dog. He's really talented for a 24-year-old.

He also might be in the upcoming movie Hamlet. It's interesting because it's by the same director that directed Dogtown, Catherine Hardwicke. Which, kinda bugged me when I found out, was the same woman who directed Twilight. *major twitch* Ugh. But, she did a really good job with Dogtown. And I've read and watched interviews saying that she's a pretty intense method director. She gets into it just like the actors, which I think is beneficial for everyone working on the project.

OH!!! I almost forgot to mention! TWO of my FAVORITE ACTORS will be in an upcoming movie together!!! LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT will be in the movie, Inception due for a release on July 16, 2010!!! I'm so fucking stoked. I heard about this movie over the summer and finally, I know a release date. Chyeah! Haha. Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it:

Leo's character is a CEO guy who gets involved in some kind of blackmail scheme, then all these crazy things happen within his mind. It's pretty trippy. Heavy on the science fiction and thriller aspect. Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page, Michael Caine, and Lukas Haas are also in the film. Interesting casting fact: James Franco was originally cast as JGL's part but pulled out due to scheduling conflicts. Personally, I'm rather satisfied with JGL taking over the role. ;)

Also, I hope the new Clash of the Titans will be decent. I LOVE the old '81 version. This new one better do it justice.

Song of the day: "Just My Imagination" by The Temptations

Friday, December 25, 2009

Mele Kalikimaka

Y'know, "Mele Kalikimaka" actually translates to "Christmas song." But "mele" in this sense is being used as merry, jolly, joyous, etc.

Song of the day: "Double Vision" by Foreigner

I like wrapping things I got for myself so I have at least a few for sure things I can open on Christmas. :P I only got myself 2 movies and a mug. But not just any mug, a WONDER WOMAN mug. Very appropriate, as far as family tree goes. :]

I was surprised at the lack of Christmas movies that were on today. Maybe it was just my timing? But I did not get to watch either Grinch movies, and I usually catch both of them every year. Same thing with A Charlie Brown Christmas. Boo.

Favorite Christmas song: "Please Come Home For Christmas"

Any version of that song is great: Bon Jovi, Aaron Neville, B.B. King, The Eagles, Etta James...anyone! It's a great "groovable" song. I should coin that word. Haha. But really, that's one of the few groovable Christmas songs, and that's probably why I like it so much.

Shitty deals for New Year's Eve: I work. Just like how they scheduled me to work on Christmas Eve. What's even worse is that I'm closing BY MYSELF! What assholes.
I guess I should go and apply to even more places. Ugh.

Dudes. Did you guys hear about the new movie coming out in 2010 that Miley Cyrus is starring in? It's a Nicholas Sparks book-gone-movie. Je-sus. -_-

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Movie movie movie!!

It's been so long since I went to the movies with Mika and dad. Jesus.

I don't think I mentioned this last week, but one night when I was at work, this guy left his movie ticket stub on the counter. It was faced down so I picked it up to see what he went to see. When I turned it over I was so taken aback.

It was a ticket stub from Boondock Saints: All Saint's Day. I had no fucking idea that the movie was out already!!! And I was pissed/sad/shocked all at the same time! I hadn't been to the movies in weeks that I hadn't seen the previews for that movie, so I had no clue it already came out!

God. You guys really don't know how that felt. It was this awful feeling.

I must sound pretty douche-baggy, complaining about how I haven't been to the movies in forever I didn't know what was playing. But considering that going to the movies on the weekend has been the thing I do with my dad, it just goes to show how shitty of a time it's been since he lost his job, we haven't had a car, and work has been equally shitty all at once.

Anyways we saw A Christmas Carol, and Jim Carrey basically was like his other roles, mostly the Grinch and St. Olaf. It was pretty good; especially because they kept the creepy and scariness of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.

Kevin Smith twitter's a shitload. All the time! Good thing I don't get his updates on my phone. That'd be way too many. So does Khleo Thomas, and he's kinda dirty. I mean, I know he's gone into rapping and stuff, but seriously? If you follow him, some of the things he says... Ugh.

HOLY SNAP! Adam Lambert. Some of his songs off his debut album is super good and catchy. I personally like "Aftermath," "For Your Entertainment," "If I Had You" and "Whataya Want From Me."

Sing Me A Song Sunday:
"In The Still Of The Night" by The Temptations
This is one of the songs that I absolutely love, any version of it. It's very simple but the melody and especially the blending of the voices make it fantastic. It's also one of the only songs I'll sing when we go karaoke...but I don't sing with the mic in hand. I just sing. To myself, really. ^_^

Also the New Boyz song "Turnt" is kinda fun too. Damn Tiana and her influence on the hip hop songs I listen to! Haha. You can get hyphy to "Turnt" fo sho! Also Sean Kingston's "Replay" is catchy as well.

Hopefully this Wednesday my attempt in getting some old drama kids together to have dinner will work out. Most of them are so flakey. Like apple napples. Already 2 people can't come, so that's junk, but then on the upside, there are 5 of us that already confirmed in going. :) And we'll go see Christmas lights at Honolulu Hale too!

Song of the day: "No Me Mires Asi" by Mana

And again, CONGRATS JAMIKA!! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Stoner driver + me in car

= scared shitless.

I think it's a little funny that of all the mainland terms/phrases I picked up is "sketchy." It's more funny that I never said it while I was in Oregon. Only once I came back home. Strange.

But yes, Wednesday night I thought I was going to die.

Or get pulled over by the cops.

So since we don't have a car I've been catching the bus, you guys knew that. But this week the mall started closing late, so I get off work at 10:30. I told my manager if she's going to schedule me for closing then I need to work with someone that can give me a ride home. And that would be Kaena. Monday/Tuesday was fine, her mom picked us up. But on Wednesday Kaena got into a car accident earlier in the day so she didn't have her car. She was gonna call her mom, but wanted to hang out with her friend Sarah instead. I know Sarah a little since she comes by the store a lot. The thing is, Sarah's boyfriend was driving.

Don't know if you guys know this about me, but I'm really picky/paranoid when it comes to getting into cars with people I don't know. I've never met this JJ before in my life and I really wasn't cool with getting a ride from him. But Kuni didn't pick up her phone, Sean-Joseph doesn't drive anymore, and I didn't know anyone else in the area that could get me. So I had no choice, really, especially since the last buses were already gone.

He was so fucking stoned. Both he and Sarah were. I swear, they reeked, the car reeked, the air ten feet around the car reeked of pot. It was nauseating for me. And he was swirving, speeding then coming to a quick stop, speeding then coming to a quick stop. I seriously thought we were either going to crash, or he'd get pulled over and then get busted.

I'm wondering if something like that will happen again tonight at work. Since it's a Friday, I know for sure Kaena is gonna go out with her friends. Come to think of it, she does that every night. So if she isn't driving, or her mom, I'm not getting a ride from her. I swear, I'd rather walk all the way back home than get into a car with one of her stoner friends. And I get off at 11:30! Bullshit, I swear.

I was literally scared for my life.

And fuck this Christmas Eve party and Secret Santa BULLSHIT!!! Who makes people give FOUR fucking Secret Santa gifts?! And a Christmas Eve party with coworkers?! Fuck that. Especially because my manager is bitch and isn't including Stacey. God, I need to find a new job.


What has everyone been up to? I figure finals have been going on this week, but since it's Friday you guys should be done and on your way home, or wherever/whatever you guys are doing for break. When does Jan term start?

CONGRATS JAMIKA!!!!! You're done with college!! :) Lucky. Oh, and did you get my letter yet? Hopefully you get it before you go back home.

Song of the day: "Send The Pain Below" by Chevelle


Sooooo. I just joined Twitter. FOLLOW ME!! If you like. :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Waves of Hawai`i

The winter season here in Hawai`i is unlike the stereotypical idea of winter in other places. People are still dressed in shorts and slippers ("flip-flops" for mainlanders), no snow but tons of sunshine and some rain -- always ending with a rainbow, and the best weather conditions for big-wave surf competitions.

The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Competition is a three-pronged competition including: Reef Hawaiian Pro (Hale`iwa), O'Neill World Cup of Surfing (Sunset Beach), and Billabong Pipeline Masters (Pipeline). All three contests make up weeks of competition and great surf. Currently the Pipeline Masters are still being held and will claim a winner within a week or so.

The challenging thing about these annual surf contests is that you can never predict what the weather will be like. For most, the contest can only be held when the waves reach a certain height and the sets are relatively consistent. Thankfully, though, this year the weather has been maika`i loa (very good), which allowed for the biggest and most prestigious surf contest here in the islands to go on.

The Quicksilver Big-Wave Invitational in Memory of Eddie Aikau was a go on December 8. With waves over 40', it was perfect for "the Eddie" to take place at Waimea, which has only been held eight times in the past. The last time the contest was held was back in 2004, and this year marked the 25th anniversary of the competition. For those that don't know, Eddie Aikau was not only an acclaimed surfer, but he was also the first lifeguard on the North Shore at Waimea Bay that saved people from waves that no one else would attempt to do; trademarking the well-known phrase here in Hawai`i, "Eddie Would Go." Eddie risked his life in 1978 when he attempted to seek help after the voyaging canoe Hōkūle`a capsized. He tried to paddle to Lāna`i but was never seen again.

This year first place went to San Clemente native, Greg Long, beating out world champions like Kelley Slater and Sunny Garcia.

Greg Long catching a massive wave

Surf competitions bring all sorts of people from all over the world to the shores of Hawai`i. An older couple (mid-50's) I met a few weeks ago when I went to watch the O'Neill World Cup said that they first visited Hawai`i in 2008 to see some surf contests. They stayed here for about a month, going to watch as many competitions as they could, loved the atmosphere, food, and people. Three months later they moved from Montana to the North Shore to, "Grow old together a real life paradise." How rad of a story is that?!

Would you travel to go see a competition of some sort, like the Olympics, or the Super Bowl? Or maybe visit the Aloha State for a sunny winter wonderland?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


February 11 ad 12.

I will BE THERE!

Or at least I hope I'll be there. For serious. Probably the first 80s hair band I got into, really got into, during middle school. And their hair was so fantastic. ^___^

What I was thinking was that I could also get a ticket for my dad, as a Christmas present. Mika's uberly lame at concerts, which is why she didn't go with us to see Journey. Because when mom took us to see Earth, Wind and Fire, she brought books and read through the whole thing. She was listening to the music, but she could've just been listening to their songs at home, on the computer. Mika's not into the "get up and dance, sing loud, be crazy!" part of...anything.

Anyways, I first decided I was going. Then she said she wanted to go. And then I thought of buying a ticket for my dad, which then lead me to thinking if it would be nice to get one from Aiko too, my dad's girlfriend.

BUT. But that's a lot of money. Nose-bleed tickets are 55. And the next one after that is 95. So, that's about 3 or 4 of my paychecks right there. All of my paychecks. And I'm not sure if I can do that right now, at least not on my own. And Mika can't really help out either. She barely makes anything so her paychecks are small. I don't know, it's a thought. And it's be fucking cool to go see them live. :]

I got myself a Wonder Woman mug today from Ross. Because of my ties with the creator. Chyeah! :) But I'm gonna wrap it and "open" it on Christmas. Along with 2 other gifts I got myself.

Speaking of gifts...I hate how I have to get THREE Secret Santa gifts for work. It's ridiculous! I have no fucking idea why it needs to be three, because that's way too much. Especially for people I don't like. The ironic thing is that I have Heather. Geez. I'm trying to spend the least amount of money on her. So I got her lollipops last week, and today I found a red paper lantern.

It was dumb that we had to put our: favorite candy, favorite color, and favorite animal on the sheet. I think the favorite color and animals wasn't good for this. But maybe I'm saying that because I don't know what Heather would like in her favorite color (other than small pieces of paper to roll her a joint) and her favorite animal isn't real. A panther. It's technically not a real animal!! And there isn't many things made out there that have panthers on it and places don't sell stuffed panthers either.

Aaaanyways. I must go tomorrow to drop off the paper lantern. And check my work schedule. And hopefully see if Honolua, Foot Locker, and maybe even The Gap is hiring.

OH! And I'm done with school for the semester. :) Don't gotta go back next week for finals week. I am skipping out on the party tomorrow in Hawaiian. Technically it's the day to do the speech part of the exam, but I did that Tuesday so I wouldn't have to go tomorrow. And I don't really care about the party and food anyways. I hope you guys are doing okay at the end of this semester. Good luck with finals and projects!!

Song of the day: "Listen" by Beyonce, Dreamgirls Soundtrack

Monday, December 7, 2009

Remember Pearl Harbor

68 years ago today Pearl Harbor was bombed.

Hopefully I don't need to go into detail and explain what happened here in Hawai`i. Although when I was at Linfield, I was honestly surprised with how many of my friends didn't know about December 7, 1941. Some people said in response to that, "well we don't learn about Hawai`i's history." That would've been my cue to make a haole joke, but I restrained myself...except with Sunders.

Knowing about Pearl Harbor and December 7 isn't just part of Hawai`i's history, it's part of U.S. History. That's a fact. A pretty important fact that marked the United States' entrance into WWII.

On Xanga someone post a blog about today in the Tripcrazee blogring. I read it, and left a comment. But what I left out of my comment was how the author of the blog didn't mention a damn thing about the Japanese-American soldiers. Not ONE damn thing. Of all the people to honor on this day, it should be those Japanese-Americans who were brave enough to join the UNITED STATES military, fighting against their home country, or their parents' home country. Almost every Asian-American during that time was looked at like a traitor, a spy, a 1940's terrorist.

Black outs were initiated throughout the state; that was when they put curfews for the Asians in the neighborhoods, making sure you were home by a certain time. Lots of them also lost jobs and their homes. They couldn't go to certain places of town. Concentration camps, also known as internment camps, were established, and a lot of my grandma's family and friends were sent there. I bet it was worse on the mainland.

I am so fucking proud of my grandpa for volunteering for the army, despite being a Japanese-American.

Like many other WWII veterans, the soldiers that came back didn't really talk about what had happened during the war. I never talked to Gi-chan about it, he said nothing. I kinda wish he did tell me about what it was like and how it effected him, but we never got that chance.

So yes, it's wonderful to honors ALL the veterans of WWII, who risked their lives. But today, today is for those Japanese-Americans. Today I am honoring them.

It's also my mother's birthday today.

Song of the day: "Renegade" by Styx

Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Why herro"

After visiting with Amelia this weekend I've retreated back to her sayings. XP I almost forgot all the Amelia-isms I took note of while I was at Linfield. How could I have ever forgotten?!

I'm glad I got to hang out with her. Of course, we had some (mis)adventures, like I had expected. And hopefully I can see her at least one more time. But this time, she's meeting me HALF WAY! Because I am NOT spending another two hours and ten minutes getting to her apartment, then another two hours plus getting back home through traffic. Hell to the no.


Sometimes I really can't stand my sister. She lacks common sense and is so oblivious to things and her surroundings. We just got new phones, and today we went back to get the phone she originally wanted (since Radio Shack just got it back in stock), then when we came home, I saw it was tossed on the floor. I fucking tripped. She never takes care of anything. I mean, she did lose the last phone I got her in February. Before that she lost my wallet I let her use, which had money and her school ID in it. I swear, she needs to fucking grow up. Or she'll be living with my mother for the rest of her life.

Sing Me A Song Sunday
"Gravity" by Sara Bareilles
I'm not much of a Sara Bareilles listener, but after this song was in the showcase my drama friends at Kamehameha were in, I downloaded it, and it's a pretty song. Of course it's a love song, typical. But I seriously do appreciate her vocals on this song. Her "Love Song" kinda got old super fast, and I think I deleted that from my itunes after a few days of having it. :/ But this is a mellow song I can listen to just to take a breather and relax.

I tried asking some places if they were hiring today, when we were at Pearlridge, but most of them said no. So. This is shitty. I seriously want a new job. >_< RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!

This week will hopefully be short and sweet.
+Monday: Work
+Tuesday: Art exam, work
+Wednesday: Hawaiian - written exam
+Thursday: Hawaiian - speaking exam

Also, on Thursday, we're having a party, and we need to bring food. My friend Amanda's twin sisters are in my class. Sam and Beth. They're all right, but they're just bugging me right now. All of class on Tuesday they were pestering my kumu to change the speaking part from Tuesday to Thursday, and he finally gave in. About six or seven of us were pissed because we weren't planning on coming to school that day, since Wednesday would've been our last class day. But now we have to come to class. I was gonna hang with Amelia before she leaves. And I know a few other people had plans, one of which was Kaina, who was going to spend the day with his daughters. He was PISSED.

The twins also decided we're having a party that day and that we all need to bring REAL FOOD. No chips, cookies, stuff like that. And I'm annoyed because I can't do that; no money to buy things to make, and of course no money to go out and buy pre-made stuff. So I'm pissed. I might just have to talk to my kumu and tell him I can't bring anything in. It's so shame, though. >_<

I hope you guys are doing well, and the end of the semester is going as smooth as possible. :) Miss youuuu!

Song of the day: "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) by George Harrison

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Improv set up, personable behavior, grocery shopping

+It rained. A lot. And do you know how shitty it is to wait for the bus for over half an hour, IN THE RAIN?! Let me tell you, it's SUPER shitty. Like Mika said, we kinda felt/looked like hobo's.

+I worked with Stacey that night. She's okay, the newest girl that got hired. Everyone seems to hate her, only because she's slow to catch on to how we do things at work, and she seems to forget information about items and how much to weigh out the dough and whatnot. But she's not annoying about it. I swear, the people I work with are assholes. Anyways, I mistakenly mentioned that I'd never had a boyfriend when she asked, so then she proceeded to convince me to go out with her friend, Joe. He's been single for a while because his last girlfriend fucked him over? I guess she played with his head (and his heart, so she says) and now he's super torn up, and has self-esteem problems and just wants to find a girl looking for a committed relationship. And while she's saying this I'm thinking, "okay, so you want ME to step in and try to fix whatever's fucked up with him? He-he-hell no!"

But really, she was trying to sweet talk me into meeting him.

So much that she said that we could go get dinner after we were done (even TC could come) and that her boyfriend and Joe would join us. Really? REALLY?!

Well, that plan didn't work out because the paper work was fucked and we ended up staying super late. But she called Joe to come and try to help us with the money counting/math crap. So I met him, for all of 3 minutes. Anyways...this entire thing is basically to say that I kinda don't like when someone tries to set me up with a friend of theirs, or something of the like. I'm not saying I'm such a catch and that I can get any guy I want; obviously that's not true. But. But I feel like I could find someone on my own, you know? If I really wanted to. I'm not even really looking for someone right now, all right. And even though she didn't intend this to happen at all, but I felt a little offended by the way she kept talking to me, trying to convince me that I should consider Joe and all that.

It's just...I'm a stubborn person and want to do things my way.

+I got out from work so late that TC and I missed the last bus, so he had to call his uncle to come and get us. I feel sorry that he had to wake up his uncle to drive out to get us and take me home. :/

+My friend Mari in my art class really liked the masterpiece artwork I had to do. I did Composition II Red, Blue, Yellow by Piet Mondrian. It was so simple, I felt kinda like that was a cop out. :/ Oh well. But she really liked it, even though I didn't think there was anything special to it. I just used painter's tape and colored it the primary colors. But it was nice that she liked it to much. AND she gave me a ride home after class. Chee!

+Working with Tiff sucks balls. She's so lazy and slacks off so much! And she's been working at Cookie Corner the longest out of all of us. Maybe that's why. It doesn't matter, she seriously slacked so much last night and I had to do basically everything. I swear. She also doesn't like me, and talks to me like I'm retarded and I don't know what I'm doing. And I absolutely can't stand when she wants me to do something for her. She slips into this little girl voice, and seriously sounds like a fucking baby asking me, "Zaida, can you do this for me, Zaida can you do that? Pleeeaassseeeee?" I fucking wanna slap her.

+People last night, were just assholes. Okay, I have to greet everyone, so I say "Hi" and I can't stand it when they don't have the decency or manners to say something back! They just go into saying, "I like...." or "Give me..." They don't even look up at me! And it's so obnoxious and rude to say that, "I like" and "Give me." It's "CAN I PLEASE HAVE." It pisses me the fuck off. Seriously. So at least I don't feel bad when I charge them more. :)

+One good thing about last night was that I was complimented. These two guys and a girl came in, super excited for brownies and rice krispies. The guy that wanted the brownie was the one who complimented me. I was just being me, asking him what he wanted and responding to the things he was saying. He was saying how excited he was (and he really was) to get the brownie, so I laughed and said, "Yeah, I can tell you're pretty stoked." Just stuff like that. So he said, "You know you're real personable. That's cool." That made my night, because I barely hear that when I AM very nice to customer's, sometimes overly nice.

And that's the thing. It's kinda like my old drama teacher said (to the whole cast): "Even if Zaida's having a bad day or something's bothering her, she puts it aside. The moment she steps out onto the stage, she's completely focused on the show and what's going on on that stage." And it's totally true. I am very professional when I need to be, and I don't let whatever shit's going on with me or whoever effect my work or performance or things like that. That's just how I am. And I am awesome. :)

+My test in Hawaiian today was all right. Not as hard as I thought it'd be. It was the vocab part of our final, 250 words. I also took cookies to class. They usually like it when I bring cookies, so at least I know the cookies aren't going to waste.

+I had to go to WalMart after to get food and stuff like soap and tooth paste. Because we have none. I've been doing a lot of the grocery shopping for a while, with my own money, of course. But I fucking hate it when my mom calls me and asks me to pick up more shit for her. Because she is such a lazy ass that she doesn't leave the house. Now that we have no car, she DOESN'T leave the house. I honestly don't know when the last time she went anywhere was. I think it was when she drove to get me from the airport when I got back. Yeah. Fucking ridiculous.

Her reason is that "we don't even have bus money so that's why I don't go do the grocery shopping." So I told her she should just walk there, because she can seriously use the exercise. Then she gets pissed.

Seriously, though. I feel like those kids in movies that go to the store, trying to buy bread or something like that, and when they get to the register they realize they don't have enough money for the food. So they have to put things back. Or like in Harriet The Spy when Sport doesn't have enough money for the food, and Harriet comes in and gives him $5 to help pay for everything. Except I don't have a Harriet in this situation.

It's even more strange when we leave, and go outside to load up our backpacks with the food we bought, trying to fit things in there, and then trek on home with our grocery bags. Jesus. I know I sound like a bitch, complaining about this when it's really not a big deal. There are a lot of people out there that have it way worse than I do right now. I know that. But my mom's just not helping this situation, at all.

Ah well. enough of this shitty stuff.

I don't work tonight! Yayyy!! But. BUT! I have to finish my sketches due tomorrow. One's gonna take about 3-4 hours, probably. It's a grid drawing. I'll explain it when I post a picture of it. And the other is of a drawing, done in the impressionistic style. The thing is, it's a copy of the first flower that we did in the beginning of the semester. And that flower already looks like it's done in the impressionistic style. So, what do I do different?

And I've still been checking craigslist for jobs. Really, I wanna find something else.

Thanks BRYAN for posting your address on Facebook! :)

Song of the day: "Let It Whip" by Dazz Band